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Week ending on Saturday, October 27 2012.


Friday, October 26

Premium Article Four's a Crowd: Utah's Frontcourt

by Kevin Pelton

With a slimmed-down Enes Kanter delivering the best preseason of any player in the NBA, the Utah Jazz suddenly has four talented big men in need of playing time. With both starters hitting free agency next summer, the Jazz faces intriguing decisions.

Premium Article Save Room for Tennessee: Correcting the AP Poll

by John Gasaway

In his feature for ESPN Insider John graciously steers the AP preseason poll toward a more accurate appraisal of six teams, including Duke, Michigan, and Notre Dame.

Thursday, October 25

Premium Article Preseason Leaders: Advanced Stats

by Kevin Pelton

Using our set of advanced statistics, which players and teams have performed the best during the preseason so far?

Wednesday, October 24

Premium Article Ibaka for Three: Serge's New Element

by Kevin Pelton

During the preseason, Oklahoma City forward Serge Ibaka has flashed three-point range. The rare evolution could help the Thunder offense.

Premium Article Five Burning Questions: C-USA

by John Gasaway

This will be the last season Memphis plays in Conference USA, and in his feature for ESPN Insider John assesses the Tigers' chances of running the table.

Tuesday, October 23

Premium Article Five Burning Questions: WCC

by John Gasaway

In his feature for ESPN Insider, John says he expects a Santa Clara team that went 0-16 in-conference last season to be "competitive." And he appears to be serious.

Monday, October 22

Valuing the Preseason: A Bayesian Approach

by Kevin Pelton

Writing off the preseason as entirely meaningless would be a mistake, as is getting seduced by the first time we've seen NBA players in action in months. The real value of the preseason lies in using its results to sharpen--or blur--preexisting conclusions.

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