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As a kid, I always had a basketball in my hands. You couldn’t get it off me! I used to play all day and night in the yard with my friends.

It felt just like playing in the NBA for us, only we were actually just throwing a ball into a rusty metal ring with a half torn net hanging from the bottom.

But as I got older and my game improved so did my expectations of the basketball equipment I used. As my standard improved, so did my equipment.

And I honestly think it helped me improve my game. There’s something that feels just great about playing ball with a nice, high quality basketball and a well made hoop!


Let’s face it, you don’t exactly need any ‘special’ apparel to play the game we all love. But hey, playing in your Basketball kit certainly beats playing in a shirt and trousers right?

Along with that, playing in the right type of trainer for the surface or kitting yourself out with injury preventative supports like an ankle brace is just a wise thing to do. We all know someone that’s had a nasty injury out on court.

Especially the knees, protect your knees out on court, it’s a knee intensive sport - and that’s where wearing a high quality knee sleeve comes in. Getting the right apparel & sportswear to meet your needs and the needs of the court and conditions your playing is vital to achieve your best performance.

This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive set of guides for you to ensure you play your A game every time you step out on the court.

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