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2008 Game Plan for Toledo

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Fri Nov 10Missouri St. (s) (sr)W, 57-53H6291.651.128.931.027.785.144.635.351.412.5
Mon Nov 13Vanderbilt (s) (sr)L, 77-70H69100.649.024.434.353.9110.766.725.932.854.2
Thu Nov 16Old Dominion (s) (sr)L, 66-35A6553.323.325.938.730.0100.551.828.945.317.5
Tue Nov 21Dayton (s) (sr)L, 76-70A66105.558.022.625.840.0114.555.921.141.758.8
Fri Nov 24Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 83-57A6587.344.018.428.413.8127.262.726.051.916.9
Tue Nov 28NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 65-61A6298.250.925.839.720.8104.757.127.429.347.6
Fri Dec 1Pittsburgh (s) (sr)L, 78-52A6382.340.919.022.218.2123.446.511.153.519.4
Mon Dec 4Houston (s) (sr)L, 67-56A6881.446.927.618.328.697.445.229.144.348.1
Fri Dec 8Drexel (s) (sr)W, 57-44H6488.752.
Fri Dec 15Massachusetts (s) (sr)L, 68-61A6889.445.
Tue Dec 19Illinois Chicago (s) (sr)L, 66-56A6190.747.121.120.919.6106.958.025.935.922.0
Fri Dec 29Oakland (s) (sr)W, 71-69H7989.756.
Sat Jan 6Ball St. (s) (sr)W, 58-54H6194.942.921.337.828.688.344.729.440.029.8
Sat Jan 13Northern Illinois (s) (sr)L, 78-62A6594.142.716.737.154.5118.459.419.730.239.6
Tue Jan 16Central Michigan (s) (sr)W, 72-61H69103.145.722.934.985.187.344.124.332.020.3
Fri Jan 19Western Michigan (s) (sr)L, 75-62A6890.340.816.021.225.0109.253.118.929.765.3
Sat Nov 10Missouri St. (s) (sr)W, 57-53H6291.651.128.931.027.785.144.635.351.412.5
Tue Nov 13Vanderbilt (s) (sr)L, 77-70H69100.649.024.434.353.9110.766.725.932.854.2
Fri Nov 16Old Dominion (s) (sr)L, 66-35A6553.323.325.938.730.0100.551.828.945.317.5
Wed Nov 21Dayton (s) (sr)L, 76-70A66105.558.022.625.840.0114.555.921.141.758.8
Sat Nov 24Rhode Island (s) (sr)L, 83-57A6587.344.018.428.413.8127.262.726.051.916.9
Wed Nov 28NC Wilmington (s) (sr)L, 65-61A6298.250.925.839.720.8104.757.127.429.347.6
Sat Dec 1Pittsburgh (s) (sr)L, 78-52A6382.340.919.022.218.2123.446.511.153.519.4
Tue Dec 4Houston (s) (sr)L, 67-56A6881.446.927.618.328.697.445.229.144.348.1
Sat Dec 8Drexel (s) (sr)W, 57-44H6488.752.
Sat Dec 15Massachusetts (s) (sr)L, 68-61A6889.445.
Wed Dec 19Illinois Chicago (s) (sr)L, 66-56A6190.747.121.120.919.6106.958.025.935.922.0
Sat Dec 29Oakland (s) (sr)W, 71-69H7989.756.
Sun Jan 6Ball St. (s) (sr)W, 58-54H6194.942.921.337.828.688.344.729.440.029.8
Sun Jan 13Northern Illinois (s) (sr)L, 78-62A6594.142.716.737.154.5118.459.419.730.239.6
Wed Jan 16Central Michigan (s) (sr)W, 72-61H69103.145.722.934.985.187.344.124.332.020.3
Sat Jan 19Western Michigan (s) (sr)L, 75-62A6890.340.816.021.225.0109.253.118.929.765.3
Tue Jan 22Eastern Michigan (s) (sr)L, 68-44A5776.938.031.435.026.1118.864.324.444.216.3
Sat Jan 26Buffalo (s) (sr)W, 76-63H74101.751.121.426.597.884.345.226.835.024.2
Wed Jan 30Akron (s) (sr)L, 68-52A6578.842.527.318.531.9103.159.324.226.313.0
Sat Feb 2Kent St. (s) (sr)W, 59-56H6196.353.931.032.361.591.445.734.344.431.9
Wed Feb 6Miami OH (s) (sr)L, 76-47A6374.535.120.621.946.8120.455.520.652.214.1
Sun Feb 10Bowling Green (s) (sr)L, 69-58A6096.543.518.332.529.6114.858.328.353.135.4
Wed Feb 13Ohio (s) (sr)W, 54-52H6878.339.830.531.972.775.452.434.86.529.3
Sun Feb 17Ball St. (s) (sr)L, 59-52A6481.141.728.133.322.292.043.323.438.238.5
Sat Feb 23Delaware (s) (sr)L, 77-69H62109.753.420.737.716.9122.468.522.328.939.1
Sat Mar 1Western Michigan (s) (sr)L, 69-55H6682.235.320.930.631.0103.152.222.428.358.7
Tue Mar 4Eastern Michigan (s) (sr)W, 72-63H69103.254.925.829.339.290.343.318.628.828.3
Sun Mar 9Central Michigan (s) (sr)W, 90-83A66119.760.419.922.081.2110.450.013.337.038.6
Wed Mar 12Bowling Green (s) (sr)W, 52-48N6184.834.316.333.851.078.339.127.741.920.0
Thu Mar 13Kent St. (s) (sr)L, 77-57N6487.948.924.722.837.0118.765.127.845.328.3

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  +0.12*      -0.24*

                 eFG%:  +0.81*      -0.12*
                  OR%:  +0.02*      -0.14*
                  TO%:  -0.22*      -0.55*
                  FTR:  +0.35*      -0.24*

             Opp eFG%:  +0.08*      +0.76*
              Opp OR%:  -0.22*      +0.36*
              Opp TO%:  -0.19*      -0.65*
              Opp FTR:  +0.32*      +0.14*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence