Best Cushion Basketball Shoes

Every basketball player needs their shoes to have good cushioning. Basketball, while one of the most fun sports to play both casually and seriously, also puts a lot of strain on your feet and ankles. When injuries do occur, these are the areas where you're most likely to seriously hurt yourself and put yourself out of the game for weeks if not months. So, basketball shoes need to have extra padding and strong soles that help to prevent serious injury and reduce the stress put in your ankles and feet. This also has the added benefit of helping you to play longer and harder so you can really work up a sweat and get the exercise you need to stay fit and healthy.

High-quality basketball shoes will always have extra cushioning in the areas of your feet that most need protecting. But if you’re worried about the stress playing ball puts your feet under than there are some particular shoes and brands that offer the best protection possible so you can play without worry.

This guide will take you through some of the best options currently on the market, explain some of the things you need to look out for if cushioned basketball sneakers are a priority for you and answer some of the questions you might have.

Best Cushion Basketball Shoes


adidas Men's Shoes | Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Basketball, Grey Five/Grey Four/Grey Three, (10 M US)


First, up out the gate we have a shoe that’s explosively good thanks to its advanced special boost cushioning system. Adidas has built their advanced cushioning into the shoe to make it less stressful on your feet when you’re running and jumping, the cushioning actually helps reduce the pressure on your feet so you’re not coming down too hard and risking injury. The shoes are also nicely springy which can have a positive effect on your whole game. The shoe also provides excellent ankle support, to help protect your ankles from a harder style of play. 

The shoe comes in a range of colors and gives you the chance to really express your style on and off the court. The lightweight neoprene upper helps to reduce sweat and keep your feet dry even when you give it you're all. A valuable feature in reducing inflammation and pain for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers and reducing conditions like Athletes Foot. The shoe’s Primeknit upper also wraps around the foot to provide additional support and comfort to the wearer, and the sole is made from rubber with a powerful traction pattern to help with your maneuverability and reduce the risk of taking a fall on the court. 

The anatomical lace system is also there to help relieve pressure on the foot and increase your comfort. All of which comes in a professional sleek looking shoe that will help boost your confidence knowing you look good whether your playing or just out and about.


  • Built from high-quality materials to help protect your feet and ankles

  • Neoprene upper helps to reduce sweat and keep your feet dry

  • Advanced traction pattern to help with maneuverability in play

  • Comes in a range of colors to help express your style

  • Strong ankle support to reduce injury


  • May not be the most suitable for those with flat feet

adidas Men's Shoes | Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Basketball, Grey Five/Grey Four/Grey Three, (10 M US)
  • adidas Primeknit upper wraps the foot in adaptive support and ultralight comfort
  • boost is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get
  • Unique anatomical lace system wraps the entire foot and relieves pressure
  • Sock-like bootee construction; TPU stability wrap
  • Grippy rubber outsole wraps up and around midsole


adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe, Black/White/Black, 7 M US


Another option from that king of sportswear Adidas, this option has the same sort o cushioning as the previously reviewed pair in the midsole. Adidas has worked hard to ensure that their sneakers are built to last, and for long time wear and protection and these are no different.

Looking a little more retro than similar models, the soles are built to offer amazing traction for most surfaces so you don’t have to worry about what sort of court you play on, these sneakers will definitely work hard to keep you on your feet and in the game. One of the most interesting features on these shoes is that they’ve been designed with the different repetitive actions of basketball in mind, the midsole is built to be responsive and return energy after jumps, while the herringbone outsole helps you stop and go on a dime to increase your maneuverability on the court by providing you with extra grip. 

They’re built for comfort and to fit your feet perfectly straight out of the box. The cushioning on these sneakers is incredibly well thought out providing support for all areas of the foot, but especially the heel which is an area where people often sustain dangerous and painful fractures during the high-octane action of a match. The shoe also offers excellent impact protection and helps increase your responsiveness on the court.


  • Balancing cushioned that protects all areas of the feet most at risk of injury

  • Lightweight making these some of these easiest to carry to and from the court

  • Great heel support protecting vulnerable areas

  • Excellent range of colors to really express your style

  • Durable and made from high-quality materials


  • Could benefit from greater traction on dirty surfaces

adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe, Black/White/Black, 7 M US
  • Classic B-ball style designed for extra comfort on the hardwood
  • Regular fit
  • Air mesh and textile upper with padded heel collar for comfort and breathability
  • Boost is our most responsive cushioning ever, delivering incredible energy return: The more energy you give, the more you get
  • Zonal herringbone rubber outsole for grip


Nike Men's Air Versitile II Basketball Shoe, Black/White, 8.0 Regular US


This is an advanced shoe with some excellent protection systems in place for all around the foot protection. Like its name, this is a versatile shoe that uses an internal lacing system that locks your foot in place, while the mesh and fabric materials to increase breathability and prevent the foot from sweating and overheating to reduce stress on the foot.

The modified herringbone pattern on the rubber sole which helps provide great traction on the court, while the heel contains an Air sole pocket that massively increases the impact protection of the shoe meaning you can jump high and run as fast and hard as you like knowing that you’re fully protected. They’re particularly comfortable and Nike has clearly spent some time making sure that this is a shoe you could easily wear for extended periods without damaging your feet.

These are a great option if you normally play on an outdoor court, as the tread and traction really lend them to an outdoor surface. They work hard to support your ankle and to ensure that you’re not putting too much stress on delicate parts of your feet. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to help improve your explosiveness on the court than these will definitely help you to blast off in a match thanks to their being lightweight and the quality of the grip.


