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2008 Game Plan for Richmond

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Sun Nov 5Maine (s) (sr)W, 44-42N6468.437.228.020.813.765.343.343.546.011.1
Mon Nov 6Memphis (s) (sr)L, 80-63A7484.645.228.227.619.4107.557.824.240.962.8
Fri Nov 10Norfolk St. (s) (sr)L, 72-69H67102.946.414.926.343.6107.450.814.930.018.8
Mon Nov 13East Carolina (s) (sr)W, 67-65A6787.751.932.733.935.285.144.334.042.952.8
Fri Nov 17MD Baltimore County (s) (sr)L, 70-68H65103.653.819.833.932.1106.750.919.832.323.7
Mon Nov 20Rice (s) (sr)W, 61-55A6297.855.325.624.527.788.251.133.738.137.8
Fri Nov 24Marist (s) (sr)L, 64-62A58105.151.918.623.313.0108.550.
Tue Nov 28William & Mary (s) (sr)W, 58-55H57100.754.919.117.73.995.547.124.337.921.6
Tue Dec 5South Florida (s) (sr)L, 79-65H6894.747.516.020.025.4115.152.023.346.762.8
Fri Dec 8Virginia Commonwealth (s) (sr)L, 65-45A6370.833.322.024.131.4102.348.923.630.948.9
Tue Dec 19Old Dominion (s) (sr)W, 55-49H6287.757.531.927.937.578.239.627.129.618.9
Sat Dec 30Virginia Military Inst (s) (sr)W, 71-69H64110.862.025.037.732.0107.755.120.321.338.8
Wed Jan 3Virginia Tech (s) (sr)W, 52-49H6579.746.926.114.014.675.143.235.327.936.4
Tue Jan 9La Salle (s) (sr)W, 75-74A5794.449.123.920.050.993.247.227.741.566.7
Fri Jan 12Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)L, 81-63A6596.758.324.615.420.8124.356.423.050.078.7
Tue Jan 16St. Bonaventure (s) (sr)W, 75-64H68110.050.014.731.955.693.952.023.515.232.0
Fri Jan 19La Salle (s) (sr)L, 76-67H6996.854.324.624.68.6109.867.427.527.943.5
Mon Nov 5Maine (s) (sr)W, 44-42N6468.437.228.020.813.765.343.343.546.011.1
Tue Nov 6Memphis (s) (sr)L, 80-63A7484.645.228.227.619.4107.557.824.240.962.8
Sat Nov 10Norfolk St. (s) (sr)L, 72-69H67102.946.414.926.343.6107.450.814.930.018.8
Tue Nov 13East Carolina (s) (sr)W, 67-65A6787.751.932.733.935.285.144.334.042.952.8
Sat Nov 17MD Baltimore County (s) (sr)L, 70-68H65103.653.819.833.932.1106.750.919.832.323.7
Tue Nov 20Rice (s) (sr)W, 61-55A6297.855.325.624.527.788.251.133.738.137.8
Sat Nov 24Marist (s) (sr)L, 64-62A58105.151.918.623.313.0108.550.
Wed Nov 28William & Mary (s) (sr)W, 58-55H57100.754.919.117.73.995.547.124.337.921.6
Wed Dec 5South Florida (s) (sr)L, 79-65H6894.747.516.020.025.4115.152.023.346.762.8
Sat Dec 8Virginia Commonwealth (s) (sr)L, 65-45A6370.833.322.024.131.4102.348.923.630.948.9
Wed Dec 19Old Dominion (s) (sr)W, 55-49H6287.757.531.927.937.578.239.627.129.618.9
Sun Dec 30Virginia Military Inst (s) (sr)W, 71-69H64110.862.025.037.732.0107.755.120.321.338.8
Thu Jan 3Virginia Tech (s) (sr)W, 52-49H6579.746.926.114.014.675.143.235.327.936.4
Wed Jan 9La Salle (s) (sr)W, 75-74A5794.449.123.920.050.993.247.227.741.566.7
Sat Jan 12Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)L, 81-63A6596.758.324.615.420.8124.356.423.050.078.7
Wed Jan 16St. Bonaventure (s) (sr)W, 75-64H68110.050.014.731.955.693.952.023.515.232.0
Sat Jan 19La Salle (s) (sr)L, 76-67H6996.854.324.624.68.6109.867.427.527.943.5
Sat Jan 26Dayton (s) (sr)W, 80-63H63125.667.018.825.046.898.955.625.122.646.7
Wed Jan 30Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 78-64A6991.553.624.323.210.7111.560.028.642.680.0
Sat Feb 2Charlotte (s) (sr)W, 64-58A6696.159.331.531.641.987.136.319.528.066.7
Wed Feb 6Temple (s) (sr)W, 64-58H59108.042.68.430.342.697.949.020.223.433.3
Sun Feb 10St. Louis (s) (sr)L, 64-55H6189.042.514.617.426.4103.644.119.437.343.1
Sat Feb 16Duquesne (s) (sr)W, 69-66A59115.662.
Wed Feb 20Charlotte (s) (sr)W, 79-76H61113.857.020.234.558.0109.462.524.518.528.9
Sat Feb 23George Washington (s) (sr)L, 59-53A6186.340.822.827.838.896.133.316.336.464.6
Wed Feb 27St. Bonaventure (s) (sr)W, 82-71A66123.
Sat Mar 1Massachusetts (s) (sr)L, 78-74H66112.050.815.130.919.4118.060.822.737.539.2
Wed Mar 5Fordham (s) (sr)W, 58-53H5899.046.722.
Sat Mar 8Xavier (s) (sr)L, 86-61A6889.444.810.312.829.3126.
Thu Mar 13Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)L, 61-47N6077.842.423.210.323.9100.955.624.830.831.1
Tue Mar 18Virginia (s) (sr)L, 66-64A6499.248.115.524.225.9102.353.224.835.255.3

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  -0.12*      +0.23*

                 eFG%:  +0.72*      +0.21*
                  OR%:  +0.45*      +0.01*
                  TO%:  -0.50*      -0.51*
                  FTR:  +0.37*      -0.05*

             Opp eFG%:  +0.33*      +0.67*
              Opp OR%:  -0.41*      +0.04*
              Opp TO%:  -0.52*      -0.71*
              Opp FTR:  -0.03*      +0.52*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence