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Drew Cannon author archives.


February 10, 2012

Scouting the EYBL: Part 1

by Drew Cannon

Thanks to Nike's Elite Youth Basketball League, we now have meaningful statistics for the game's top recruits. In part one of his scouting report, Drew shares what he's learned. "Better shot-blocker than Anthony Davis"? Read on....

February 6, 2012

How to End Bubble Speculation: In Eight Words

by Drew Cannon

In the shortest feature in Basketball Prospectus history, Drew reveals a fiendishly simple method to determine a bubble team's chances of receiving an NCAA tournament bid. It's not perfect, but it's gone 130 of 133 the past two years. And it sure saves a lot of work.

January 18, 2012

Four Pettinella Score: Brooks, Suero, and Odum

by Drew Cannon

This week some surprising names emerged when Drew used his new PET stat to identify the best offensive players in D-I. Who are these guys? We now have some answers.

January 17, 2012

Four Pettinella Score: The Player Rankings

by Drew Cannon

Wielding a shiny new stat -- inspired by others, refined by the man himself -- Drew sets out to identify the best offensive players in D-I in 2012. You will be surprised. (Drew was.)

January 16, 2012

Adding to Value Add: Four Pettinella Score

by Drew Cannon

Building on work featured by Luke Winn, Drew offers a further refinement of John Pudner's insightful Value Add statistic. Today: how this all works. Tomorrow: player rankings.

December 27, 2011

Stats Apocalypse: Luke Winn, Anthony Davis, and Me

by Drew Cannon

A chance remark a while back by Luke Winn on the value of Anthony Davis's defense led Drew to the following conclusion: stats can't be trusted. Nor can our eyes. Or words. Or milk, college, politicians, U2....

December 20, 2011

Point Guards: A Grand Unified Theory

by Drew Cannon

Drew Cannon says point guards aren't plug-and-play units like big men, wings, or first basemen. Instead they can only be judged according to how well they fit with their particular team.

November 16, 2011

Recruiting Royalty: A Tiny Elite

by Drew Cannon

Drew Cannon looked at a decade's worth of recruiting and found that Duke, North Carolina, and Kentucky are working with an entirely different set of talent from the rest of Division I.

August 18, 2011

Best at Recruiting: The ACC

by Drew Cannon

We can argue about which conference is the "strongest" in any given year. But when it comes to recruiting over the last decade the ACC wins hands-down.

July 25, 2011

D-I's Top 100 Players: 1 to 10

by Drew Cannon

Who is Drew Cannon's pick as the No. 1 player in Division I? A first-team All-American who did something Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, and John Wall didn't do. He came back.

July 21, 2011

D-I's Top 100 Players: 11 to 20

by Drew Cannon

What do Jeffery Taylor, Ashton Gibbs, Tyler Zeller, Draymond Green, and Robbie Hummel share in common? They're all seniors -- and they're all near the top of Drew Cannon's list.

July 18, 2011

D-I's Top 100 Players: 21 to 35

by Drew Cannon

Can it be that two of the best 35 players in the country didn't even start last year? Yes, yes it can.

July 14, 2011

D-I's Top 100 Players: 36 to 50

by Drew Cannon

Drew Cannon's top-100 countdown continues with two overachievers who started out as unheralded Big East freshmen. Also feeling the love: the Summit League.

July 13, 2011

D-I's Top 100 Players: 51 to 70

by Drew Cannon

In the second installment of his top-100 countdown, Drew Cannon hands down some surprisingly low (Kendall Marshall?) and high (Carl Jones?) rankings.

July 11, 2011

D-I's Top 100 Players: 71 to 100

by Drew Cannon

Drew Cannon tips off his Top 100 countdown for 2012 with a look at the players who are poised to move up the list.

July 8, 2011

Projecting Freshman Performance: A New Approach

by Drew Cannon

If we knew which freshmen will perform the best, coaches would lose a lot less sleep. Drew Cannon does his best to help out.

June 16, 2011

Where the Stars Are: Recruiting and Geography

by Drew Cannon

It's no accident that the nation's top recruits tend to pick schools that are a long way from home. If you're good enough, coaches from very far away will recruit you. Drew Cannon explains.

May 26, 2011

When Top Recruits Go Mid-Major: Grading the Predictions

by Drew Cannon

In last year's College Basketball Prospectus book, Drew made a series of bold predictions about elite recruits like Ray McCallum, Trey Zeigler, and Juwan Staten. Time to see how those panned out.

March 31, 2011

Premium Article What the Heck Happened: VCU

by Drew Cannon

How did a team that lost five of its last eight conference games end up in Houston? Drew Cannon has looked at the numbers for the Rams and can explain the whole miraculous journey.

January 4, 2011

Duke's Shocking Secret: They're Beatable

by Drew Cannon

Defending national champions. Undefeated. Unanimous No. 1 in both polls. That would be Duke. But before you think about the Blue Devils running the table, listen to what Drew has to say.

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