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2008 Game Plan for Hofstra

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Fri Nov 10Holy Cross (s) (sr)L, 61-47A6473.332.621.925.953.
Fri Nov 17Manhattan (s) (sr)W, 73-71H6598.450.022.927.076.695.738.518.937.444.6
Tue Nov 21St. Francis NY (s) (sr)L, 60-57A6685.743.624.
Fri Dec 1NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 87-83H70105.
Tue Dec 5Fordham (s) (sr)L, 73-71A7791.356.234.723.337.593.955.025.714.348.0
Tue Dec 12Stony Brook (s) (sr)L, 77-74H7499.044.324.140.844.3103.056.722.733.959.6
Fri Dec 15Charlotte (s) (sr)W, 70-68H69100.958.331.744.235.498.047.518.722.221.7
Fri Dec 22Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 88-69A7789.643.120.830.533.9114.246.413.042.752.2
Thu Dec 28Virginia Tech (s) (sr)L, 84-59h7479.735.124.340.934.3113.562.520.328.477.1
Fri Dec 29Marist (s) (sr)L, 73-67N63106.143.212.734.640.7115.651.812.736.841.8
Tue Jan 2Old Dominion (s) (sr)L, 75-54A7076.935.221.432.229.5106.853.618.528.841.1
Fri Jan 5James Madison (s) (sr)W, 66-60H66100.053.928.840.633.390.940.616.721.643.4
Wed Jan 10NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 74-69A60113.650.021.452.014.3121.855.313.235.121.1
Fri Jan 12Virginia Commonwealth (s) (sr)L, 59-49A6376.938.626.721.752.392.639.423.644.342.3
Wed Jan 17George Mason (s) (sr)L, 85-78H61101.546.415.635.430.4110.647.616.932.946.0
Fri Jan 19Drexel (s) (sr)W, 67-58A65103.052.924.641.933.389.241.824.633.334.5
Sat Nov 10Holy Cross (s) (sr)L, 61-47A6473.332.621.925.953.
Sat Nov 17Manhattan (s) (sr)W, 73-71H6598.450.022.927.076.695.738.518.937.444.6
Wed Nov 21St. Francis NY (s) (sr)L, 60-57A6685.743.624.
Sat Dec 1NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 87-83H70105.
Wed Dec 5Fordham (s) (sr)L, 73-71A7791.356.234.723.337.593.955.025.714.348.0
Wed Dec 12Stony Brook (s) (sr)L, 77-74H7499.044.324.140.844.3103.056.722.733.959.6
Sat Dec 15Charlotte (s) (sr)W, 70-68H69100.958.331.744.235.498.047.518.722.221.7
Sat Dec 22Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 88-69A7789.643.120.830.533.9114.246.413.042.752.2
Fri Dec 28Virginia Tech (s) (sr)L, 84-59h7479.735.124.340.934.3113.562.520.328.477.1
Sat Dec 29Marist (s) (sr)L, 73-67N63106.143.212.734.640.7115.651.812.736.841.8
Wed Jan 2Old Dominion (s) (sr)L, 75-54A7076.935.221.432.229.5106.853.618.528.841.1
Sat Jan 5James Madison (s) (sr)W, 66-60H66100.053.928.840.633.390.940.616.721.643.4
Thu Jan 10NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 74-69A60113.650.021.452.014.3121.855.313.235.121.1
Sat Jan 12Virginia Commonwealth (s) (sr)L, 59-49A6376.938.626.721.752.392.639.423.644.342.3
Thu Jan 17George Mason (s) (sr)L, 85-78H61101.546.415.635.430.4110.647.616.932.946.0
Sat Jan 19Drexel (s) (sr)W, 67-58A65103.052.924.641.933.389.241.824.633.334.5
Wed Jan 23Virginia Commonwealth (s) (sr)L, 82-65H7191.554.331.030.444.7115.454.623.950.023.1
Sat Jan 26Northeastern (s) (sr)W, 70-65A64108.457.021.725.432.0100.641.79.322.428.3
Mon Jan 28Longwood (s) (sr)W, 75-60H70106.255.325.541.531.685.041.918.423.521.0
Wed Jan 30Towson (s) (sr)L, 60-51A6874.939.232.334.231.488.238.314.726.031.7
Sat Feb 2Delaware (s) (sr)W, 64-58H6992.649.023.127.951.083.939.315.923.841.1
Wed Feb 6William & Mary (s) (sr)L, 74-62A6299.539.528.950.031.6118.763.711.216.129.4
Sat Feb 9Georgia St. (s) (sr)W, 57-45H6291.859.529.023.435.772.536.232.240.642.5
Wed Feb 13Northeastern (s) (sr)L, 62-53H6186.538.916.326.829.6101.239.111.432.943.6
Sat Feb 16James Madison (s) (sr)W, 86-85A68125.561.116.137.320.6124.063.017.534.544.4
Wed Feb 20Towson (s) (sr)W, 81-67H68118.156.114.638.145.697.754.423.321.312.3
Sat Feb 23Iona (s) (sr)W, 81-63A67120.461.714.928.820.093.742.517.826.450.9
Wed Feb 27Delaware (s) (sr)L, 74-69A68101.244.417.634.528.6108.557.320.525.052.1
Sat Mar 1Drexel (s) (sr)W, 56-48H6980.651.031.721.816.369.135.720.115.725.0
Fri Mar 7Towson (s) (sr)L, 81-66N7685.843.124.733.839.7105.443.416.937.839.7

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  -0.21*      +0.04*

                 eFG%:  +0.73*      -0.22*
                  OR%:  +0.39*      +0.37*
                  TO%:  -0.40*      -0.48*
                  FTR:  -0.26*      -0.20*

             Opp eFG%:  +0.28*      +0.75*
              Opp OR%:  -0.13*      +0.29*
              Opp TO%:  -0.22*      -0.48*
              Opp FTR:  -0.37*      +0.13*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence