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2008 Game Plan for South Florida

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Thu Nov 9Cleveland St. (s) (sr)L, 73-70H64108.551.120.130.871.7113.147.315.538.545.5
Mon Nov 13Buffalo (s) (sr)L, 76-69A7294.749.227.443.018.8104.255.723.334.226.2
Thu Nov 16Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 74-67h7094.442.522.542.246.7104.250.825.446.920.0
Fri Nov 17Florida Atlantic (s) (sr)W, 100-69N77128.266.116.729.349.188.549.025.620.364.0
Sat Nov 18Florida St. (s) (sr)W, 68-67N64105.058.523.229.434.0103.548.521.639.47.7
Fri Nov 24East Carolina (s) (sr)W, 81-67H68117.650.913.136.458.697.352.823.227.027.8
Sun Nov 26Florida International (s) (sr)W, 77-69A68111.656.720.335.955.8100.041.914.541.817.6
Fri Dec 1Central Florida (s) (sr)W, 75-67H71105.350.019.737.449.194.147.518.219.222.0
Tue Dec 5Richmond (s) (sr)W, 79-65A68115.152.023.346.762.894.747.516.020.025.4
Fri Dec 8UAB (s) (sr)W, 68-58H7194.738.918.134.574.180.843.126.428.824.1
Tue Dec 19Wake Forest (s) (sr)L, 74-61A6987.337.121.536.850.0105.955.724.333.341.5
Fri Dec 22St. Francis NY (s) (sr)W, 86-66H75113.867.019.818.041.187.338.513.228.344.6
Fri Dec 29Winston Salem St. (s) (sr)W, 87-48H71122.153.921.152.041.567.332.822.427.518.0
Tue Jan 2Rutgers (s) (sr)W, 68-45H61110.650.916.331.925.073.240.717.921.114.8
Fri Jan 5Syracuse (s) (sr)L, 89-77A7799.144.415.431.629.2114.653.619.348.834.3
Tue Jan 9Pittsburgh (s) (sr)L, 79-66H58112.048.317.044.423.3134.160.317.049.224.1
Fri Jan 12Providence (s) (sr)L, 86-70A60115.
Wed Jan 17Seton Hall (s) (sr)L, 74-64A6597.950.019.934.229.8113.
Fri Nov 9Cleveland St. (s) (sr)L, 73-70H64108.551.120.130.871.7113.147.315.538.545.5
Tue Nov 13Buffalo (s) (sr)L, 76-69A7294.749.227.443.018.8104.255.723.334.226.2
Fri Nov 16Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 74-67h7094.442.522.542.246.7104.250.825.446.920.0
Sat Nov 17Florida Atlantic (s) (sr)W, 100-69N77128.266.116.729.349.188.549.025.620.364.0
Sun Nov 18Florida St. (s) (sr)W, 68-67N64105.058.523.229.434.0103.548.521.639.47.7
Sat Nov 24East Carolina (s) (sr)W, 81-67H68117.650.913.136.458.697.352.823.227.027.8
Mon Nov 26Florida International (s) (sr)W, 77-69A68111.656.720.335.955.8100.041.914.541.817.6
Sat Dec 1Central Florida (s) (sr)W, 75-67H71105.350.019.737.449.194.147.518.219.222.0
Wed Dec 5Richmond (s) (sr)W, 79-65A68115.152.023.346.762.894.747.516.020.025.4
Sat Dec 8UAB (s) (sr)W, 68-58H7194.738.918.134.574.180.843.126.428.824.1
Wed Dec 19Wake Forest (s) (sr)L, 74-61A6987.337.121.536.850.0105.955.724.333.341.5
Sat Dec 22St. Francis NY (s) (sr)W, 86-66H75113.867.019.818.041.187.338.513.228.344.6
Sat Dec 29Winston Salem St. (s) (sr)W, 87-48H71122.153.921.152.041.567.332.822.427.518.0
Wed Jan 2Rutgers (s) (sr)W, 68-45H61110.650.916.331.925.073.240.717.921.114.8
Sat Jan 5Syracuse (s) (sr)L, 89-77A7799.144.415.431.629.2114.653.619.348.834.3
Wed Jan 9Pittsburgh (s) (sr)L, 79-66H58112.048.317.044.423.3134.160.317.049.224.1
Sat Jan 12Providence (s) (sr)L, 86-70A60115.
Thu Jan 17Seton Hall (s) (sr)L, 74-64A6597.950.019.934.229.8113.
Sun Jan 20West Virginia (s) (sr)L, 69-52H6085.349.023.026.830.6113.145.29.826.150.0
Wed Jan 23Louisville (s) (sr)L, 80-60H6887.944.522.033.340.0117.256.617.634.324.6
Tue Jan 29Marquette (s) (sr)L, 62-54A6088.636.423.039.179.5101.844.913.130.163.3
Sat Feb 2St. John's (s) (sr)L, 72-58H6390.839.820.429.659.2112.758.320.434.045.8
Tue Feb 5Georgetown (s) (sr)L, 63-53A6186.145.019.517.524.0102.346.419.544.237.5
Sat Feb 9DePaul (s) (sr)L, 69-61A59102.547.220.240.630.2115.944.28.435.638.3
Wed Feb 13Syracuse (s) (sr)W, 89-78H72122.264.319.224.065.3107.
Sat Feb 16Connecticut (s) (sr)L, 74-73H63101.646.118.141.837.5103.045.716.730.450.0
Wed Feb 20Cincinnati (s) (sr)L, 52-51A5788.746.826.131.123.490.540.210.426.019.6
Tue Feb 26Seton Hall (s) (sr)L, 79-75H65115.254.820.046.450.0121.356.620.040.047.2
Sat Mar 1Rutgers (s) (sr)W, 54-52A5891.845.
Wed Mar 5Villanova (s) (sr)L, 72-59A7380.035.224.432.161.197.744.920.439.249.1
Sat Mar 8Notre Dame (s) (sr)L, 67-60H6296.140.812.834.116.9107.355.912.818.831.4

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  +0.21*      -0.37*

                 eFG%:  +0.79*      -0.16*
                  OR%:  +0.16*      +0.05*
                  TO%:  -0.39*      -0.03*
                  FTR:  +0.15*      -0.12*

             Opp eFG%:  -0.07*      +0.82*
              Opp OR%:  -0.15*      +0.68*
              Opp TO%:  +0.07*      -0.31*
              Opp FTR:  -0.09*      +0.16*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence