5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviewed (2020)

Victory in any basketball game plays a significant role in your motivational level. And, you can't possibly win a match if you are uncomfortable in your shoes. Hence, getting the best outdoor basketball shoes should be one of your top priorities.

But when you look for basketball shoes online, you are spoilt for choices. Various reviews claim different products to be the best.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

However, what others think ''the best'' is not necessarily right for you. Besides, each basketball player has different requirements. Some have arched feet; some have flat feet. Your choice also depends on your playing position.

This is why we have assorted a list of the top 5 basketball shoes in the market and have reviewed them honestly.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

You can't go wrong on the basketball court wearing the Nike Air Force 1 Low shoes. This pair of outdoor basketball shoes are designed to boost your performance in the game as it wraps snugly around your feet to give them ample support.

Nike is a globally reputed sports brand known for manufacturing A-class basketball shoes. This pair is a mighty example of Nike's class and quality. 

The uppers of the shoes are made of leather. Having read that, you might think, your feet would sweat their weight out during a game. But don't you worry. These basketball shoes have ample perforations for ventilation.

The durable foam midsole is thick enough to support your performance in matches. It also cushions your feet against shocks to let you play comfortably on concrete or asphalt basketball courts. The outsoles are made of rubber with well-laid tractions.

You can run, dribble, jump, dodge and cut pass other players easily wearing this pair as its flexible collar allows you optimum motion range. We can safely list it as one of the best outdoor basketball shoes out there.

The shoe looks sleek and is available in an array of colors. You can find it in white, red, blue, black, and green. Choose what suits your personality or matches the color of your jersey. The sizes range from 7 to 18 (men’s size).

It fits your feet just right. However, if you are on a budget, skip it. Being made of premium leather, they cost a tad higher than the average basketball shoes you see players wearing during training.


  • Durable leather upper
  • Snug and comfortable fit


  • Price is a tad high
Nike Men's AIR Force 1 '07 Casual Shoes (10.5, White/Black)
  • Low-cut fashion sneaker for performance or casual wear
  • Leather upper materials for super durability and longevity
  • Nike Air midsole cushioning for added comfort
  • Flexible collar allows for full range of motion
  • Full-length rubber outsole for traction

If you have an interest in purchasing a pair of Under Armour outdoor basketball shoes, then we give you a green signal.

The Lockdown 4 is a superb pair of basketball shoes by Under Armour. You can expect two things if you buy this pair. First, it shall not get worn out anytime soon. Second, it is super affordable, which is why we think it to be a perfect entry on this list of the best outdoor basketball shoes.

The synthetic leather upper has perforations, so that sweaty feet aren't a concern when you are testing your skills in the court. It also has a mesh tongue for extra airflow to your feet.

It is a high-top basketball shoe that offers support to your ankle. Sharp turns, frequent dodges, and scoring baskets aren't a problem as the molded EVA midsoles are lightweight and will not weigh you down.

The sturdy rubber outsoles with multilevel adaptive tractions are an additional feature that makes it one of the best pairs of basketball shoes for outdoor games. 

It is a pair of men's basketball shoes and is available in sizes between 7 to 16. You can get it in white, black, and grey shades. You might want to buy a bigger size while purchasing these shoes unless you prefer a very snug fit.


  • A cost-effective option for all
  • High top shoes offer good support to the ankles


  • Sizes run smaller
Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe, Halo Gray (101)/White, 7
  • Molded synthetic upper for a responsive fit & fast look
  • Perforated leather delivers enhanced breathability
  • Lightweight, super-breathable sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support
  • Injection molded EVA midsole delivers a lightweight & responsive ride
  • Rubber outsole with multi-level adaptive traction patterns to provide exceptional on-court movement & control that won't wear down

The synthetic mesh upper of these Adidas shoes can bring relief to your feet while you try scoring a basket on a blacktop court.

The Pro Bounce 2018 by Adidas offers support, traction, comfort, and breathability to basketball players. It is specially designed to provide additional support to your ankles.

Adidas has manufactured it, keeping in mind better lateral stability. Hence, its midsole is slightly curvy. The thick cushioned midsole and the superb fitting makes it one of the best outdoor basketball shoes in the market.

If you are looking for an outdoor basketball shoe with on-point aesthetics, this one is it. These outdoor basketball shoes offer a good blend of style, durability, and comfort. You can find these basketball shoes in yellow, green, grey, blue, white, and black.

Whether you have exceptionally small feet or relatively large ones, you are sure to find your size. The shoe is available between sizes 4 to 20 on Amazon.

However, before you place an order, it would be a wise idea to check out your shoe size first. You can use the size chart given on the site.


  • Allows good airflow
  • Superior comfort and style


  • Might feel a bit tight for wider feet
adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low Shoe - Men's Basketball 5 Collegiate Navy/White
  • Low-cut silhouette for better ankle mobility
  • TPU shank and propulsion plate for lateral support and take off
  • BOUNCE midsole for responsive cushioning and all day comfort
  • Forged fiber upper provides lightweight zonal reinforcement and support

When we hear 'Nike,' the first phrase to cross our mind is, ''just do it.'' And if you are looking at the Nike Men's Air Visi Pro VI, while searching for the best outdoor basketball shoes, just go for it!

The Nike Men's Air Visi Pro VI is one of the best shoes for outdoor basketball matches. The uppers of the basketball shoes are made of nubuck leather with perforations to keep your feet dry. The mesh tongue and collar offer additional airflow.

You would certainly get enough durability owing to the rubber sole of the shoe. However, these basketball shoes offer less cushioning than some players prefer.

The traction pattern on the shoes' outsole makes it suitable for both hardwood and blacktop courts. So, if you want a versatile sports shoe, this one is a good choice. You can find size 7 to size 14 in colors red, white, and black are available.

These basketball shoes are reasonably priced. They are not too cost-effective, but will not bite your bank either. If you have set aside a mid-range budget, these are great!


  • Suitable for all courts
  • Good ankle support


  • Cushioning can be better

The Men's Dame differs a tad from other basketball shoes both in terms of looks and features. It is a unique shoe that is designed to give your feet comfort and boost your performance notches higher.

Wide feet and arched feet are no problems when you are wearing the Adidas Men's Dame 5. However, it is pricey! And if you ask us, we think that the price tag is entirely worth it.

The textile upper facilitates ventilation, and the rubber outsoles enhance durability. Its outsole has a herringbone pattern for optimum traction for outdoor and indoor basketball courts.

The shoes are punctuated with internal pods on the midfoot region and under the tongue for better comfort.

This mid-top outdoor basketball shoe features a bounce cushion for that soft and lightweight feel. It supports your ankles and allows you enough movements to move around the court or make sharp turns.


  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Internal pods for best comfort


  • Pricey
  • The collar is a bit stretchy
adidas Men's Dame 5 Basketball Shoe, Black/Collegiate Burgundy/Scarlet, 7.5 M US
  • B-ball shoes built for Damian Lillard's signature game
  • Regular fit; Soft, cushioned feel
  • Textile upper with padded internal pod system for comfort
  • Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility
  • Zonal herringbone rubber outsole for grip

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

While looking for the best outdoor basketball shoes online, you can often get confused between the various options available online. It is best to consider your requirements (list them down if possible) and then proceed.

Take a look at our buying guide for outdoor basketball shoes to have a grasp of things that you should be taking into consideration while purchasing a pair.

Types of Basketball shoes:

There are three categories of basketball shoes— high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops.

High top basketball shoes:  These are for players who look for better ankle protection. The high-top shoes are relatively heavier of the lot, which compromises flexibility to some extent. This type is best for most players in a basketball team.

Mid-top shoes: If you want a good balance between ankle protection and flexibility, then, a pair of mid-top basketball shoes should fit the bill. They offer better freedom of movement and speed than the high-top ones. Generally, the point guards prefer mid-top shoes.

Low-top shoes: Players who need to make a lot of sharp ankle movements and often pace fast ahead of others prefer the low top shoes. It lets you run faster but does not offer the best ankle support. If you are an all-rounder in your team, then this is the type for you.

Size of Basketball Shoes

To get the correct fit, you ought to buy a basketball shoe of the right size. Wearing the wrong size of basketball shoes to any match means jeopardizing your game.

To get it right, refer to the ''size chart'' on the sales page. In case it isn't there, ask the seller for the size details directly. We suggest first-time buyers to not play any guessing game regarding the shoe size to avoid returns and refunds hassles. 

Upper Material

The upper material decides the breathability quotient. If you are keen on purchasing the best outdoor basketball shoes, then we suggest you get a pair that has a mesh upper or features ample perforations for better airflow.

