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2008 Game Plan for Stetson

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Thu Nov 9Palm Beach Atlantic (s) (sr)W, 56-54H6092.040.014.837.828.388.744.518.124.421.8
Mon Nov 13UAB (s) (sr)L, 86-49A6377.641.526.935.748.9136.
Thu Nov 16Florida Atlantic (s) (sr)L, 68-62N7186.327.313.927.176.494.752.227.933.969.6
Fri Nov 17Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 80-65h7784.234.915.527.337.9103.652.215.528.926.1
Sat Nov 18Georgia Southern (s) (sr)L, 68-55N6880.337.116.126.521.099.354.429.239.660.9
Tue Nov 21Bethune Cookman (s) (sr)W, 62-51H54114.842.624.161.833.394.443.013.025.951.2
Mon Nov 27Florida (s) (sr)L, 71-48A6375.336.822.026.010.5111.460.022.028.330.0
Thu Nov 30Florida St. (s) (sr)L, 72-59A6886.547.126.429.439.2105.554.719.125.839.6
Sun Dec 3Bethune Cookman (s) (sr)L, 52-51A5591.759.234.224.423.793.543.025.242.451.2
Sun Dec 17Miami FL (s) (sr)L, 89-53A6975.838.320.021.815.0127.364.221.442.128.3
Wed Dec 20Savannah St. (s) (sr)W, 70-62A7297.155.634.741.557.886.043.437.551.952.8
Fri Dec 29Longwood (s) (sr)L, 78-76A61122.764.222.641.224.5126.065.417.829.125.0
Sun Dec 31Charleston Southern (s) (sr)W, 76-70H67112.548.111.832.469.2103.754.
Wed Jan 3Jacksonville (s) (sr)L, 98-94A7294.752.
Fri Jan 5North Florida (s) (sr)W, 71-69A61103.247.921.833.879.2100.347.124.748.880.4
Thu Jan 11Florida Gulf Coast (s) (sr)W, 70-62A67104.345.520.936.242.992.444.820.925.454.2
Wed Jan 17Kennesaw St. (s) (sr)W, 66-54H8279.645.232.638.
Fri Jan 19Mercer (s) (sr)W, 76-74H7897.450.826.940.929.094.846.923.131.226.1
Fri Nov 9Palm Beach Atlantic (s) (sr)W, 56-54H6092.040.014.837.828.388.744.518.124.421.8
Tue Nov 13UAB (s) (sr)L, 86-49A6377.641.526.935.748.9136.
Fri Nov 16Florida Atlantic (s) (sr)L, 68-62N7186.327.313.927.176.494.752.227.933.969.6
Sat Nov 17Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 80-65h7784.234.915.527.337.9103.652.215.528.926.1
Sun Nov 18Georgia Southern (s) (sr)L, 68-55N6880.337.116.126.521.099.354.429.239.660.9
Wed Nov 21Bethune Cookman (s) (sr)W, 62-51H54114.842.624.161.833.394.443.013.025.951.2
Tue Nov 27Florida (s) (sr)L, 71-48A6375.336.822.026.010.5111.460.022.028.330.0
Fri Nov 30Florida St. (s) (sr)L, 72-59A6886.547.126.429.439.2105.554.719.125.839.6
Mon Dec 3Bethune Cookman (s) (sr)L, 52-51A5591.759.234.224.423.793.543.025.242.451.2
Mon Dec 17Miami FL (s) (sr)L, 89-53A6975.838.320.021.815.0127.364.221.442.128.3
Thu Dec 20Savannah St. (s) (sr)W, 70-62A7297.155.634.741.557.886.043.437.551.952.8
Sat Dec 29Longwood (s) (sr)L, 78-76A61122.764.222.641.224.5126.065.417.829.125.0
Mon Dec 31Charleston Southern (s) (sr)W, 76-70H67112.548.111.832.469.2103.754.
Thu Jan 3Jacksonville (s) (sr)L, 98-94A7294.752.
Sat Jan 5North Florida (s) (sr)W, 71-69A61103.247.921.833.879.2100.347.124.748.880.4
Fri Jan 11Florida Gulf Coast (s) (sr)W, 70-62A67104.345.520.936.242.992.444.820.925.454.2
Thu Jan 17Kennesaw St. (s) (sr)W, 66-54H8279.645.232.638.
Sat Jan 19Mercer (s) (sr)W, 76-74H7897.450.826.940.929.094.846.923.131.226.1
Mon Jan 21Longwood (s) (sr)W, 68-60H6997.251.025.733.357.185.741.821.432.121.3
Thu Jan 24Gardner Webb (s) (sr)L, 55-50A6477.938.820.328.419.085.743.021.824.234.0
Sat Jan 26Campbell (s) (sr)W, 57-52A6882.737.527.632.544.275.442.533.433.942.5
Thu Jan 31Belmont (s) (sr)L, 83-75H69107.349.117.232.840.4118.862.227.244.757.1
Sat Feb 2Lipscomb (s) (sr)L, 77-53A6580.544.728.927.942.5117.
Fri Feb 8South Carolina Upstate (s) (sr)W, 72-64H63114.055.120.636.846.9101.346.115.829.048.1
Sun Feb 10East Tennessee St. (s) (sr)W, 68-56H6998.152.930.337.739.280.839.121.621.129.1
Thu Feb 14Kennesaw St. (s) (sr)L, 75-67A65102.250.921.433.335.2114.451.718.342.226.7
Sat Feb 16Mercer (s) (sr)W, 75-73A69108.657.118.837.248.2105.745.515.939.138.8
Tue Feb 19Savannah St. (s) (sr)L, 63-60H6482.536.
Sat Feb 23Florida Gulf Coast (s) (sr)W, 69-66H6494.763.534.331.725.090.541.924.737.325.8
Thu Feb 28North Florida (s) (sr)W, 73-56H65111.150.016.839.758.585.242.028.929.728.0
Sat Mar 1Jacksonville (s) (sr)W, 81-64H70114.863.222.731.637.790.742.026.929.881.8
Thu Mar 6Gardner Webb (s) (sr)L, 82-63N7287.543.

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  -0.29*      -0.26*

                 eFG%:  +0.64*      -0.02*
                  OR%:  +0.56*      -0.23*
                  TO%:  -0.14*      -0.25*
                  FTR:  +0.19*      -0.33*

             Opp eFG%:  -0.16*      +0.94*
              Opp OR%:  +0.00*      +0.27*
              Opp TO%:  -0.09*      -0.45*
              Opp FTR:  +0.06*      -0.11*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence