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2008 Game Plan for Fairleigh Dickinson

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Sun Nov 12Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)L, 86-66N58112.051.810.223.921.4145.972.615.336.426.4
Mon Nov 13Siena (s) (sr)L, 88-66N7192.549.130.834.935.9123.360.815.435.416.9
Thu Nov 16Lafayette (s) (sr)W, 98-92A81119.864.626.934.595.8112.554.417.136.144.1
Sun Nov 19Rider (s) (sr)L, 85-70A7395.646.428.735.141.8116.160.817.833.336.7
Sat Nov 25St. John's (s) (sr)L, 92-67A66100.252.720.923.423.6137.663.710.537.129.0
Fri Dec 8Long Island (s) (sr)L, 90-77A74103.946.722.939.042.6121.459.716.232.437.1
Sun Dec 10Norfolk St. (s) (sr)W, 80-64H69115.
Fri Dec 15Stony Brook (s) (sr)W, 74-71H7499.250.025.535.939.095.247.820.134.113.0
Fri Dec 22St. Peter's (s) (sr)W, 85-74H69122.762.521.637.730.4106.844.918.847.127.9
Sat Dec 30Charlotte (s) (sr)L, 65-59A6787.836.719.436.828.196.837.120.847.445.2
Tue Jan 2Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 94-63A6695.345.422.732.035.2142.
Fri Jan 5Mount St. Mary's (s) (sr)W, 65-62A6599.845.815.324.666.795.246.224.630.130.2
Wed Jan 10Robert Morris (s) (sr)L, 64-59H6985.551.031.928.833.392.746.423.232.038.2
Fri Jan 12St. Francis NY (s) (sr)L, 88-83H79104.349.217.622.745.9110.655.625.146.445.2
Wed Jan 17Sacred Heart (s) (sr)L, 87-82A71114.454.516.727.950.0121.459.516.738.327.0
Fri Jan 19Central Connecticut (s) (sr)L, 85-63A6694.246.619.431.627.1127.155.814.948.017.4
Mon Nov 12Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)L, 86-66N58112.051.810.223.921.4145.972.615.336.426.4
Tue Nov 13Siena (s) (sr)L, 88-66N7192.549.130.834.935.9123.360.815.435.416.9
Fri Nov 16Lafayette (s) (sr)W, 98-92A81119.864.626.934.595.8112.554.417.136.144.1
Mon Nov 19Rider (s) (sr)L, 85-70A7395.646.428.735.141.8116.160.817.833.336.7
Sun Nov 25St. John's (s) (sr)L, 92-67A66100.252.720.923.423.6137.663.710.537.129.0
Sat Dec 8Long Island (s) (sr)L, 90-77A74103.946.722.939.042.6121.459.716.232.437.1
Mon Dec 10Norfolk St. (s) (sr)W, 80-64H69115.
Sat Dec 15Stony Brook (s) (sr)W, 74-71H7499.250.025.535.939.095.247.820.134.113.0
Sat Dec 22St. Peter's (s) (sr)W, 85-74H69122.762.521.637.730.4106.844.918.847.127.9
Sun Dec 30Charlotte (s) (sr)L, 65-59A6787.836.719.436.828.196.837.120.847.445.2
Wed Jan 2Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 94-63A6695.345.422.732.035.2142.
Sat Jan 5Mount St. Mary's (s) (sr)W, 65-62A6599.845.815.324.666.795.246.224.630.130.2
Thu Jan 10Robert Morris (s) (sr)L, 64-59H6985.551.031.928.833.392.746.423.232.038.2
Sat Jan 12St. Francis NY (s) (sr)L, 88-83H79104.349.217.622.745.9110.655.625.146.445.2
Thu Jan 17Sacred Heart (s) (sr)L, 87-82A71114.454.516.727.950.0121.459.516.738.327.0
Sat Jan 19Central Connecticut (s) (sr)L, 85-63A6694.246.619.431.627.1127.155.814.948.017.4
Fri Jan 25Monmouth (s) (sr)W, 70-66A68102.945.813.229.639.
Sun Jan 27Wagner (s) (sr)L, 71-67H7490.037.013.427.436.295.450.018.825.836.8
Thu Jan 31Sacred Heart (s) (sr)L, 92-81H76106.056.019.619.437.9120.455.011.838.57.5
Sat Feb 2Quinnipiac (s) (sr)L, 78-74H66110.558.219.427.844.9116.555.216.429.734.5
Thu Feb 7Robert Morris (s) (sr)L, 95-45A7063.639.029.717.122.0134.358.811.342.612.2
Sat Feb 9St. Francis PA (s) (sr)W, 79-61A67117.262.519.322.634.690.538.310.428.646.7
Thu Feb 14Mount St. Mary's (s) (sr)L, 78-61H7383.036.915.022.142.6106.156.028.642.625.9
Mon Feb 18Monmouth (s) (sr)L, 66-58H6095.143.414.825.028.3108.250.011.531.69.4
Thu Feb 21Central Connecticut (s) (sr)L, 73-60H6788.446.120.625.91.6107.649.316.241.614.7
Sat Feb 23St. Francis NY (s) (sr)L, 74-70A68102.652.717.620.032.7108.452.417.645.335.5
Thu Feb 28Wagner (s) (sr)L, 78-67A6897.648.48.711.018.8113.750.011.738.228.1
Sat Mar 1St. Francis PA (s) (sr)W, 72-70H60106.

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  +0.09*      -0.22*

                 eFG%:  +0.82*      +0.01*
                  OR%:  +0.18*      -0.14*
                  TO%:  -0.29*      -0.00*
                  FTR:  +0.46*      -0.31*

             Opp eFG%:  -0.01*      +0.86*
              Opp OR%:  -0.14*      +0.35*
              Opp TO%:  -0.08*      -0.57*
              Opp FTR:  +0.25*      -0.32*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence