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Week ending on Saturday, December 22 2012.


Friday, December 21

Premium Article Don't Worry, Illini Fans: Why the 2011-12 Collapse Won't Repeat

by John Gasaway

Call Illinois overrated if you wish. Compared to last year's team this group is on a more solid footing, and better than anyone expected in the preseason.

Thursday, December 20

Premium Article December Only: Team Ratings

by Kevin Pelton

Looking only at the month of December shows the Denver Nuggets bouncing back, the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers sinking and a stunning top team in the East.

Tuesday, December 18

Premium Article Rebounding by Position: Importance

by Kevin Pelton

When it comes to hitting the glass, are some positions more important than others? Here's what this year's numbers indicate.

Premium Article Judging the Early Contenders: Looking Back to Look Ahead

by John Gasaway

John studied the Novembers and Decembers recorded by the past five national champions to evaluate today's contenders: Duke, Michigan, Louisville, Syracuse, Indiana, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, and Ohio State.

Sunday, December 16

Premium Article Extreme Makeover: The New Butler Offense

by John Gasaway

Butler didn't win many shootouts last year, much less one against the top-ranked team in the nation. In his feature for ESPN Insider, John looks at how the Bulldogs' offense has turned things around.

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