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October 5, 2012
The Books Are Coming
Get Ready for 2012-13

Basketball Prospectus


As the calendar turns to September, we here at Basketball Prospectus are thinking about books--specifically, our annual season previews for the NBA and the NCAA.

Some two months before the start of the season, we're hard at work putting together the most comprehensive analytical previews you'll find anywhere. We're pleased to announce that both books will feature forewords by NCAA champions--one a current, high-profile college coach and the other a former player for a title team turned NBA executive.

For our Pro Basketball Prospectus team, this year's timetable is a little more manageable than last winter's post-lockout sprint to incorporate a summer's worth of roster changes and complete the book. Expect the usual features that make the Pro Basketball Prospectus series a must for readers:

  • The exclusive output from the SCHOENE Projection System, forecasting this season for both players and teams.
  • Analysis of each team, starting with explaining their 2011-12 performance, grading their offseason and looking ahead to 2012-13 and beyond.
  • Capsules and statistics for more than 550 players, including everyone who appeared in an NBA game last season, 2012 draft picks and other newcomers expected to make a team this season.
  • Tables charting team performance over the past five seasons.
  • Fantasy rankings based on SCHOENE plus analysis.
  • Essays on NBA trends from the Basketball Prospectus team of analysts.
  • Contributions from top NBA bloggers on the teams they cover.

We anticipate releasing Pro Basketball Prospectus 2012-13 in .PDF and print on demand format in early October.

- Bradford Doolittle and Kevin Pelton

When the first College Basketball Prospectus book hit the streets in the fall of 2008, Anthony Davis was a 6-0 high school guard, Apple was trading at 88 bucks a share, and no one had any inkling of the nascent cultural tsunami that would one day become "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

Now look. Davis is Davis, Apple opened this morning at $665.76, and we're about to churn out our fifth college book. I keep asking highly esteemed figures to contribute the foreword and, to my surprise and delight, they keep saying yes. At this rate the 2014 book will be introduced by President Obama, President Romney, or possibly even Betty White.

A taste of what the 2012-13 book will have for you:

  • A foreword by someone very famous. Naturally.
  • Evaluating NBA Drafts Before They Happen, by Kevin Pelton. Kevin's annual preview of which players will catch the eye of NBA GM's the following summer has become required reading due to its uncanny prescience. Seriously, Kevin was talking about Meyers Leonard before Leonard was.
  • The RPI Must Die, Even Though Everyone Says So. Consider this part II in the sweeping saga presented by Jim Van Valkenburg's handiwork. (Fun fact! Part I was supposed to go in last year's book. Instead I went to Indy to do the mock selection thing before tying a bow on the piece. I'm glad I did.)
  • Tempo-free previews of every Division I team. It takes a flock of diligent and perceptive analysts to cover all of D-I (Pelton! Pomeroy! People whose names don't begin with P! Cannon!), but we care about you, the reader, so here you go. As always the analysis will be lucid, lilting, lean, keen, hype-free, and reality-based, guaranteed.
  • Preseason projections for every D-I conference by Dan Hanner. Dan's team projections were featured in ESPN The Magazine last season, and we're thrilled he's sharing his 2012-13 numbers with us.
  • BONUS projections candy! Dan shows you exactly how his projection model works. Truly, his is the Linux of rating systems.
  • The largest About the Authors section anywhere. It's my favorite part.

College Basketball Prospectus 2012-13 will be available as a PDF that will look great on your iPad in early November, and as a paperback from Amazon soon after that. See you then.

- John Gasaway

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