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2008 Game Plan for Northeastern

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Sat Nov 11Illinois (s) (sr)L, 63-55A6584.331.419.942.338.796.545.123.046.926.2
Wed Nov 15Maryland (s) (sr)L, 74-72A7288.940.921.036.516.991.345.728.432.997.9
Sun Nov 19Boston University (s) (sr)W, 65-58A62104.442.217.744.943.193.243.620.935.525.4
Fri Nov 24Maine (s) (sr)W, 70-57A65107.050.915.327.940.787.242.527.531.955.3
Tue Nov 28Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 92-72A68104.750.018.940.833.3133.860.916.039.729.7
Fri Dec 1James Madison (s) (sr)L, 68-65H7586.350.025.224.751.090.340.515.931.916.2
Sun Dec 3New Hampshire (s) (sr)W, 62-57A6299.351.019.225.829.491.340.
Wed Dec 6Connecticut (s) (sr)L, 69-60A6592.238.918.434.220.6106.154.424.639.352.2
Tue Dec 19Harvard (s) (sr)W, 76-73H60125.651.89.940.649.1120.764.319.831.826.5
Fri Dec 22Boston College (s) (sr)L, 57-55A6387.
Sat Dec 30Syracuse (s) (sr)L, 95-74A72102.344.618.036.627.7131.460.313.843.365.5
Tue Jan 2Towson (s) (sr)L, 77-71A63111.847.315.837.539.3121.359.39.415.033.3
Fri Jan 5Georgia St. (s) (sr)W, 64-62H57110.851.
Tue Jan 9Drexel (s) (sr)W, 79-45H64122.065.121.628.369.869.533.629.437.220.0
Fri Jan 12George Mason (s) (sr)L, 80-52A6086.347.023.222.818.0132.867.014.935.618.9
Tue Jan 16William & Mary (s) (sr)L, 55-53A5889.953.530.526.525.693.348.018.621.522.4
Fri Jan 19Delaware (s) (sr)W, 73-69H64100.043.927.439.373.594.549.028.832.244.0
Sun Nov 11Illinois (s) (sr)L, 63-55A6584.331.419.942.338.796.545.123.046.926.2
Thu Nov 15Maryland (s) (sr)L, 74-72A7288.940.921.036.516.991.345.728.432.997.9
Mon Nov 19Boston University (s) (sr)W, 65-58A62104.442.217.744.943.193.243.620.935.525.4
Sat Nov 24Maine (s) (sr)W, 70-57A65107.050.915.327.940.787.242.527.531.955.3
Wed Nov 28Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 92-72A68104.750.018.940.833.3133.860.916.039.729.7
Sat Dec 1James Madison (s) (sr)L, 68-65H7586.350.025.224.751.090.340.515.931.916.2
Mon Dec 3New Hampshire (s) (sr)W, 62-57A6299.351.019.225.829.491.340.
Thu Dec 6Connecticut (s) (sr)L, 69-60A6592.238.918.434.220.6106.154.424.639.352.2
Wed Dec 19Harvard (s) (sr)W, 76-73H60125.651.89.940.649.1120.764.319.831.826.5
Sat Dec 22Boston College (s) (sr)L, 57-55A6387.
Sun Dec 30Syracuse (s) (sr)L, 95-74A72102.344.618.036.627.7131.460.313.843.365.5
Wed Jan 2Towson (s) (sr)L, 77-71A63111.847.315.837.539.3121.359.39.415.033.3
Sat Jan 5Georgia St. (s) (sr)W, 64-62H57110.851.
Wed Jan 9Drexel (s) (sr)W, 79-45H64122.065.121.628.369.869.533.629.437.220.0
Sat Jan 12George Mason (s) (sr)L, 80-52A6086.347.023.222.818.0132.867.014.935.618.9
Wed Jan 16William & Mary (s) (sr)L, 55-53A5889.953.530.526.525.693.348.018.621.522.4
Sat Jan 19Delaware (s) (sr)W, 73-69H64100.043.927.439.373.594.549.028.832.244.0
Wed Jan 23NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 77-69A66104.453.621.229.025.0116.567.833.346.742.2
Sat Jan 26Hofstra (s) (sr)L, 70-65H64100.641.79.322.428.3108.457.021.725.432.0
Wed Jan 30Delaware (s) (sr)W, 53-49A6185.937.519.429.632.779.439.317.822.214.3
Sat Feb 2Drexel (s) (sr)W, 63-40A62100.846.217.630.
Wed Feb 6Old Dominion (s) (sr)W, 67-60H58114.046.722.148.158.7102.
Sat Feb 9William & Mary (s) (sr)W, 51-42H5591.247.623.325.043.975.235.926.831.723.9
Wed Feb 13Hofstra (s) (sr)W, 62-53A61101.239.111.432.943.686.538.916.326.829.6
Sat Feb 16Georgia St. (s) (sr)L, 57-55A54101.163.234.950.031.6104.850.022.134.531.9
Wed Feb 20Virginia Commonwealth (s) (sr)L, 66-62H6298.945.417.633.335.2105.368.228.711.884.8
Sat Feb 23Holy Cross (s) (sr)L, 61-47A6077.531.724.742.236.5100.662.831.334.025.6
Wed Feb 27Old Dominion (s) (sr)L, 70-58A6194.044.517.830.325.4113.551.716.235.916.9
Sat Mar 1George Mason (s) (sr)W, 70-59H62112.757.520.936.020.895.049.017.724.138.8
Fri Mar 7James Madison (s) (sr)W, 73-55N60121.160.923.237.550.
Sat Mar 8George Mason (s) (sr)L, 63-52N48108.141.08.325.969.2130.954.812.550.057.1

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  -0.22*      -0.01*

                 eFG%:  +0.59*      -0.14*
                  OR%:  +0.19*      +0.14*
                  TO%:  -0.45*      -0.29*
                  FTR:  +0.51*      -0.21*

             Opp eFG%:  +0.06*      +0.88*
              Opp OR%:  -0.13*      +0.14*
              Opp TO%:  -0.11*      -0.58*
              Opp FTR:  -0.00*      +0.12*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence