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Week ending on Saturday, December 1 2012.


Friday, November 30

Premium Article Go Big Blue: Michigan Starts Strong

by John Perrotto

Behind improved play from Tim Hardaway, Jr. and the promising debuts of freshmen Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III, the Wolverines look like a contender both in the Big Ten and nationally.

Premium Article Go Fish: Dallas Searches for PG Answer

by Kevin Pelton

Looking to improve a weak spot at point guard and help their young options develop, the Dallas Mavericks signed Derek Fisher as a free agent Thursday. Don't expect the aging Fisher to make much of a difference.

Premium Article Forget Last Night...And Last Year: Kentucky Will Be Fine

by John Gasaway

In his feature for ESPN Insider, John says Kentucky's loss last night at Notre Dame doesn't mean the Wildcats are doomed.

Thursday, November 29

The Kidd Factor: The Knicks Without Jason

by Kevin Pelton

With Jason Kidd sidelined by back spasms, the Knicks' offense sputtered in a loss Monday in Brooklyn. The numbers show that Kidd's teammates have played much better with him on the floor all season.

Wednesday, November 28

Premium Article Early Surprises: Last Year's Results

by Kevin Pelton

Taking a look back at the results of last year's players who improved or declined the most shines some light on the usefulness of in-season projections at the extremes.

Premium Article Tough Acts to Follow: What About Ohio State?

by John Gasaway

In a season where the Big Ten's already drawing rave reviews, the Buckeyes stand out as an enigma -- albeit a very highly ranked one. John ponders the mystery in his feature for ESPN Insider.

Tuesday, November 27

Premium Article Early Surprises: Underachievers

by Kevin Pelton

In the completion of a two-part series, a look at the players who have seen their projection drop the most based on performance to date. Depending on perspective, these players have either been big disappointments or are most likely to play better the rest of the season.

Monday, November 26

Book Excerpt: The RPI Is Not Dying Fast Enough

by John Gasaway

A peek inside the College Basketball Prospectus 2012-13, on sale now as both a PDF and paperback.

Premium Article Early Surprises: Overachievers

by Kevin Pelton

A look at the 10 players who have improved their preseason SCHOENE projections the most with their performance during the first month of the 2012-13 campaign.

Premium Article The Michigan Difference: A Beastly Hardaway

by John Gasaway

Coming into the season John declared the Wolverines overrated, but in his feature for ESPN Insider he says Tim Hardaway's spectacular play has rendered such thinking obsolete.

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