5 Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping Reviewed (2020)

Jumping and running are possibly the two most important activities that you have to do on a basketball court. Being a basketball player, the last thing that you would be okay with is a shoe that does not compliment you in either of the activities. We understand the same.

We also do understand that with so many options available out for you, it might be a very tough task to find out the best one for yourself.

Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

Almost all the products in the e-commerce websites come with both positive and negative reviews, and it thus becomes challenging to reach a conclusion.

Here, we would try to declutter things a bit and try to help you out with some of the best basketball shoes for jumping. With this article, we would give you a sincere and detailed answer to your quest for the best basketball shoes available.

Here is a list of shoes that we have tried and tested and feel that they would be the top notches in the market.

Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

When on the court, you need to have the fastest pair of legs to stay ahead of your opponents. This would not be possible if you do not have the smoothest insoles to help you move as you desire. This shoe excels in that criteria. 

The shoes have some of the best insoles that you might get in this price range. The footwear boasts Cloudfoam insoles which are gentle on the skin and makes you comfortable every time.

After having jumped the highest that you could have, it is essential that you have minimal jerk when you land back on your feet. Well, the cushions in this shoe take care of that well. This would help reduce the fatigue of your feet on any training day. 

It's not easy to jump to your fullest potential when you have your heavy shoes pulling you back. The shoe is designed to be ultimately light. The perforated leather and upper textile materials only add on to make the shoe lighter.

adidas being one of the most prominent companies when it comes to sporting equipment has put on great emphasis on the quality of the product. The materials used give a premium touch and feel, and the stitches all across the shoe hold it tightly together.

Overall, this shoe is an excellent combination of almost all that you might need for yourself. This should be on your watchlist if you are planning to buy a pair of new shoes.


  • Great cushion
  • Smooth Insoles
  • Premium quality product


  • Limited color variants
adidas Men's Shoes | Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball, Black/University Red/Black, (10 M US)
  • High-top basketball sneaker featuring 3-Stripes logo at sides and perforations for ventilation
  • Air mesh tongue, collar and rear quarter
  • CLOUDFOAM sockliner and midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Grippy rubber outsole

Without the right fitting, a shoe is of little use to the player. This shoe treasures that for all the real reasons. The shoe fits in well; it doesn't squeeze your toe, nor does it fall flat on the ankle. The shoe gives some breathing space for the toe while having a firm grip on your leg.

The Multi-directional, Organic Herringbone outsole that the shoe carries with itself has excellent traction, which means that it would grip on the ground and not let you slip.

The cushion of the shoes come with Charged Foam. This means that although you might not have the smoothest landing, you surely would have the best step forward when you are looking for quick feet movement. Well, this might be the reason that you strike it off your list, but the agility that the shoe offers is worth mentioning.

The shoe gives a real premium look. The one-piece synthetic wrap that the shoe presents to the users helps improve the aesthetics of the shoe as compared to its predecessor, Under Armour Men's Ua Curry 2.

Overall, there is no way that you would leave this shoe out, although it might lose out on a few due to the cushions, it does provide a quicker response.


  • Perfect rubber outsoles
  • Premium Look
  • Perfect fittings


  • Absence of good cushions
  • Limited color variants

If support is the parameter that you judge your shoes on, then you have it here with this particular shoe. The footwear has been bang on in the support section with the best-in-class lateral coverage. 

When talking about the material of the shoe, the shoe comes in two prominent options from which you can choose from, namely mesh and synthetic leather. If you are up for a comparatively lighter version, then you have the mesh version for you while for a better feel you can always try out the synthetic leather option. 

When it comes to a comparison between the two, my choice would be the leather one as that gives a premium feel and is only slightly heavier among the two.

 The herringbone traction presents all along the toe to heel helps provide an excellent grip on the shoes. No matter how hard you land on the floor or in which angle, there is almost a negligible chance that you will slip on these shoes.

 The stand-alone feature of the shoe would be nothing other than the great cushion that this shoe offers. With a way thicker cushion than almost all the shoes of its type, it would be a delight to have this on when practicing for long hours.

 Overall, this shoe has almost everything that you might have asked for. However, the meshed version of the shoe could have been better and surely would have been a choice for many.


  • Great support
  • Outstanding tractions
  • Thick cushions


  • Cheap feel on the mesh variant

The shoes present to the users with a fantastic step-in comfort. Surely, you can jump tall in it and then land back safely onto the cushion. This would help reduce the strain on your legs and help you stay unaffected during long hours of practice.

Once you have used these shoes, there is undoubtedly one thing that you would compliment these shoes about, and that is the competitive pricing. The shoes are very competitively priced, and you would be happy about the fact that you did decide to try it on.

 Being lightweight is very important for a shoe in a sport like basketball—the shoe checks out the requirement to the fullest. The light material of the shoe makes it very comfortable to wear in court. Having proper ventilation in the shoe helps the shoe add to the comfort of the players.

 The shoe uses charged cushion technology. The cushions are well-shaped in a way that they allow to absorb the impact and then use it to burst the player's stride in any direction.

 Overall, this shoe has some of the dependable features to look into and possibly would be another of those shoes that deserve your attention before you buy the final one for yourself.


  • Lightweight
  • Competitive pricing
  • Step-in comfort


  • Loses grip on dusty courts.

The cushion of this pair of shoes is worth taking a note. They have kept on with the previous models with their Crazy Explosive — full-length Boost which is caged in a soft TPU. These boosts are visible from the lateral sides of the shoe.

The company has fluttered a bit when it comes to the traction part. One might just complain about a few slips here and there on a dusty track. Well, that does pull back the shoe a considerable amount given the fact that the tractions are one of the most critical features in a shoe that one has to look out for.

 Fittings too would not be something that you would not complement if you have a regular foot. The shoe seems to have produced it evidently for people with a wide foot. In case you have a regular foot, the shoe appears to be too wide and at times even loose. Thus, fitting of the shoes is not up to the mark.

 The pair of shoes come up with high aesthetic value. You would love the look that the shoes have, and it stands out as you might even use them off the court. The colorful designs come in various variants which is a huge boon.

Overall, the shoe can be on your list but loose out on the traction and the cushion part.


  • Thick Cushion
  • Many color variants
  • Comfortable


  • Fittings can be an issue
  • Below average traction
adidas Men's Shoes | Crazy Explosive Basketball, MGH Solid Grey/White/Black 1, (11 M US)
  • boost's energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy
  • Lightweight synthetic and textile upper provides durability
  • Mesh tongue and heel insert offer ventilation; Anatomical lace system wraps the entire foot and relieves pressure
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent grip

Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping Buying Guide

Now, when I say perfect shoes, there are more than a dozen criteria to judge the shoes, many of which are related to the player's playing style and position and likings. So, unlike running shoes where comfort and shock absorption on impact seem to be the only major factors, basketball shoes have a lot of minutiae that need to be looked into.

In this article, we'll be focusing on the type of shoes which are the best for jumping, ideal for slam dunks, and a perfect choice for forwards and guards who need that extra boost in jumping to score that ideal slam dunk or to block any attempt at a dunk.

The factors that should be considered while buying shoes for jumping are:

Fit and Comfort

The shoes should have a tight fit, at the same time not so tight that your feet don't get breathing space. Hence, the feet should be comfortable enough to prevent any loose spaces in the shoe. If the shoes are loose, additional energy will be wasted with your feet sliding in your shoes. If they are too tight, then your feet might feel trapped, and you might get cramps while jumping 


A little physics behind jumping in basketball, your jump is a result of your leveraging your legs to convert the horizontal force of your body that you produce while dribbling and running into a vertical force that pumps your body to reach the hoop.

Traction is how firmly the shoes grip the court. Higher the traction, the more efficient the conversion of energy. Traction in a basketball shoe is created by the groves in the lower end of your shoes

Sole Cushion Comfort and Ankle Collar

When it comes to cushions, the more the cushion, less the speed but the higher the shock absorption. However, when it comes to jumping like a pro, increased cushioning near the toes will only result in wastage of some of the vertical force for jumping.

This is because you leverage your toes and the front section of your feet to help you launch. So if you add a cushion layer over there, you're wasting that launch.

However, when you land after a jump, the ankles bear the most amount of pressure. Hence there needs to be effective cushioning around the lower part of your feet as well as an effective ankle collar to absorb the shock, thereby preventing injuries after elongated exertions. However more the cushioning, heavier will the shoe be.

Type of Shoes

Basketball shoes come in three varieties- high top, mid-top, and low top shoes

High top shoes - are those that go up till your ankle and above. These shows offer complete ankle protection whilst the landing, acting as a useful shock pad. However, this type of shoe affects flexibility and agility. Hence, this type is not ideal for swift forwards.

Mid-top shoes - are those that offer a balance between speed and ankle protection. Players who aren't the fastest but are swift and quick should opt for this option.

Low top shoes - These shows ultimately compromise on the ankle protection, opening the player to injury hazards. However, what it loses in protection, it makes up in the freedom it gives. These shows are lighter and allow agile movements on the ankle.

Sole and Weight

Any shoe which is suitable for the outsole needs to have a stiff midsole to allow maximum upthrust while launching.

Lighter the shoes, easier it is run and launch. However, extremely light shoes may not have any protection against injuries. Hence, this factor should not be given maximum importance if you are a pro or a semi-pro player.

Position on the Field

If you are a dunk guard, then you should opt for high top or mid-top shoes with an effective ankle collar and a stiff sole to allow instant on-the-spot jumping to allow blocking

If you are a forward, consider mid-top/ low top shoes with a larger outsole with adequate traction to allow speed along with considerable protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of traction should be looked for while looking for a pair of shoes, designed for better jumping?

Any basketball shoe that is optimal for jumping needs to have maximal possible. Traction is the ability with which the shoe grips the court. The more the shoe grips the court, the faster you will be able to convert your horizontal force while running into a vertical force to get that perfect slam dunk.

The traction of a shoe is based on how the grooves and cuts are on the outsole.

What type of outsole pattern works the best for jumping?

A basketball shoe that has a multi-directional pattern of cuts and grooves running on its outsole. By multi-directional pattern, we mean that the cuts and groves need to be facing different directions in different areas of the outsole. This pattern hence allows all-round traction, essential for jumping.

How vital is ankle protection?

Ankle protection is of prime importance when you land after a good high jump. If you have no ankle collar or high-top shoe protecting your ankles, over a long time, you might end up with an injury to your ankles.

Mid-top shoes with ankle collars or high-top shoes with proper cushioning allow ideal protection with little weight of shoes, ideal for an agile forward.

What type of cushioning provides maximum support while jumping?

While shoes with overall cushioning appear to be the ideal and prudent option as they provide perfect comfort and protection, it is not suitable for jumping.

Shoes which are specifically designed for jumping, have minimal cushioning around the toes and thick cushioning below the lower part of the shoes.

The minimal cushioning around the toe ensures that no force is uselessly absorbed by the cushion while launching on the toes. The thick cushioning below the lower part allows maximum shock absorption from the landing, hence allowing protection from injuries.

What is an ideal shoe for an agile forward who often slam dunks, but is also prone to injury?

Firstly, the shoe needs to have a minimum possible weight to allow movement. High top shoes aren't suitable as they will cause a physical block during fast dribbling with turns and twists. However, low top shoes alone, no matter how flexible, aren't the best choice as they will provide no ankle protection.

Hence, a perfect option is a shoe which has a rigid sole, effective ankle guards, thick cushioning around the sole. Mid-top and low top shoes with these features are the right choices.


In this article, we tried giving you a holistic view of how you can choose the best basketball shoes to help you jump the highest. Also, we gave an honest opinion on some of the market leaders of this type. 

We helped choose the best shoe for yourself among the ones that are listed. We have also put in some honest opinions so that you have no issues in deciding the best one for yourself.

 Here again, we would like to bring this to you that every individual has a different need. It is recommended that you try each shoe for yourself before you finally get the shoes in your court.

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