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2008 Game Plan for George Washington

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Fri Nov 10Mount St. Mary's (s) (sr)W, 77-62H71107.561.632.
Tue Nov 14Boston University (s) (sr)W, 69-56H65104.646.125.845.348.184.945.925.818.632.6
Fri Nov 24MD Baltimore County (s) (sr)L, 89-79A76103.448.415.724.033.3116.554.120.937.045.9
Tue Nov 28UCLA (s) (sr)L, 83-60A6887.746.027.831.444.0121.356.416.134.547.3
Sat Dec 2Auburn (s) (sr)L, 74-70H7197.561.329.232.220.8103.057.522.321.843.4
Tue Dec 5Maryland Eastern Shore (s) (sr)W, 78-39h67115.559.226.650.723.357.723.019.231.833.3
Sat Dec 9Virginia Tech (s) (sr)L, 68-36A6356.431.528.223.43.7106.553.417.232.418.6
Wed Dec 13Binghamton (s) (sr)L, 71-59A6787.138.520.739.636.1104.848.826.630.693.0
Sat Dec 23Longwood (s) (sr)W, 63-54H57108.949.017.331.338.093.341.819.036.420.0
Fri Dec 29Alabama (s) (sr)L, 93-57A6982.336.115.928.934.4134.255.514.451.723.3
Wed Jan 10St. Louis (s) (sr)W, 49-20H5391.946.
Tue Jan 16Fordham (s) (sr)L, 66-53A5791.546.225.937.713.2113.948.210.434.634.5
Fri Jan 19Xavier (s) (sr)L, 74-66H61106.648.117.834.741.5119.554.717.839.745.3
Sat Nov 10Mount St. Mary's (s) (sr)W, 77-62H71107.561.632.
Wed Nov 14Boston University (s) (sr)W, 69-56H65104.646.125.845.348.184.945.925.818.632.6
Sat Nov 24MD Baltimore County (s) (sr)L, 89-79A76103.448.415.724.033.3116.554.120.937.045.9
Wed Nov 28UCLA (s) (sr)L, 83-60A6887.746.027.831.444.0121.356.416.134.547.3
Sun Dec 2Auburn (s) (sr)L, 74-70h7197.561.329.232.220.8103.057.522.321.843.4
Wed Dec 5Maryland Eastern Shore (s) (sr)W, 78-39H67115.559.226.650.723.357.723.019.231.833.3
Sun Dec 9Virginia Tech (s) (sr)L, 68-36A6356.431.528.223.43.7106.553.417.232.418.6
Thu Dec 13Binghamton (s) (sr)L, 71-59A6787.138.520.739.636.1104.848.826.630.693.0
Sun Dec 23Longwood (s) (sr)W, 63-54H57108.949.017.331.338.093.341.819.036.420.0
Sat Dec 29Alabama (s) (sr)L, 93-57A6982.336.115.928.934.4134.255.514.451.723.3
Thu Jan 10St. Louis (s) (sr)W, 49-20H5391.946.
Wed Jan 16Fordham (s) (sr)L, 66-53A5791.546.225.937.713.2113.948.210.434.634.5
Sat Jan 19Xavier (s) (sr)L, 74-66H61106.648.117.834.741.5119.554.717.839.745.3
Wed Jan 23Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 81-70A7395.044.523.137.926.6109.953.725.839.353.7
Sat Jan 26Duquesne (s) (sr)L, 92-67A8379.942.233.438.741.4109.757.425.028.244.3
Wed Jan 30Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)L, 61-59H6491.050.923.127.018.594.145.918.526.153.1
Sun Feb 3Temple (s) (sr)L, 93-80A62127.061.612.726.728.6147.766.411.144.447.3
Wed Feb 6La Salle (s) (sr)L, 80-58H6490.543.025.040.324.6124.869.423.440.834.7
Sat Feb 9Dayton (s) (sr)W, 57-54H54104.747.622.039.361.999.240.418.444.036.5
Wed Feb 13St. Louis (s) (sr)L, 63-38A5173.829.823.341.317.3122.352.811.636.617.0
Sat Feb 16St. Bonaventure (s) (sr)W, 80-71A62127.969.324.036.056.8113.548.412.836.817.2
Sat Feb 23Richmond (s) (sr)W, 59-53H6196.133.316.336.464.686.340.822.827.838.8
Wed Feb 27Rhode Island (s) (sr)W, 85-68H68124.957.08.826.629.799.944.117.630.468.6
Sat Mar 1Xavier (s) (sr)L, 66-56A5994.346.023.640.938.0111.162.525.236.572.5
Thu Mar 6Charlotte (s) (sr)L, 77-61A6691.839.221.140.716.9115.956.719.640.326.7
Sat Mar 8Massachusetts (s) (sr)L, 67-63H6694.748.122.626.535.2100.848.218.133.337.5

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  +0.02       +0.24 

                 eFG%:  +0.81*      -0.21 
                  OR%:  +0.26       -0.12 
                  TO%:  -0.28       -0.01 
                  FTR:  +0.41*      +0.22 

             Opp eFG%:  -0.22       +0.92*
              Opp OR%:  -0.01       +0.58*
              Opp TO%:  -0.01       -0.52*
              Opp FTR:  +0.08       +0.20 

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence