5 Best Basketball Backpack Reviewed (2020)

Basketball is one of the most played sports across the world. In various nations, it is widely regarded as one of the most popular games. 

It usually demands a few equipment or accessories so that you can fulfill your needs in the basketball court. Here, we would be talking about one such accessory that allows us to carry all our belongings to the court, the backpack.

Best Basketball Backpacks

A basketball backpack must have enough room to carry all that you might need in the basketball court. All that you can think of, right from your shoes to your sip bottle and might even be a pair of basketballs if you wanna carry them around. 

However, when you know that basketball is a game of agility, you surely cannot dodge off your health and fitness. A heavy bag might make you tired by the time you reach the basketball court. So, you have to be careful!

Here, in this article, we would like to bring to you some of the best backpacks that you can use while you make your way to the basketball court. Each one of them has a specialty of their own, and there are high chances that at least one among them would meet your expectations.

Best Basketball Backpacks


Nike Hoops Elite Hoops Pro Basketball Backpack (Black/Metallic Cool Grey)

Nike Hoops Elite Pro 


MIER Basketball Backpack Large Sports Bag for Men Women with Laptop Compartment, Best for Soccer, Volleyball, Swim, Gym, Travel, 40L, Black

Mier Basketball Backpack


Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Max​​

A backpack may have all the utilities in the world, but a teenager may still not use it if it doesn’t look elite and utterly stylish. 

The Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack tries to solve that very problem. The design of the bag is coupled with the graphics on the front side, which makes it an extraordinarily subtle yet fashionable looking bag. So, this Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack is easily the bag with the best looks on this list.

However, style isn’t the only thing it has. The large zippered main compartment allows easy storage of a basketball inside the backpack. A separate zippered laptop compartment makes sure that your laptop is safe. The laptop compartment is a big plus point for office-goers who are basketball enthusiasts. 

The bag also has a separate compartment for beverages, has plush-lined compartments for valuables like mobile phones and other stuff. It has two small pockets on each end as well, to allow quick access to small items. 

Back support wise, this bag does a commendable job. It has padded shoulder straps as well as an adjustable sternum strap to distribute the weight equally across your shoulders, your back, and your upper chest, hence looking after the health of the user.

However, it’s only water-resistant from the bottom. If the load on the bag is particularly heavy, this bag becomes cumbersome to carry as the back support is not that good enough for bearing heavy loads.


  • Premium look, Separate Compartment for valuables
  • Padded Shoulder Straps with a sternum strap


  • Only the lower part of the bag is water-resistant.
  • A bit small for heavy loads.

If you are one of those people who don’t care about any features unless and until you can carry all in it, then this is the perfect bag. The MIER Basketball Backpack Large Unisex Bag is large enough to carry almost anything the average athlete will ever need, in one bag itself. 

If that’s not enough, this basketball backpack is multi-purpose and can be used for rugby players, swimmers, volleyball players, footballers, and so on. So, if you want a bag that can bear all the elements of nature, then the MIER Basketball pack is a perfect choice. 

The bag has separate compartments for beverages, valuables, balls, laptops, tablets as well as footwear. Each compartment has its respective linings like the valuables compartment has a velvet lining, whereas the food compartment has an aluminum foil lining. 

Hence you don’t need to worry about your food getting soggy or your valuables getting scratched. 

Back support wise, it does an excellent job as it has wide shoulder straps along with cushioning all around the back. The bag is entirely made of water-resistant materials and has an abrasion-resistant bottom. 


  • Big enough to store everything needed by a sportsperson.
  • Completely water-resistant.
  • Separate compartments for almost everything like ankle or knee braces.


  • It doesn’t have a stylish look. 
MIER Basketball Backpack Large Sports Bag for Men Women with Laptop Compartment, Best for Soccer, Volleyball, Swim, Gym, Travel, 40L, Black
  • Large Sports Backpack ---- MIER gym backpack featured durable exterior shell, built tough with abrasion resistance for demanding athletes; Measuring 12.6"L x 9.8"W x 19.7"H with 40L capacity(Weight: 2.64 lbs), huge enough to hold everything need for a short trip, gym, swim, beach, school/college backpacks, hiking bag, luggage bags, and much more
  • Ball Compartment ---- A spacious ventilated pocket on the bottom, size: 9" x 8.7" x 9.4", can hold basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby and etc, also use as a dirty clothes bag or a shoe bag or separated bag for anything needs to keep separated from electronics or dry/clean items
  • Multi-Pockets ---- Top "D" opening main compartment with 1 laptop compartment ( fits up to 17" laptop), 1 tablet pouch, 1 side mesh pocket, 2 side open pockets; Exterior: 1 top velvet zipper pocket, 1 front zipper pocket, 1 side mesh pocket, 1 zipper pocket with aluminum film liner; Durable and smooth "MIER" zipper prevent most zipper problems
  • Reliability & Durability ---- Made of water-resistant fabric; Tough, abrasion-resistant padded bottom panel; Adjustable buckle on both side of the bag for tight the bag to keep items in place from shaking
  • Comfort Carrying ---- Easy-grip top carry handle; Widened padded shoulder straps with sternum straps to distribute the load and reduce the pressure on the back, and the back contact areas have ventilated mesh padding which is designed to make your back feel pretty comfortable when you carry the backpack for a long time

If you are one of those people who carry the weight of the world and still want your bag to feel as light as air, then this backpack is the perfect fit for you. 

Nike has used its trademark air technology in the shoulder straps and other parts of the bag. As a result, the bag becomes effortless to carry, because, with every step that you take, the bag will bounce off your shoulders gently. 

This is because of the air pockets. As a result, you can put all the weight of the world in the bag and still not feel tired carrying it. 

The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack has various features like a quad zip frame to allow you to access your gear from every direction. The lower end of the bag is covered with tarpaulin so that no water can seep in. This makes sure your laptops and other electronics stay safe.

The bag also comes with a sternum strap and wider shoulders traps. The main compartment is big enough to allow free access to the ball. The bag also has a very stylish look. 

The bag also has multiple compartments for carrying a host of things. All in all, it is one formidable bag.


  • A new approach to zipping allows access from any angle.
  • It has a premium look. 
  • Has separate compartments for everything including your socks.


  • Not completely water-resistant.
Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack
  • Water-resistant bottom creates a durable exterior.
  • Nike Quad Zip System offers easy access to your gear from all angles.
  • Multiple pockets offer diverse storage, while Max Air units in the shoulder straps let you carry valuables comfortably.

Considering the life of a modern athletic teen who is always on the go, a mobile phone becomes a prized possession. 

The Mootygy Sports Basketball Backpack had been designed, keeping in mind the various needs of this prized possession. The bag comes in-built with an opening for a USB wire and headphone wire to allow charging of your phone from any power source in the bag while you walk. 

With this bag, a person can be on the go constantly and not have to worry about his phone battery as long as he has a power bank and a charging wire. 

For back-support, the bag has thick shoulder straps with an all-around sponge layer to exert minimal pressure on the shoulder or the back. It also has separate sections, like a wired mesh for a ball, a safe cushioned compartment for a laptop, separate pockets for things like keys, umbrellas, passports, books, etc. 

The bag is made of 100% environmentally friendly material. Hence, making it a good buy. 


  • Separate opening for charging your phone on the go.
  • It is made for rough and tough use. 
  • Made of eco-friendly material


  • The bag lacks a premium look.
Sports Basketball Backpacks Bags for Laptop, Soccer with Ball Compartment Black
  • ◐ Students Sports Backpacks with Ball Compartment: dimensions: 11.8 x 18.9 x 5.9 inch, it is designed with a basketball net at the bottom of the backpack, which can easily placement basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, helmet, etc.
  • ◐ USB Charging Port & Headphone hole: with built in USB charge port outside and built in charging cable inside, you can charge your mobile phone more convenient while walking. Please noted that this sports backpack doesn't include the power bank itself, usb charging port only offers an easy access to charge, external earphone hole can be convenient for you to enjoy music.
  • ◐ Multifunctional Daypack for Men, Women & Youth: laptop backpack has multiple compartments, which are available for storing your laptop, phone, passport, keys, wallet, books, clothes, umbrella, etc. Perfect for many occasions: office work, go to college school, business travel, play basketball, play football, hiking, camping and do other outdoor activities.
  • ◐ Durable & Eco-friendly Material: basketball backpack is made of oxford fabric with strong zippers, the back of the bag is padded with thick soft sponge, comfortable and easy for you to carry, padded shoulder straps help relieve the stress from your shoulder.
  • ◐ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: the basketball bag can be exchanged or refunded if there is a quality problem, welcome to email us if you've got any other questions here, our customer support team will help you to solve it.

If you’re a sportsperson looking for a balance between looks and utility, then the Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack is perfect for you. 

This bag has a really wide main compartment to allow storage of everything that you need to store. Everything from a ball to laptop to phones to umbrellas to books can be stored. 

It also has a tarpaulin reinforced bottom to allow zero seepage of water. It also has a rain-flap, making the bag practically water-resistant. 

The bag is made of 100% polyester, making it durable. Hence, the longevity of the bag cannot be doubted, making it one bag which will last for a long time. 

The shoulder straps are carved in such a way to allow comfortable distribution of weight. However, the shoulder straps are a bit narrow. 

It also possesses a fairly good look. 


  • A perfect balance between looks and utility 
  • It can store multiple things including your favorite outdoor shoes
  • Possesses a rain flap, making it practically water-resistant.


  • The shoulder straps are a bit too thin.
Nike Men's Club Team Swoosh Soccer Backpack (Black)
  • 100% polyester construction for lasting use
  • Large, dual-zip main compartment with a rain flap for secure storage
  • Mesh side pockets, top and interior zippered pockets and zippered cleat
  • Adjustable curved shoulder straps offer comfortable carrying
  • Reinforced tarpaulin bottom

Best Basketball Backpacks Buying Guide

Are you heading off to the basketball court to show your skills? Make sure to carry the gear to elevate your play. Grab your basketball and your favorite pair of shoes. Also, don’t forget to take your wristband and headbands to stay comfortable during your game, and a dry towel to wipe that sweat off. Don’t forget about that pair of headphones to listen to your favorite warm-up jam before the game. 

Then get a bag and pack these things up. Wait, I am not talking about those boring duffel bags, but efficient backpacks or your sport so that things remain separate and do not get messy. 

The correct basketball backpack should offer you enough space for your gear along with the ball, a separate ventilated compartment for your shoes and sweaty clothes, as well as some separate space for your personal belongings like your phone and wallet. 

Here are a few things you might want to consider before purchasing a basketball backpack suiting your needs.

Wet and Dry Compartments

You sure don’t want your sweaty clothes and smelly shoes after the game to touch the fresh set of clothes or towels you brought. Make sure that there is a separate space for the clothes you wear during and after the game.

Ball Compartment 

The basketball sure gets dirty during the game, and you don't want to keep it with other items. So make sure your backpack has a separate space for the basketball. This usually comes as a mesh netting outside of the bag to hold the ball.

Shoe Compartment

Make sure your backpack has a separate compartment for your shoes, to keep it away from the rest of the gear. Also, make sure that this compartment is well ventilated to prevent your bag from getting smelly.

Insulated Pocket

Who doesn’t like to sip cool water or your favorite sports drink after that tiring and energy-draining match? Having an insulated pocket in your bag will help keep that drink cooler for longer so that you can quench your thirst after that match.

Laptop or Tablet sleeve

If you plan to use that same backpack for your school as well as game, or you have your basketball practice just after the school hours, your bag better have a padded sleeve to protect your laptop or tablet you take to your classes.

Water-Resistant Pocket:

Efficiency gets to a whole another level if your backpack includes a moisture-resistant pocket or compartment to keep your personal things like wallets and electronic items like mobile phones and headphones safe.

Finally, make sure that the bag is well stitched, strong and made of good material, thus making it reliable. Straps must surely be padded and broad so that the weight does not strain your muscles. Finding the right backpack may be time-consuming, but will be worth it as it makes you more organized and ready to win.

FAQs for the Best Basketball Backpack

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best basketball backpacks for which you might have searched the answers.

What is the ideal basketball backpack?

An ideal basketball backpack provides efficiency and organization with different compartments for the ball, clothes, shoes, and personal items such as wallets and mobile phones. At the same time, it looks cool and is comfortable to carry. 

What choice on the types of backpack do I have?

The bags you can use for basketball, or any sport for that matter, are usually of three types.

  • The first being a backpack. It offers you various compartments for better organization of your sports gear and personal items. Backpacks are comfortable to carry because they have padded shoulder straps and thus distribute the weight evenly. Also, their usage is handier when you have a practice or game just after your classes.

  • The second type is a duffel bag. They usually offer more space than backpacks, but there is a tradeoff in terms of the number of compartments, meaning you may have to put several things together, which you might want to keep separate. These bags have a single strap that you carry over your shoulder.

  • The third is a combination of a backpack and a duffel bag. These bags include the best features of both. They usually offer a larger space and more compartments. They also offer you straps that give you a choice if you want to wear it as a duffel bag or like a backpack. These bags usually cost more than the other two.

Your choice should depend on how and when you plan to use the bag, the amount of storage space you require, how you like to carry it, and finally your budget.

How is having a mesh netting helpful?

Mesh netting is usually attached to the outside of the bag, which allows you to keep the basketball separated from the rest of your clothes in the main compartment of your bag. Also, this netting is usually removable in case you don’t need it, or you want to use the bag for some other purpose.

Why should the shoe compartment have ventilation?

There should be a different compartment in your bag for the shoes, and it should be ventilated. This is to maintain the airflow in the compartment so that the bag does not smell pungent. It's especially recommended to those who use the bags regularly and sweat too much.

How many compartments should the bag ideally have?

There should be one compartment for the fresh clothes and towel for after the game, and one for keeping the gear you wear while playing. There should also be one compartment for holding the shoes, and it should be ventilated—one small pocket or compartment for retaining your personal items such as mobile phones and wallets. Finally, one mesh net on the outside of the bag to carry the ball.

How to check the reliability of the backpack?

Make sure the construction material is of good quality, and the bag is well stitched. Also, check that the zippers are durable and smooth. These are important as you do not want to have a broken zipper in the middle of the tournament!


With the article, we have tried to make sure that you get an idea about the best backpacks that you would have in the market. While we do understand that everyone might have different needs, we have thus tried to help you with the broadest range of backpacks possible.

We have personally used and liked the backpacks. To make the data more informative, we have also collected reviews from various users who have used the bags in the past. We tried to have a comprehensive list that would match your needs.

However, much like we did state before, there are several reasons and factors that you might consider, before you finally get your backpack. We do recommend that you do get a first-hand feel of the backpacks before you decide finally.

I hope you like this article!

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