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March 20, 2008
Staff Picks
Champions, Sleepers and MOPs

Basketball Prospectus


Everybody has an opinion. Not everyone can put their opinion on the Internet.

Well, they can, but we have a URL. That makes us legit. Mom told us so the last time she came down the stairs.

Here are our picks for the next three weeks of basketball. Enjoy the tournament, folks!

Best Game, First Round

Bradford Doolittle: Southern California vs. Kansas State
John Gasaway: Brigham Young vs. Texas A&M
Caleb Peiffer: Gonzaga vs. Davidson
Kevin Pelton: Southern California vs. Kansas State
John Perrotto: Gonzaga vs. Davidson
Ken Pomeroy: Gonzaga vs. Davidson
Joe Sheehan: Vanderbilt vs. Siena

First-Round Upset, 12 or Lower

Bradford Doolittle: Georgia over Xavier
John Gasaway: none
Caleb Peiffer: Siena over Vanderbilt
Kevin Pelton: Western Kentucky over Drake
John Perrotto: Siena over Vanderbilt
Ken Pomeroy: San Diego over Connecticut
Joe Sheehan: Siena over Vanderbilt

Small School, Big Talent

Bradford Doolittle: Stephen Curry, Davidson
John Gasaway: Omar Samhan, St. Mary's
Caleb Peiffer: Alex Franklin, Siena
Kevin Pelton: Garrison Carr, American
John Perrotto: Stephen Curry, Davidson
Ken Pomeroy: Stephen Curry, Davidson
Joe Sheehan: Reggie Larry, Boise State

Four Regions, Four Sleepers

Bradford Doolittle: Washington State, Southern California, Michigan State, Drake
John Gasaway: no East sleeper, Clemson, St. Mary's, West Virginia
Caleb Peiffer: Butler, Davidson, Mississippi State, Western Kentucky
Kevin Pelton: Indiana, Gonzaga, Marquette, Arizona
John Perrotto: Arkansas, Davidson, St, Mary's, Texas A&M
Ken Pomeroy: Butler, Clemson, St. Mary's, Texas A&M
Joe Sheehan: Boise State, Southern California, Mississippi State, San Diego

Four Regions, Four MOPs

Bradford Doolittle: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina; Michael Beasley, Kansas State; Derrick Rose, Memphis; Kevin Love, UCLA.
John Gasaway: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina; Mario Chalmers, Kansas; DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh; Kevin Love, UCLA.
Caleb Peiffer: David Padgett, Louisville; Brandon Rush, Kansas; Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi State; Drew Lavender, Xavier.
Kevin Pelton: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina; Michael Beasley, Kansas State; Brook Lopez, Stanford; Kevin Love, UCLA.
John Perrotto: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina; Roy Hibbert, Georgetown; Damion James, Texas; Jonathan Cox, Drake.
Ken Pomeroy: David Padgett, Louisville; Brian Butch, Wisconsin; Brook Lopez, Stanford; Kevin Love, UCLA.
Joe Sheehan: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina; O.J. Mayo, Southern California; Brook Lopez, Stanford; Darren Collison, UCLA.

Final Four and Champion (in bold)

Bradford Doolittle: North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, UCLA.
John Gasaway: North Carolina, Kansas, Pittsburgh, UCLA.
Kevin Pelton: Louisville, Kansas, Texas, UCLA.
Caleb Peiffer: Louisville, Kansas, Stanford, Xavier.
John Perrotto: North Carolina, Georgetown, Texas, Drake.
Ken Pomeroy: Louisville, Wisconsin, Texas, UCLA.
Joe Sheehan: North Carolina, Kansas, Stanford, UCLA.

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Prospectus Preview (03/20)
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NCAA Tournament West R... (03/20)

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