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September 2, 2009
Pro Basketball Prospectus 2009-10
Our Newest Book

Basketball Prospectus


Nearly two years ago, Joe Sheehan got the ball rolling (so to speak) here at Basketball Prospectus with his welcome message. His opening salvo was, "This is going to be fun." True that, but things are about to get even more enjoyable for NBA fans.

While Basketball Prospectus initially launched with a focus on college hoops, we've grown quietly and methodically at "H-Pro", which is how we sometimes refer to the hoops side of the Prospectus Empire. The emphasis has been on quality, rather than quantity. For the most part, we think we've achieved that with a small, but determined core group of writers and analysts. We've done the site, we've done radio and, yes, we've even done a little bit of television. It's time for our NBA coverage to take the next step.

As the 2009-10 season approaches, we've got a number of ideas to make the site livelier, timelier and more interactive while still offering the same quality content to which we hope you have become accustomed. As part of that initiative, we're excited to announce the upcoming release of Pro Basketball Prospectus 2009-10. Pro Basketball Prospectus 2009-10 will be available online as both a PDF and a print-to-order book, not unlike the recently released Football Outsiders Almanac.

You may have noticed it's been a little quiet around BasketballProspectus.com lately. That's because we have been hard at work merging our analytical systems, putting together team and player projections and generally missing out on the final weeks of summer and the early stages of the football season. It's been well worth the effort.

If you're a reader of the Prospectus books, including The New York Times bestselling Baseball Prospectus, the book will be familiar to you in many respects, but this is definitely a new spin on the traditional format. And it's unlike anything you're currently going to find on the basketball market.


  • Essays on all 30 teams
  • Five-year team trend tables
  • Info-packed tables on every player you can expect to see in the upcoming season, including their advanced stats for the last three seasons, their skill ratings and their contract status
  • Commentary on every player
  • Team and player contract information and salary-cap analysis
  • The results of Kevin Pelton's dynamic SCHOENE projection system, both for players and teams
  • Q&As with key basketball operations personnel
  • Insight from blog authors on their teams
  • A special section for fantasy leaguers, including an essay from veteran fantasy NBA writer Brian Doolittle as well as our unique player-rating system which utilizes SCHOENE's projections
  • Special essays on topics as disparate as "The Economy and the NBA's salary cap", "How the Game is Played" and more
  • The preseason version of the Prospectus Hoops List

There's more, but that gives you an idea. Keep an eye on the Basketball Prospectus home page for more information on how to order your copy, whether you prefer the electronic or hard-copy format. Pro Basketball Prospectus 2009-10 is scheduled to be released at the start of October. So do not...we repeat, do NOT...participate in an NBA fantasy draft until you have your copy in hand. You'll be glad you waited.

Kevin Pelton (@kpelton) and Bradford Doolittle (@bbdoolittle),
Basketball Prospectus NBA columnists

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Post-Memphis (08/31)
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