5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Reviewed (2020)

If you love to play basketball but have wide feet like some of my friends, I understand how difficult it can be to find a pair of shoes that are just the right fit for you. 

You need to put in lots of research time to find a comfortable pair of sneakers that still guarantees you top-level performance. Finding the best basketball shoes for wide feet might need you to increase your size by half or even more.

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

The problem with moving your size up by half is that it can affect your balance and make you miss out on the other beautiful features of your shoes. 

How then do you find balance in this case? How do you locate the right basketball shoes if you have wide feet? This guide can help to solve that problem for all who are in this situation.

I’ve put together a list of five top-rated shoes for any basketball player that has large feet. Check them out below.

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

The AF1 packs so many desirable features such as durability and a streamlined design. You'll also notice that it is lightweight and comes in a low-cut silhouette. 

One of its outstanding features is the Zoom Air tech that works by combining internal fiber and pressurized air to give you very quick bounce back padding. This means you benefit from great cushioning to increase the comfortability of the shoes. The heel and forefoot both have pivot points that improve directional strength while giving you a smooth transition on the court. 

With the comfort that you get from this well-designed Nike Air Force 1, you can play for long.

The non-marking outsole of this basketball shoe is made of thick rubber to optimize control and grip on the court. Its full-length inner soul is lightweight and also offers you good cushioning to prevent any of the common basketball injuries and absorb shocks from impact. 

You will also like the soft and durable midsole designed to make your wide feet more stable. The synthetic upper material and leather of this basketball shoe are not heavy and also have a durable build. Buyers will still find overlays that help to add support and fitting. I also like the padded collar that keeps your ankles locked down. 


  • Offers durability and traction
  • Gives you good support and comfort
  • Lightweight and classy


  • Some users feel the breathability could be better

One thing I like about Adidas is its non-stop commitment to producing even better shoes for basketball. At this time around, they took it upon themselves to create insoles and outsoles that are softer. 

This makes it great for people with larger weight and also suitable for players with wide feet. The Adidas Ownthegame comes with very impressive features. You get more hygiene and freshness from this product built with a cloudfoam footbed.

If you need something more comfortable and durable for your wide feet, you will fall in love with its support features and insole padding. 

The shoe is lighter than it looks and gives you value for your money. I like the traditional lace design which makes securing the shoes very easy. It has the right amount of flex and is not too expensive. 

Ownthegame has a decent lockdown, thanks to its synthetic mesh weave upper. Putting the shoes on shouldn't be a problem as you can use the pull tab. The mid-top design increases how much support you get while getting rid of excess weight. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • More support from mid-top design
  • Synthetic mesh upper weave
  • Cloudfoam footbed


  • May not perform as well as other premium wide shoes
  • Construction quality could be better
adidas Men's Ownthegame Basketball Shoe
  • Mid-cut basketball shoes with a Cloudfoam midsole built for cushioned comfort
  • Regular fit; Mid cut; Lace closure; Plush feel
  • Mesh upper for breathability; Synthetic leather zones are soft and durable
  • Cushioned Cloudfoam midsole; Soft textile lining for comfort; Enjoy the comfort and performance of OrthoLite sockliner
  • Heel pull helps simplify entry; Durable Adiwear outsole

The history of the Air Force 1 is rich and its story is remarkable. Talking about how the outsole is composed and the stitching patterns could make the shoe seem trivial. This is an iconic brand, a symbol that transcends the borders of basketball. Named after the official aircraft of the president of the United States, the Air Force 1 first hit the market in 1982. 

When people talk about the Air technology from Nike, this was the first shoe to sport it with a hiking boot proving to be the original inspiration for the design.

But the AF1 brand has gone on to become one of the most sold sports shoes in the world. This tells you how remarkable the shoe is, especially as it is devoid of any links to Michael Jordan's name. For more than two decades and away from basketball, this shoe has symbolized culture and fashion, as well as that city vibe. AF1 has come in different versions and updates since its inception. 

Synthetic and leather compounds were used to make the AF1 High. If you've got big feet, this one's for you and it is quite impressive on the court too. 

That’s because the reason for its original design was for the likes of Moses Malone and Jamal Wilkes, among some other NBA greats. Yes, in 2002, the famous Kobe Bryant wore the AF1 High. How cool is that?


  • Versatile and can be used for sports and fashion
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Durable with a sturdy build
  • Protects the ankle and foot
  • Bestseller shoe


  • We haven’t seen any real tech improvements in a long time.

Built with your entire feet and ankles in mind to guarantee comfort, very supportive light foam is used to make the Micro G Assert 7. Premium leather goes into its sheathing to make it very durable and stable. 

This also helps to provide full support for your middle foot. The build ensures that your feet stay locked in place. This gives you the leverage to quickly cut and stop at will during a game of basketball. I like the inner layer of the shoe which is built with a soft fabric that feels like mesh. 

The aim of the manufacturer is to ensure that you have well-ventilated shoes to keep your feet cool until the end of the game.

The full-length EVA sock liner ensures that every shoe is tailored to be compatible with all foot sizes while improving the level of comfort. 

The Micro G Foam tech helps to provide cushioning and its upward pull after solid steps improves your performance while avoiding shock impact. It also features rubber traction that takes care of high-pressure areas. 

That means you can count on these shoes to provide you with a strong grip and that pro feeling. 

Even for high-intensity players, no matter how much pressure you expose them to, rest assured that they will stay durable while keeping your feet safe. The non-marking rubber outsole also takes care of areas with low pressure.


  • Great for flat/high feet players
  • Solid support guaranteed
  • Lightweight
  • Great traction and cushioning


  • No shock-absorbing properties
Under Armour Men's Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker
  • HeatGear lined strap wicks sweat to keep the foot cool, dry & light
  • Soft webbing placed under the strap for an extremely comfortable fit
  • Sculpted EVA footbed features graphic print & provides lightweight comfort
  • Three layer outsole delivers optimal underfoot cushioning, increased arch support & durable traction

Earlier, I mentioned that the Nike Air Force 1 collection first featured the zoom Air tech of the manufacturer, so you might want to keep that in mind while reading about the AF1 Low. 

The design of the shoe promises you a good grip because it is designed to cater to every pair of feet. I like the shock-absorbing features which make it ideal for all kinds of flooring. You've got a high-speed cushioning technique in these shoes, thanks to the internal fibers and pressurized air. People with wide feet will make no mistake buying these shoes. 

The design of the shoes means they offer very good arch support to allow you to do things like stopping, jumping, and cutting. 

You may not know it but hip-hop fanatics are in love with the Air Force 1 Low. It comes in a wide range of color combinations, so finding the right fit shouldn't be a problem.


  • Very durable
  • Leather fabric construction
  • Firm and solid inner sole
  • Ideal for wide feet players
  • Springy cushioning to aid quick movement
  • Soft but plush inner soles


  • Some users don’t find it stylish enough

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Buying Guide

Many active basketball players have wide feet that are bigger than those of the average person. With this in mind, basketball shoe manufacturers have to create shoes designed to meet the needs of wide-footed players. 

But there are different brands on the market to choose from and they all come with different features. To make sure that your selection is the right one, you have to consider some important factors as follows –


Making quick moves on the court can cause you to slide or slip, especially when trying to get past the opposition. This means you have to play with care and one of the ways to protect yourself from sliding is to find traction basketball shoes that offer a strong grip. 

To make their basketball shoes efficient when it comes to enhancing the grip, different manufacturers make use of a wide range of techniques. Basketball shoes with good traction help you play safer and faster because they improve the ability to make sudden moves. 

When considering traction, look deeper than what style of the pair of sneakers. Instead, consider the design of the shoes.


Another factor to consider when looking to buy the best basketball shoes for wide feet is the cushioning technique. Nothing can compare to the ease of movement when playing on the court and you can only achieve this by finding a shoe that provides comfort and support. Different brands come with different systems of cushioning. 

