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2007 Game Plan for Rhode Island

Schedule   Scouting Report
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Fri Nov 10Stonehill (s) (sr)W, 86-62H64133.253.013.954.228.496.048.024.833.934.0
Mon Nov 13Houston (s) (sr)L, 102-99H81107.549.323.942.364.7110.852.014.123.740.3
Thu Nov 16Troy (s) (sr)L, 84-78N72108.049.127.748.642.4116.360.
Sat Nov 18Alaska Fairbanks (s) (sr)W, 77-73A74103.752.729.644.449.198.349.217.528.723.1
Sun Nov 19Centenary (s) (sr)W, 92-82N71128.358.525.150.893.6114.450.815.335.131.8
Sat Nov 25Boston College (s) (sr)L, 86-68A7194.841.825.140.937.7119.861.919.532.127.1
Tue Nov 28Iona (s) (sr)W, 85-60H67126.056.417.851.531.888.943.420.836.94.4
Sat Dec 2Providence (s) (sr)L, 95-66A7290.652.826.123.430.2130.554.017.962.525.7
Tue Dec 5Brown (s) (sr)W, 72-68H63114.268.330.135.456.1107.853.614.322.123.2
Sat Dec 9Utah (s) (sr)W, 85-84H60124.360.911.726.954.5122.856.214.638.729.7
Sat Dec 16DePaul (s) (sr)L, 89-81H68118.046.913.137.441.5129.674.518.937.241.2
Fri Dec 22Boston University (s) (sr)W, 65-51H55117.560.819.939.69.892.245.621.725.923.9
Wed Dec 27Ohio (s) (sr)L, 97-69A7196.644.
Sat Dec 30Kansas (s) (sr)L, 80-69A6999.243.018.738.615.5115.051.612.936.637.1
Wed Jan 3La Salle (s) (sr)W, 69-66H65105.056.424.336.551.1100.447.522.843.128.8
Sun Jan 7Dayton (s) (sr)W, 75-74H65114.353.316.834.822.9112.763.524.438.228.9
Wed Jan 10St. Louis (s) (sr)L, 62-58A6588.237.122.839.536.294.344.721.334.929.8
Sat Jan 13Saint Joseph's (s) (sr)W, 86-81A66130.
Wed Jan 17St. Bonaventure (s) (sr)W, 89-78H67132.263.714.839.429.0115.850.814.843.823.4
Sat Jan 20Temple (s) (sr)W, 85-77A65128.857.816.749.237.9116.753.316.733.831.7
Wed Jan 24Massachusetts (s) (sr)W, 75-72H7599.542.921.232.887.895.651.623.926.815.9
Sat Jan 27George Washington (s) (sr)L, 82-78H63121.958.521.943.343.4128.257.914.142.531.6
Sat Feb 3Fordham (s) (sr)W, 45-44A6173.233.024.427.632.071.636.426.037.512.7
Thu Feb 8Massachusetts (s) (sr)L, 77-55A6979.027.312.930.242.2110.650.014.440.238.1
Sun Feb 11Duquesne (s) (sr)W, 111-87A83132.368.421.551.318.4103.742.019.140.817.1
Wed Feb 14St. Louis (s) (sr)W, 83-67H64129.062.514.030.520.0104.158.721.826.543.5
Sat Feb 17Charlotte (s) (sr)W, 86-69H72119.372.226.444.431.595.743.922.231.723.1
Wed Feb 21Xavier (s) (sr)L, 98-72A7397.948.217.719.741.1133.359.68.221.763.2
Sat Feb 24Fordham (s) (sr)L, 71-62H59103.943.923.544.355.1119.053.818.448.337.7
Sat Mar 3Richmond (s) (sr)L, 71-69A61112.653.322.832.051.1115.865.614.711.129.2
Thu Mar 8Fordham (s) (sr)W, 73-69N60120.055.721.446.839.6113.456.614.826.822.6
Fri Mar 9Xavier (s) (sr)W, 79-71N72109.055.423.438.841.197.946.219.333.324.2
Sat Mar 10George Washington (s) (sr)L, 78-69N7098.549.

                        to OE       to DE
                 Pace:  -0.10       +0.10 

                 eFG%:  +0.81*      +0.02 
                  OR%:  +0.52*      -0.18 
                  TO%:  -0.35       -0.19 
                  FTR:  -0.01       +0.07 

             Opp eFG%:  +0.10       +0.77*
              Opp OR%:  -0.14       +0.30 
              Opp TO%:  -0.07       -0.53*
              Opp FTR:  -0.11       +0.65*

             Bold  values are significant with a 95% confidence
             Bold* values are significant with a 99% confidence