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2008 Game Plan for Saint Joseph's

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Sun Nov 12Fairleigh Dickinson (s) (sr)W, 86-66N58145.972.615.336.426.4112.051.810.223.921.4
Mon Nov 13Syracuse (s) (sr)L, 72-69A68100.654.620.428.627.8105.050.924.838.232.2
Fri Nov 17Boston University (s) (sr)W, 57-48A6291.545.725.736.946.877.
Mon Nov 27Ball St. (s) (sr)W, 74-63H58126.263.018.834.743.5107.447.511.934.815.0
Wed Nov 29Gonzaga (s) (sr)L, 70-65H6588.735.819.131.548.395.540.723.240.845.8
Fri Dec 1Penn St. (s) (sr)W, 79-67H68116.
Mon Dec 4Holy Cross (s) (sr)L, 71-66H61107.849.018.027.750.0116.058.016.334.534.0
Sat Dec 9Creighton (s) (sr)L, 90-84A69107.456.823.027.945.8115.060.623.033.967.3
Thu Dec 21Fairfield (s) (sr)W, 78-70A60129.358.218.256.741.8116.056.924.948.617.2
Thu Dec 28Siena (s) (sr)W, 74-68A69106.651.617.335.620.398.047.521.632.521.3
Sun Dec 31Drexel (s) (sr)W, 69-51A6999.059.631.628.340.473.235.424.426.956.2
Tue Jan 9Massachusetts (s) (sr)W, 98-92A82119.563.120.739.729.2112.251.314.627.228.0
Fri Jan 12Richmond (s) (sr)W, 81-63H65124.356.423.050.078.796.758.324.615.420.8
Tue Jan 16Charlotte (s) (sr)L, 70-66A6797.
Fri Jan 19Pennsylvania (s) (sr)W, 82-42A67122.465.214.922.025.062.731.428.432.110.2
Mon Nov 12Fairleigh Dickinson (s) (sr)W, 86-66N58145.972.615.336.426.4112.051.810.223.921.4
Tue Nov 13Syracuse (s) (sr)L, 72-69A68100.654.620.428.627.8105.050.924.838.232.2
Sat Nov 17Boston University (s) (sr)W, 57-48A6291.545.725.736.946.877.
Tue Nov 27Ball St. (s) (sr)W, 74-63H58126.263.018.834.743.5107.447.511.934.815.0
Thu Nov 29Gonzaga (s) (sr)L, 70-65H6588.735.819.131.548.395.540.723.240.845.8
Sat Dec 1Penn St. (s) (sr)W, 79-67H68116.
Tue Dec 4Holy Cross (s) (sr)L, 71-66H61107.849.018.027.750.0116.058.016.334.534.0
Sun Dec 9Creighton (s) (sr)L, 90-84A69107.456.823.027.945.8115.060.623.033.967.3
Fri Dec 21Fairfield (s) (sr)W, 78-70A60129.358.218.256.741.8116.056.924.948.617.2
Fri Dec 28Siena (s) (sr)W, 74-68A69106.651.617.335.620.398.047.521.632.521.3
Mon Dec 31Drexel (s) (sr)W, 69-51A6999.059.631.628.340.473.235.424.426.956.2
Wed Jan 9Massachusetts (s) (sr)W, 98-92A82119.563.120.739.729.2112.251.314.627.228.0
Sat Jan 12Richmond (s) (sr)W, 81-63H65124.356.423.050.078.796.758.324.615.420.8
Wed Jan 16Charlotte (s) (sr)L, 70-66A6797.
Sat Jan 19Pennsylvania (s) (sr)W, 82-42A67122.465.214.922.025.062.731.428.432.110.2
Wed Jan 23Massachusetts (s) (sr)W, 81-77H8594.637.518.730.796.490.044.721.033.723.7
Sat Jan 26Temple (s) (sr)W, 68-67A61110.155.716.219.618.9108.559.817.820.419.6
Wed Jan 30George Washington (s) (sr)W, 61-59A6494.145.918.526.
Sat Feb 2Fordham (s) (sr)W, 70-55H59116.860.016.730.855.691.840.221.735.141.2
Mon Feb 4Villanova (s) (sr)W, 77-55H59128.960.618.441.553.
Wed Feb 6Duquesne (s) (sr)L, 102-88A78112.052.120.442.922.2129.868.926.748.069.8
Sun Feb 10Xavier (s) (sr)L, 76-72A58122.453.615.344.632.1129.269.618.726.734.8
Wed Feb 13St. Bonaventure (s) (sr)W, 81-56H58138.370.023.945.832.095.645.618.828.144.4
Mon Feb 18La Salle (s) (sr)L, 90-89H67132.370.416.416.729.6133.864.416.445.335.6
Sun Feb 24Rhode Island (s) (sr)W, 90-83A68130.672.221.828.366.7120.555.617.440.329.0
Thu Feb 28St. Louis (s) (sr)L, 64-55H5992.641.211.822.519.3107.847.118.540.337.2
Sun Mar 2Temple (s) (sr)L, 57-56H5797.540.413.930.930.899.349.017.425.922.0
Thu Mar 6Xavier (s) (sr)W, 71-66H62113.455.
Sat Mar 8Dayton (s) (sr)L, 79-67A66101.046.412.120.841.1119.157.516.639.758.5
Wed Mar 12Fordham (s) (sr)W, 80-62N64123.263.715.427.449.095.446.420.035.132.1
Thu Mar 13Richmond (s) (sr)W, 61-47N60100.955.624.830.831.177.842.423.210.323.9
Fri Mar 14Xavier (s) (sr)W, 61-53N61100.053.518.012.348.886.937.518.030.834.6
Sat Mar 15Temple (s) (sr)L, 69-64N59107.147.221.842.924.1115.553.116.737.356.2
Fri Mar 21Oklahoma (s) (sr)L, 72-64N58109.455.120.529.628.6123.164.315.427.361.9

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  -0.20*      -0.03*

                 eFG%:  +0.84*      +0.10*
                  OR%:  +0.41*      +0.17*
                  TO%:  -0.22*      -0.31*
                  FTR:  -0.06*      -0.15*

             Opp eFG%:  +0.27*      +0.90*
              Opp OR%:  -0.05*      +0.24*
              Opp TO%:  -0.37*      -0.56*
              Opp FTR:  -0.34*      +0.29*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence