5 Best Basketball Shoes For Kids Reviewed (2020)

So your kids are avid fans of several basketballers and follow them on TV. In fact, they've done so for a couple of years and can't wait to try their hands out in a real game.

If you notice that your child loves this sport and you'd like them to explore their interests, never make the mistake of allowing them to get involved in the wrong shoes.

best basketball shoes for kids

There are different options when it comes to picking the right basketball shoes for your child but you might have a challenge with deciding what the best basketball shoes for kids are.

You should also know that going with the wrong footwear can cause injuries to your child. These shoes might look cool but they lack the right cushioning that your kids require while playing on the court.

That's why we've come up with a list of the most convenient sports shoes for your child. In this buying guide, we bring you some of the very best male or female sneakers.

Also, you’ll find a section to teach you the factors to consider before picking basketball shoes for your kid.

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids

The US president officially rides in the Air Force One and happens to be the inspiration behind the name of this shoe. Two features make the Nike Air Force 1 to stand out - durability and style. The shoe can bear the wear and tear associated with how children play and use stuff.

Some adult shoes are known for their comfort, style, traction, and quality but I find it quite surprising Nike features these qualities in this shoe for kids.

The Nike Air Force 1 has a non-marking rubber outsole that guarantees ability and traction, making it possible to grip any kind of playing court.

It also has a springy cushioning, as well as a great midsole, to give children leverage when it comes to jumping (check out our Basketball Shoes For Jumping post), running, and playing all day long. I admire Nike's shoe in particular because of the pivot points located in the heel and forefoot, making the shoe appropriate for movement in multiple directions.

Youth basketball players can barely do without multidirectional movement and agility. These two qualities are essential for success in the long run.

Let me also tell you about the leather and synthetic materials used in building the shoes. The material makes it easy to clean the shoes while being water-resistant. With the help of perforations ventilation tech, rest assured that your child will have their feet comfortable and dry while playing.


  • Multipurpose appeal
  • Great performance with excellent build
  • Offers good traction and superb grip
  • Good cushioning to give your child more comfort


  • Quite expensive
  • Not the best for infants

How would you like to buy sturdy and durable basketball shoes that won't cost you an arm or a leg for your kids? Here’s a primarily synthetic shoe that you’ll love – The Under Armour Jet 2019.

Among its many features, I like that it is built to favor ventilation which is why its molded heel comes with perforations. So, you can rest easy knowing that your kids won’t get wet, smelly feet while playing a game that they enjoy.

This high-end textile product is combined with mesh material to improve breathability and shoe support. What you have here is a shoe for kids that fights bacteria known to cause odor while providing stability. Under Armour 2019 gives your child great freedom to play and convenience.

The sock liner material consists of Die-cut Eva and the toe caps are built with TPU film. So, you get cushioning for their underfoot and their feet stay protected at all times. We have a great post about basketball socks here.

 And did you also know that toe caps improve the strength and durability of these shoes? That means you get what you pay for – Value!

The midsole with molded EVA happens to be one of its most exciting features because it makes the shoe lightweight and ideal for quick runs while playing basketball. Your kids should see a boost in their reflexes and responses as the shoes can adapt to their feet movement.

The grip is just right which makes it a great basketball shoe for indoor and outdoor courts (check out our Outdoor Basketball Shoes guide).


  • Comes with anti-odor technology
  • You get value for the price
  • Low injury risk
  • Very comfortable


  • Might be too chunky for some kids
Under Armour Unisex-Youth Pre School Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe, Black (001)/Black, 4.5
  • Mesh & textile upper combination for breathability & support
  • Molded heel construction with engineered perforations for added ventilation
  • TPU film toe cap for added protection & durability
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support
  • Compression molded EVA midsole delivers a lightweight & responsive ride

If you want your kid to have the best of their playing time on the court, I recommend the Adidas Pro Spark 2018. I mean, these must-have basketball shoes make your feet more responsive as they come with a Cloudfoam fitting.

You will find synthetic overlay lines on the upper section, as well as computed stitching at the sides. This makes the shoes both very durable and reliable. Textile and mesh are combined to make them very comfortable and improve ventilation as well.

The lace-up closure system of this product will impress you because you’ll have less stress deciding how tight or loose you want them to feel around the feet of your kids all through the game. The Adidas Pro Spark 2018 is available in different color modes, especially if you're someone who has a thing for matching colors.

These shoes are also built with the environment in mind and that’s why you have Ortholite insoles to enhance the reflexes of players when they move.

The insoles also help to ensure the comfort of the player while the shoes come with rubber outsoles to create equilibrium between support and flexibility.


  • Very stylish
  • Ventilated and lightweight
  • Very durable with synthetic overlays


  • Water seeps through the upper parts sometimes

Next on this review list of the best basketball shoes for kids is the Nike Hustle D8 which should bring style and enhancement to the game of your child. The shoes have what it takes to make your child feel like the professional whenever they hit the basketball court.

One feature that I find to be very cool is that it comes with a wide Velcro strap to ensure that the shoe locks in the feet of the player. So, if your child has weak ankles, no worries as they will stay secure until the end of the game.

The lace-up closure system of the Hustle D8 involves just one thick hook and loop. This helps you understand better that your child’s feet will stay strapped so that they can move freely without injuries.

Nike also combined mesh materials with synthetic uppers to give the shoes more breathability and durability.

They are also very comfortable because of the EVA sock liner cushioned insole that helps protect the player from impacts and shocks to the feet. Another feature that I considered to be one of its best is that the toe box is perforated to make the shoe more breathable by increasing ventilation.

In terms of functionality, this product checks all the boxes. Twisting and turning on the court shouldn't be a problem as you get more flexibility and support, thanks to its hi-top silhouette.

Remember that kids put in their best performance when they are confident and their outfit helps with that. What you see here are great shoes that offer you value for your money.


  • Comes with flexible cushioning
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Features heel support


  • May wear out faster than related brands
Nike Boys' Team Hustle D 8 (PS) Basketball Shoe, Black/Metallic Silver - White, 2 M US Little Kid
  • Leather upper provides durable support.
  • Midfoot hook-and-loop strap locks down a secure fit.
  • Lightweight foam midsole offers flexible cushioning.
  • Thin rubber outsole provides traction.

As earlier mentioned, the right sporting equipment keeps your child safe, especially when it comes to playing basketball. The Air Jordan Legacy 312 can help you to achieve that while promoting physical activity.

This shoe has many great features and its inspiration from the Air Jordan 1 and 3. It seems like Nike took the desirable elements of the Jordan shoes and fused them into this one. Of course, you know how reliable Nike is in the world of shoemaking.

The Legacy 312 has a fitting rubber sole that suits different environments such as a basketball court, an outdoor gym, running terrains, etc.

You can access this product in 3 colors. The logo of the black version has a metallic gold torch design. You will find that the manufacturer combined light and deep blue perfectly to create the Blue Lagoon version.

The upper sole of the red version has brand graphics made in bold black. But the one thing that is common to all versions is that the stiffener features a Jumpman logo. You can allow your child to decide what color appeals best to them.

You also know how great it is to have well-fitted shoes before playing basketball and Nike knows this too. This is why the shoes come with a midfoot strap to keep the feet locked down during play.

Another thing I fancy about the Jordan Legacy 312 is that it has a force impact reduction system, thanks to the air-sole unit under its heel. With the help of this proprietary tech, you get shoes that make it safe to play on hard surfaces.


  • Reliable performance with stylishness
  • Extra lockdown with the midfoot strap
  • Great cushioning
  • Air-sole unit


  • Quite expensive for some buyers
Nike Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low, Summit White/Fire Red, 8.5
  • Design combines iconic elements of the AJ3, AJ1 and Alpha Force.
  • Leather, synthetic and/or textile in the upper with a midfoot strap for a secure fit.
  • Visible Air-Sole unit in the heel enhances cushioning.

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids Buying Guide

Buying appropriate shoes for your little basketball fan affects how well they can enjoy themselves on the court. You have to put different things into consideration before picking and spending on a particular set of shoes. But what are those critical factors to consider? What should buyers out for in basketball shoes?

Materials & durability

The better the materials, the more durable the shoes will be. You don't want to splash out on basketball sneakers for your child that won't last.

You want to assess and know the intensity that your kid possesses naturally before picking a brand of shoes. Always analyze their play style and skill level because these help you pick the best shoe for them.

Plastic-based synthetic is used to make many basketball shoes but some come in other options such as solid rubber.


You want basketball shoes that give you superb traction and making a choice based on this factor can be tricky. That’s because you want playing shoes for your kid that can adapt to different surfaces.

This is why I advise parents to go for rubber outsole basketball shoes when trying to find a new pair of sneakers for their kids. Some important features to look for are softness, as well as thickness and pattern.

The fusion of these 3 features helps in giving your outsole a much firmer grip when you hit the court.


What's the need of buying basketball gear for your child if you won’t consider the fitting? Most renowned brands design their shoes to be narrow which makes them great for the regular feet of children.

But if your child has larger feet, wearing these shoes will reduce their comfort and performance.

That’s why you need to be careful when selecting a pair of basketball shoes. Buying leather or suede material shoes is something I recommend because they can stretch over time to accommodate your child's large feet even better.

This is one area where the Hustle D8 from Nike excels.


Everyone wants playing shoes that are well-ventilated and increase comfort. This is no different for your kid and that is why you must consider cushioning before picking the best basketball shoes for kids.

The cushions come in two kinds which are foam and air-based. The one factor that differentiates these two types is responsiveness. Most people prefer foam cushions because you can depend on them and they also protect your ankles and heel from much impact. When it comes to flexibility, the air cushion might be more preferable even if it is more fragile.


Of course, there's no way you just jump into the market to buy the first shoe that you come across. You've got to have a budget to work with.

That’s why I always advise parents to do great research, comparing and contrasting different products from different brands.

This makes it easier to determine what you consider to be a reasonable price. So, rather than spend hundreds of bucks with reckless abandon, set a budget and work around that. Another reason not to spend excessively is that kids develop fast and will outgrow those shoes in no time. But be careful not to compromise on quality.

Skill Level

You have to spend quite a lot to purchase some of the most popular playing shoes and that’s because of the top-quality features built into them. They also cater to the needs of athletes that like to play every day. If you have kids that are regular players of basketball, they likely have a higher skill level.

The best choice you can make is to go for any of the top-tier shoes featuring new tech. But for kids that do not play too often, any of these standard and more affordable shoes is okay.

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids Buying Questions And Answers  

Is it ok to wear basketball shoes outside?

You shouldn't rock your indoor shoes outside because that might lead to a faster loss of color and grip in your basketball shoes. You want to do your best to not expose them to the elements so that they serve you for longer. You bought the shoes for the court, so use them only on the court.

How long do basketball shoes last outdoors?

Your outdoor basketball shoes can last anywhere from 6 months to 9 months depending on how rigorously you play.

Should Basketball Shoes Be Tight Or Loose​? 

Do not make your shoes too tight but try to leave some room to allow wiggle space for your toes. You also know that when you exercise, your feet tend to swell up. Lace your shoes in a way that keeps them feeling a bit snug while keeping the toe area a bit loose.

Can I wear running shoes for basketball

Of course, you can wear running shoes to play basketball. That's because the design of running shoes allows for movement and springing off hard surfaces.

I advise you to buy a cross-trainer if you want something that allows you to play basketball and also run. Keep in mind that the rims of your running shoe will rest a bit low on your ankle.


Never make the mistake of buying a poorly-fitted or low-quality basketball shoe for your kid. I've seen a lot of parents who complain about how challenging it is to find the right brand for their child.

I understand how you feel if that is your predicament, especially as a first-time buyer. But this review of the best basketball shoes for kids gives you all the information necessary to make your decision-making process smoother.

With the help of this buying guide, you now know the factors to consider and things to look out for before deciding what product to buy.

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