  • Excellent impact protection thanks to the air pocket in both heels

  • Provides ankle support, and reduces stress on all parts of the foot

  • Excellent grip and traction on the court to improve speed and explosiveness

  • The fashionable style so you can feel comfortable on and off the court

  • Lightweight compared to other similar models 


  • A limited range of colors

Nike Men's Air Versitile II Basketball Shoe, Black/White, 8.0 Regular US
  • Visible Air-Sole heel unit provides lightweight impact cushioning
  • Fly wire cables provide stability and lockdown
  • Premium textile material provides incredibly soft comfort around the heel
  • Rubber outsole with modified herringbone pattern for traction


Nike Men's Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoes (12, Black/White/Blue)


The Kyrie line has always been well known to be the best sneakers for point guards, and these are no exception. The rounded Chushlon midsole and a solid cushion make these some of the best shoes around for heel to toe transition, this model though builds on that typical Kyrie sneaker for something that’s designed to take the pressure off your knees by including a Zoom air unit I the heel for the maximum amount of impact protection possible to help prevent injury and stressing your tired knees out.

The setup of the cushion really makes this a great option for anyone who's looking to improve their transition within their steps on the court, whilst simultaneously being lightweight and responsive to build up your reaction time on and off the court. If you want a sneaker that will help you outrun your opponents easily than this could be the model for you. Fast, fashionable, and built with your comfort in mind, this is a great option for those looking for maximum protection but still want to play as hard as ever.


  • A great versatile shoe with protection built throughout the design

  • Great for hardwood courts

  • One of the best options for a point guard 

  • Good traction


  • Limited color range


Mens Jordan xxxii 32 MVP Black Cement Basketball Shoes


A full zoom set-up is a thing of great joy for almost all ballplayers and this model is proof of what the right sneaker can do for you. This option includes 2 segmented Air units underneath the foot for the perfect all-round cushion to help protect your feet. There’s an unlocked unit in the forefoot which means that there’s nothing between the unit and the insole meaning that you can feel the compressed air immediately bouncing back to you, for that extra boost of energy.

This is one of the reasons why this shoe is a great option for players in all positions, they can really help improve your speed and your power while you’re on the court. With these on you don’t have to think about anything other than your game, thanks to the low to the ground ride. The heel section has a bottom-loaded unit which gives you plenty of impact protection for all sizes of players and gives you a little bit of a spring in your step whether your playing or just for wearing out every day.


  • Excellent ankle support and protection

  • A stylish choice to help you feel great on and off the court

  • Very comfortable so you can play harder for longer

  • Great traction 

  • Unlocked so you can feel the compressed air giving you a boost 


  • These do need to be given a bit of time to be broken in before you reach the peak comfort level

Mens Jordan xxxii 32 MVP Black Cement Basketball Shoes
  • Flyknit upper
  • Internal foam in the heel and collar for comfort
  • Solid rubber sole

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops Buying Guide

Buying any sort of shoe to help with your sport can be a nerve-wracking experience, though hopefully you now have a better idea of the kind of thing that’s available to you. Buying cushioned basketball sneakers that are specially designed to help protect you from stress injuries is particularly important because no one wants to get a preventable injury, especially when damage to your feet can stop you from playing for long periods. This section of the guide will take you through some of the things to look out for when buying cushioned basketball shoes so that you can make the right choice for you!

Position You Play

Thinking about the position you play and where you are in the team is one of the first things to consider before buying your new shoes. Basketball teams are composed of players who are all needed to make the team the best possible version of itself and your shoes need to reflect that. Each position has its own physical needs and you should pick your shoes based on the support you need for the position you play. Point Guards will need to be agile and quick so look at shoes that make this a priority. If you’re a shooting guard look at shoes that add to your agility, but also lightweight to give you the boost you need to make long-distance shots. Centers will need something that will help them stand their ground, and give you a bit of power when you jump, while Power Forwards will be looking for a good allrounder to help with their agility and power. Small Forwards will favor versatility in their sneaker because that’s what their position is all about. Thinking about your position and the features you need in your shoe to give you the support you need to be the best player you can be should be the first thing any basketball player is thinking about when contemplating buying new footwear.


With any purchase, you’ll be concerned with cost, and a good pair of basketball shoes can cost a fair amount especially when you’re looking for a pair with good quality cushioning. As previously described the best thing to do in this situation is to start looking with a good idea of what you need in your sneakers before you buy. This will help make sure you get the best pair for you, and you can then have a good look at a variety of options that fit your budget. The right sneakers are out there, and for the right price, you just have to make sure you’re looking in the right place and have sensible expectations.


Do I need cushioning in my basketball sneakers?

Every high-quality basketball shoe has some form of cushioning, but whether cushioning is something you’re actually in need of is down to you. If you’re a slightly older player or have a previous injury that you want to look after than cushioned shoes are a good idea to look into. Cushioned shoes are designed to help prevent injury and protect those areas of the foot that get easily stressed during basketball so have a think about if your feet are in pain when you come off the court. If you’re a slightly larger player than cushioned shoes are a good idea because you’re likely to be putting more pressure on your feet while you play and cushioned basketball shoes will help reduce your risk of injury.

How expensive are cushioned basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes like anything come in a range of prices, but top-quality shoes can have a hefty price tag attached. Knowing what you need, and not buying the first pair that comes along is a good strategy to ensure you get the right pair for you. Look at the market and make a measured choice based on your needs and what’s important to you.

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