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Hey, we all know Basketball is a simple, fun, fast paced game to play, but even so, having the right equipment for you and your playing buddy’s will take your enjoyment level to the next level. 

First and foremost, there’s a pretty fundamental ingredient to playing basketball. Yup, that’s right, a basketball. You might be surprised to know there are different balls to pick from depending on the conditions you're playing in.

Maybe you’re playing indoors (and looking for the best indoor basketballs or indoor hoops), or next week you’ve got a game with your friends outside (and you need a great outdoor basketball) on a local court? What about buying a ball suitable for all conditions? It’s cool, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive breakdown of all the best basketballs available on the market today.

Picking the right basketball hoop is usually the second stop, but it’s cool we’ve got you covered with in depth guides into our favorite hoops for all conditions; portable basketball hoopsin-ground basketball hoops, driveway, indoor or even hoops for your toddler.

Or maybe you're looking to play basketball in the pool? (We have covered pool basket balls hoops.) Whatever the way you plan to play we’ve gone to the trouble of providing you with a key breakdown on all of the best basketball hoops on the market today so you can concentrate on throwing hoops rather than buying hoops (or double hoops?) - see what I did there!


Feeling great out on the court comes down to a lot of things, your fitness levels, your game skills, your experience, your tactical knowledge, whether you’re carrying an injury.

But guess what? These aren’t the only things that influence your game. How about the steps you’re taking to prevent injuries such as a knee brace or an ankle support? (check out our ankle braces for basketball.)

Or more importantly your Basketball shoes... (or women's basketball shoes). Lets help you get your basketball backpack full of the right gear.

I’ve got a right knee that’s very susceptible to injury (so I always wear knee pads) but one other thing I’ve found which isn’t always considered by every player - and wasn’t by me when I was younger (hence the knee injury caused by poor traction from some old shoes.. sound familiar.. read out traction basketball shoes post) is which type of basketball shoes are right for me, but also right for the court I’m playing on, or your feet! Make sure you have the right shoes for your feet, especially if you suffer from any conditions (like plantar fasciitis). Are you playing indoors or outdoors (see our favourite outdoor basketball shoes)?

And what position, is it guard

Hey pull up your basketball socks (and underwear?), maybe you’ve got wide or flat feet (and need basketball shoes for wide feet, basketball shoes for flat feet or cushioned shoes) so the normal selection of shoes on offer just isn’t right for you. Well here at the Basketball Prospectus we have your back because whether you're a female looking for some new Basketball shoes, or a kid out to buy your first pair (check out our basketball shoes for kids post), we have a review article showing you which are our favorite shoes on the market today.

When I was younger I was obsessed with getting vertical height on my jumps so I bought a pair of shoes designed exactly for this: basketball shoes for jumping!

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