5 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards Reviewed (2020)

Are you the kind of guard that likes to employ deadly crossovers to beat your opponents? Do you love to leave the opposition in your wake with smooth pull-up jumpers? Then you need to consider getting the best basketball shoes for guards. 

And that is the reason that I created this informative buyer's guide to help you make the best decision.

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

A guard shoe needs to have great cushioning, enhance your range of motion, and give you a good grip on the floor so you can change directions at will. But how do you find the right shoe that meets these requirements?

You can do so by checking out the latest releases and going over the reviews to see what other buyers have to say concerning the shoes that seem interesting to you.

But you know how much work that requires which is why I’ve done it all for you. In this guide, you will find 5 premium shoes for basketball guards.

I've also included a buying guide for rookies who want to get value for their money. Keep reading to find out.

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

It is easy to notice how tough and rugged this pair of sneakers look. But that isn't all because appearance doesn't always tell you the real worth of a product. The Adidas pro bounce comes with a banking barrier to ensure that you get more control and lateral stability. You will experience that responsive feel when you get to play in these sneakers.

When it comes to quality, you have nothing to worry about as the synthetic mesh promises a high level of stability and comfort. 

I also like the adaptive touch. You will also notice that the shoes have an upper textile material that comes with an ankle collar that is moulded and padded. Don’t forget to look out for the BOUNCE midsole designed to provide superb comfort for your feet and responsive cushioning.


  • Padded ankle collar
  • Adaptive, responsive feel
  • More control, lateral stability


  • Limited range of colors
adidas Men's Pro Bounce 2019 Basketball Shoe, Legend Earth/Tech Olive/Mesa, 11 M US
  • B-ball shoes built to move with you on the court
  • Regular fit; Responsive, adaptive feel
  • Textile upper with lace closure and molded, padded ankle collar
  • Zonal herringbone-pattern rubber outsole with anatomical flex grooves; Banking barrier for lateral stability
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning

Created for the legendary LeBron James, the Nike LeBron 16 continues to set the standard in the world of basketball gear. Its name is fitting because the star whom it is named after has shown superior abilities for many seasons when compared to other stars. 

These shoes are built to protect you and improve your athletic abilities. You also get to dominate on the basketball court and benefit from its superior responsiveness. 

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the Nike LeBron 16.

If you’re a basketball guard, buying the LeBron 16 is a great decision. Words cannot seem to justify how great these shoes are, especially when it comes to traction. The thick rubber sole ensures that you get the most solid grip on the court.

But that's not all as you benefit from flexibility, as well as durability and comfort. So, these shoes will serve you for a long time while you do what you do best. 

I have a thing for the influential cushioning dynamics and lace features of the LeBron 16. You will also notice that they come with an outstanding herringbone structure and the pattern of the shoes guarantees you the best grip. 

Keep in mind that Max Air inspires the cushioning technology of the shoes. Max Air has undergone modifications and a series of upgrades necessary to make the shoes even better. 


  • Very superb traction
  • Strength, flexibility, support, and responsiveness guaranteed
  • Great design and pattern
  • Very stable and comfortable
  • Extra solid outer sole


  • Quite heavy
  • A bit stiff
Nike Lebron Men's XVI Low Basketball Shoes, (White/Metallic Gold-Midnight Navy, Size 8 M US)
  • Combined Max Air + Zoom Air cushioning helps absorb impact and rebound with energy.
  • Articulation helps your foot flex on the court or off.
  • Custom lacing helps lock you In.
  • Stretch collar expands for easy on
  • Resilient foam mid-sole cushions every step and landing.

Next on the list of best basketball shoes for guards is the soldier XII. Feel free to give it a pass mark in terms of precision and breathability, as well as support and performance. 

It comes with Zoom Air cushioning which is Nike’s signature tech and also has a foam midsole to keep your feet comfortable more than many other products can. This means you will experience zero drag and benefit from a good response. 

The LeBron soldier XII is easy to lock because there are no annoying thread laces. One quality I admire about these shoes is that the strap goes around the middle of your foot up to the ankles to keep them locked in. 

No need to worry about the risk of unnecessary movement that could lead to common basketball injuries (or if you already have a condition like plantar fasciitis). In terms of design, this shoe can compete with many other brands when it comes to style. There is a wide range of color choices and you can do some customization before ordering the shoes online.

You also get solid impact protection and good energy return that serves as a booster to how you perform. The shoes provide stability and prevent you from slipping on the court because of how the rubber sole pattern is designed. I like the upper material that makes it very breathable and easy to disperse heat.


  • Laceless design
  • Easy slip-on and slip off
  • Great traction and slip-proof stability
  • Good breathability and efficient heat dispersion


  • Some buyers say the Velcro straps can come loose

What you have here is a lightweight basketball shoe and it makes its appearance on this list because of how solid the grip is.

Its design ensures that you did not slip on the court, thanks to the top-quality material. It is also well-ventilated to keep your feet comfortable. You get considerable support for your ankles when you wear the Beita running shoes. 

If you are suffering pain in your ankles, wearing these shoes feels like getting a massage, and such temporary pain can disappear within seconds. You have a range of colors to choose from as there are 8 color options.

One thing I also admire about these shoes is that for such an affordable price, you get considerable Achilles support.


  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Water resistance
  • Comfortable and relaxing


  • Soles can be hard to clean
Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti Slip Blue
  • ★ Rubber damping sole in net shape provides you with strong groud holding in accordance with the sole force position and supports your weight
  • ★ Breathable, lightweight textile upper and the molded heel shield make greater structure, lock your foot in the right place and protect your ankle from injury by offering better support
  • ★ Durable, wear resistant & and anti-slip material make our product your best choice on the court to win the game
  • ★ The upper with venting holes offers good breathability and sweat perspiration to make you feel dry and comfortable during exercise
  • ★ If any dirt or damaged product upsets you or for some reason you’re just not happy with the one you received, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help and provide you with the best after sale service!

Now, we have to talk about yet another brilliant shoe. Adidas does a great job of designing its shoes with great style. The Dame 5 offers you a high level of comfort and I think the pricing is very okay. The toe box of this shoe is wide and it's great for custom insoles. You also benefit from a BOUNCE midsole cushion that is very flexible, as well as a padded box system. 

To give you the most possible comfort while ensuring stability, the ankle design is perfect. Not too many shoes on the market can compete with the Adidas Dame 5 in terms of style and comfort but you can also count on it to put in a solid performance. 

Some customers feel that it has fairly stretchy ankle support with a little bit of mushy feel to the cushioning when compared to other shoes. If you want to buy these shoes, I recommend that you buy at half a size down because they tend to be big. 

It also comes in a wide range of colors and has a herringbone pattern to guarantee a good grip once you hit the court. I consider this to be a serious contender, especially for basketball guards that have flat feet. It doesn't disappoint when it comes to affordability, comfortability, and style.


  • Great pricing
  • Unique colors
  • Very versatile with good durability
  • Comfy cushioning


  • Tends to the larger-than-average basketball shoes
  • The midsole can be soft and mushy
adidas Men's Dame 5 Basketball Shoe, Black/Collegiate Burgundy/Scarlet, 7.5 M US
  • B-ball shoes built for Damian Lillard's signature game
  • Regular fit; Soft, cushioned feel
  • Textile upper with padded internal pod system for comfort
  • Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility
  • Zonal herringbone rubber outsole for grip

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards Buying Guide

There are some features that guards must look out for before buying basketball shoes. This is because the right shoe can maximize your capacity and improve your performance during gameplay. 

You might be looking for more speed, improved grip, or a shoe that can help you react faster. Such shoes exist on the market but finding them can be difficult because of the range of brands and products available.

You also want to find shoes that are very comfortable and have the perfect fitting. That’s the only way to guarantee that your feet will stay safe and feel light during a game of basketball. To help you decide what shoes to go with, especially if you are a beginner, check out the important factors to consider before choosing the best basketball shoes for guards.

Cushioning & support

I guess I've talked a lot about cushioning in this article which should show you how important the comfort you get from your shoe is when playing in the basketball guard position. 

Cushioning can determine the long-run support and safety you get from your shoes. When a basketball guard wears a pair of shoes with perfect cushioning, it’s almost the same feeling as when you walk in the clouds. 

Be careful not to go for shoes with too little or excessive cushioning. The right cushioning is designed in a way that helps you avoid damage and injuries to the feet. It also boosts your movement on the court while supplying a good grip. Go for a shoe with a semi-hard cushioning that isn’t too soft or too strong. It should be able to protect your feet.

Fit & grip

Think about how much damage and hurt you would bring to your feet if you have shoes that fit wrongly. As a basketball guard, you want to keep your feet as safe as possible, and having the right shoes absorbs all forms of shock. You also reduce the level of soreness that you feel after each game.

Ensure that your shoes are of the right size. That’s the only way to prevent trips and falls or even reduced speed that comes from playing with a loose pair. 

You’ll also do so much harm to your feet and ankles if you were overly tight shoes. The best way to get the right basketball shoes for that is to identify your needs. Don't forget to keep them locked in securely. 

Another thing to take into consideration is the traction you get. You need to ensure that the soles of your preferred shoes are perfect, allowing you to accelerate and stop effectively. You want to make sure that it provides adequate traction to protect you from slips and falls during play. Don't buy your shoes without testing them to verify that they have the right grip.

Pricing & quality

I think pricing and quality are some of the trickiest aspects of choosing basketball shoes for guards, especially if you are new to this. This is because you have to select from different brands that offer a range of prices. 

Remember that your focus should be on quality rather than fixating on looks. The best way to start is by coming up with a budget and working around that. You might set aside a couple of hundred bucks because this increases your chances of finding a good basketball shoe without breaking the bank.

But the most important thing is going for a product that is effective and meets your needs. It should have all the features that you want In a pair of basketball shoes such as the rice traction and grip. 

Other factors like cushioning and comfort, as well as aesthetics, count in this case. Once you decide what features you want in your preferred product, the next step is deciding what brand to go with. Buying a product based on the brand name may appear to be counterintuitive but the truth is that this gives you an idea of how well the shoes will perform.

Under Armour, for instance, offers decent-quality shoes with a nice look. But Nike shoes are known for their fantastic performance fused with style. 

When it comes to durability and high-quality, Adidas usually ranks the best. Your focus should be on picking a pair of shoes that have a good design but also offer you the right fit. That's the best way to get the value after spending your money.

Comfort & ventilation

This is one aspect that I see most people overlook and that’s because they don’t realize how the breathability of their preferred basketball shoes affects their performance. The quality of ventilation you get is very important as it determines the level of airflow. The kind of material or mesh design influences how much ventilation you get which in turn affects your performance. 

You need a good pair of basketball shoes with superb airflow that prevents your legs from becoming sweaty and stinky. Ventilation goes side by side with comfort. You will notice that lightweight shoes happen to have more ventilation and comfort but may not be the best for basketball guards. 

I suggest going with something in between that provides the right fit but also offers breathability. The best policy, in this case, is to be very objective when making a choice.

Take a good look at the design and construction material. Your goal should be to find a basketball shoe that offers you comfort without compromising on its style.

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards FAQs

What are the best basketball shoes for guards?

  • Adidas Dame 5
  • Beita Running Shoes
  • Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII
  • Nike Lebron 16
  • Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Shoe

Are Lebron 16 Good for guards?

The LeBron 16 has the kind of cushioning that is a bit higher and gives you great security with good bounce. It is also very responsive but you will notice that it has a reduced court feel. Basketball guards will find the shoe beneficial as it offers impact protection, as well as responsiveness and perfect balance. 

Are high top shoes better for basketball?

The height of the ankle collar is what differentiates high top shoes from low-cut shoes. The higher collars tend to increase the weight of high tops but they are perfect for big frame players. You will also find that low tops tend to be more guard-oriented. So, it’s up to you to decide. 

Do basketball shoes help you jump higher?

One thing that manufacturers take into consideration when designing basketball shoes is to keep the feet and ankles protected. But it is normal to find models that boost how high you can jump in some players. The reason for this lies in how the soles are designed. The manufacturers might incorporate air cushions or springs to improve vertical propulsion


If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for dads Kumar you want to find one that allows you to make sudden directional changes without stress. You also want shoes that improve how well you can run while promoting your comfort. These shoes have to offer adequate ankle support and keep you free of common basketball injuries.

With the help of this informative review, you can pick any of the five recommended basketball shoes for kids that suits your needs best. Don't forget to factor in all the necessary qualities before making a buying decision. If you do this, finding the right shoe shouldn’t be a problem. Happy buying.

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