If you trust the basketball champions, never overlook this factor. A well ventilated and good quality upper is essentially for outdoor basketball players. You will especially feel its need during basketball matches on sultry days.

Midsole Cushioning

If you want your game to be at its peak, then your feet have to be comfortable first. Look for a thick and well-cushioned midsole for better comfort. If you want additional something, then shoes that feature internal pods are a welcome feature.

Outsole & Traction

If you are training to ace in outdoor basketball, then aim at buying outdoor basketball shoes that have durable rubber outsoles. Else, they would wear out soon.

Also, all your skills might go in vain if the outsole does not offer enough traction. It gives you the confidence to move around the court, run, turn, and change direction at will.

An ideal pair of outdoor basketball shoes have larger traction and slightly deeper grooves. The tractions are well laid so that they do not get worn out by the hours of continuous friction against asphalt or concrete basketball courts.

Player Position

In a given match of basketball, there are multiple players in each team that have different playstyles. Just like football or any other ball sport, basketball also has different player positions. This includes options like guards, forwards, all around players, etc.

But since all these players have a completely different play style, you also need different basketball shoes according to that. You can learn more about these player position requirements here:

Guards: As you can tell by the name, these players play safe and mainly do short throws and passes. But in order to assist other players, they need a lot of quick and rapid movement. Hence, a low top basketball shoe can be a great option for guards since you get fluid movement without any extra ankle support slowing you down.

Forwards: Unlike a guard, forward players play basketball quite aggressively. These generally go for shooting the ball in the hoop and go for dunks as well.  Hence, these players prefer shoes with extra weight like a high top basketball shoe. These also offer better coverage and protection to the player.

All-round Players: These players go for both safe plays as well as aggressive gameplay as per the situation in the game. To help them in their adaptive game play, a mid top basketball shoe makes a lot of sense.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Questions and Answers

What are the best basketball shoes?

The concept of 'best' is subjective. Also, what is best for you depends on a combination of the shoe's performance, comfort, and price points.

The best basketball shoes in the market are:

  • Nike Men's Air Force 1 Low shoes
  • Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4
  • adidas Originals Men's Pro Bounce 2018 Low shoes
  • Nike Men's Air Visi Pro VI
  • adidas Men's Dame 5

Do basketball shoes make you jump higher?

Basketball shoes have a unique design that helps in vertical propulsion. Shoes that have air cushions or incorporated springs will give you a slight edge. However, it does not make a very significant difference in the vertical leap.

If you want to jump higher, it is best to do some exercises. There are plenty of videos that teach how to jump higher on basketball courts. The best way is to keep practicing regularly.

Is it bad to wear basketball shoes on concrete?

By 'concrete,' if you mean concrete courts, then you are more than okay wearing outdoor basketball shoes on it. In fact, you need it for practice.

Wearing basketball shoes on the concrete road will not cause you any discomfort. But it can damage your shoes. The basketball shoes have specially designed outsoles with tractions. Friction against unsmooth surfaces on the road can wear the outsoles down soon.

If you are serious about basketball, we suggest you keep the use of your basketball shoes limited to concrete courts.

How to wipe basketball shoes?

To clean your outdoor basketball shoes, first, brush the shoes with a gentle shoe brush. Then take lukewarm water with a bit of detergent in it. Use a sponge to wipe the places with dirt. You can remove the insole and wash it separately if you wish.

Then, dip another sponge in plain water to wipe off the detergent. Leave the basketball shoes to dry at room temperature. Do not subject them to sunlight or any other direct source of heat for that matter.

How long do basketball shoes last?

If you are using basketball shoes for outdoor play, a decent pair of basketball shoes will last 6 to 12 months, depending on use. If you do not practice often, you can expect them to last longer. Most players prefer changing their basketball shoes after a period of nine to ten months.

A decent quality shoe will not tear or crack within months. But you would feel different wearing them. They will offer less traction and might loosen a bit if they are made of leather. Hence, replacing them frequently is perhaps better.


As we said earlier, the best outdoor basketball shoe depends on your feet, your comfort need, and the playing position.

We have put in our research and come up with five best outdoor basketball shoes. All of them vary in style, price points, and cushioning. Choose what you think will benefit your game the most.

We have also highlighted the most important features of each basketball shoe so that it is easier for you to compare and choose.

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