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Week ending on Saturday, December 15 2012.

Friday, December 14

Premium Article Rookie Check-Up: The Second Round

by Kevin Pelton

Our look at this year's rookie class wraps up with the handful of second-round picks playing regular minutes so far, including defensive standout Draymond Green.

Premium Article Why Indiana's Offense is No. 1: Five Reasons

by John Gasaway

And those reasons would be Zeller, Oladipo, Hulls, Watford, and Ferrell. John sings the praises of each in his feature for ESPN Insider.

Thursday, December 13

Premium Article Rookie Check-Up: The First Round

by Kevin Pelton

Our look at how this year's rookies have performed thus far continues with the remainder of the first round.

Early Surprises: Teams that Make You Go Hmm...

by Joey Berlin

Beyond the obvious major-conference surprises, mid-majors like SMU, Wyoming, Charlotte, and UIC are making Joey Berlin sit up and take notice.

Wednesday, December 12

Premium Article Rookie Check-Up: The Lottery

by Kevin Pelton

A month and a half into the season, a first check of how this year's rookies are performing in three parts. We start today with the lottery picks.

Premium Article Stop Mourning, Start Watching: The Big East's Last Hurrah

by John Gasaway

The Big East will decline in quality or maybe even dissolve completely soon enough, but for now the league's running the Big Ten a close second. Enjoy it while you can.

Tuesday, December 11

Premium Article Ghosts of 30,000 Past: Players Who Fell Short

by Kevin Pelton

After considering the active players most likely to join Kobe Bryant and the four other players with 30,000 career points last week, now it's time to consider the cautionary examples of players who once were likely to score 30,000 but never got there.

Premium Article Getting Better: Illinois and Pitt

by John Gasaway

In his feature for ESPN Insider John says Illinois is better than he expected, and Pitt's better than anyone realizes.

Monday, December 10

Premium Article No Fit: Hill and Howard

by Kevin Pelton

Despite a strong effort Sunday night, the frontcourt duo of Jordan Hill and Dwight Howard doesn't appear to be the answer for the struggling Lakers because opponents have torched it in transition.

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