The most popular brands give their shoes the right cushion using technologies such as Jordan FlightPlate, Under Armour Charged, Cushioning, Adidas Boost, Nike Zoom Air, etc. 


You need to make sure that the shoes you buy are the right fit. This is the only way your toes can have sufficient room and your entire feet can have space to breathe. So, when on the market looking for basketball shoes for wide feet, you want to look at the broad toe box section. 

Do not go for very shallow shoes because they are known to create toe discomfort. If your toes are not comfortable, your performance will suffer. 

Thumb space clearance is another aspect to check out. This is just a strategy that helps you know how much spacing your toes will have for free movement. By using this test, you can verify whether or not your toes will touch the shoe walls. 

If you are a woman who loves to play basketball, try not to buy male basketball shoes. That's because the manufacturers design them to be a bit wider as males tend to have larger feet. 

This means you will likely find the shoes to be uncomfortable and they will not provide the right fit. You don’t want to have a horrible game time, do you?


Buying basketball shoes involves more than just picking the first beautiful pair of sneakers that you come across. You need to consider how much support you get from those shoes. 

That's because one very common injury that basketball players suffer is ankle injury. Sometimes, the only way to fix these injuries is through surgery. This is the reason that finding shoes that provide ankle support is necessary and can help you enjoy your game without worrying about the risk of injury. 

Remember that the game of basketball involves cutting and jumping moves that happen in quick succession. This is why you need support for your ankles and arch. High-top basketball shoes can provide good support for your ankles while keeping joint movement minimal. 


Every athlete wants to turn up in style, so this factor is important to everyone. You also know that basketball players have a lot of fans and have a reputation to keep. If you have a thing for stylish shoes, that's okay. 

But do not make the mistake of compromising quality and the real reason for buying the shoes just because you want something stylish. You want to consider what your needs are and how the shoes can provide a solution rather than just focusing on the style. 

Take care not to allow beautiful-looking shoes to sweep you off your feet because they may not be the best in your case. There is no need to buy a brand of shoes because of how famous they are. I've discussed other factors above and your shoes should meet those criteria, especially if you have wide feet. Do not fall prey to the tactics of many manufacturers that employ different means to get you to buy their stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do basketball shoes come in wide?

It can be challenging to find the right fitting basketball shoes if your feet are wide. Many manufacturers create performance shoes in a way that makes them tight for players. The shoes are mostly tailored for people with regular feet. But you will still find some basketball shoes meant for people with wide feet. 

Are wide feet bad?

If you have some reservations about your wide feet, you are not alone. Other people feel the same way and there are reports of wide-footed players feeling discomfort. Wide feet are not bad but you will experience discomfort if you wear shoes that have a poor fitting. Avoid wearing very tight footwear but find basketball shoes for wide feet.

Should basketball shoes fit tight or loose?

Always go for shoes that give your toes good spacing to allow them to wiggle. When you engage in physical activities, your feet tend to swell. 

Think of the discomfort that could arise from wearing shoes that are too tight. It is even better to get shoes that are a bit loose and wearing double pairs of socks can make up for the excess space.

Do basketball shoes really matter?

Basketball shoes are very important but using the wrong type of footwear only exposes you to the risk of suffering foot injuries and ankle problems. The right basketball shoes keep your feet safe as you run and jump on the basketball court. 

Go for shoes that provide great cushioning and offer good traction. You also want shoes with good ankle support.

How do you know if basketball shoes are too big?

If you have wide feet, you need shoes with a broad toe box to give your toes sufficient room. When you try your basketball shoes before buying, always stand up and ensure there is some space between the shoes and the top of the longest toes. You also want to verify that your heels will not slip out of the shoes.


Buying basketball shoes, especially if you have wide feet, can be challenging. That is why it is important to decide what your needs are and what features to look for. 

Once you find the right pair, always check the reviews to see what previous buyers have to say. Do not be deceived by the style of the performance sneakers but go for something that fits your purpose. 

I’ve reviewed 5 best basketball shoes for wide feet above and you can pick one that matches your needs.

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