5 Best Indoor Basketball Hoop Reviewed (2020)

We've all seen how popular basketball has become in recent years. As more people continue to show interest in learning to play the game, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for basketball gear. 

One area where people have a high demand is in the aspect of basketball hoops. Since families and friends are looking for ways to defy going to the court frequently, the focus is on buying the best indoor basketball hoop.

If you consider it a challenge so have some basketball fun with your family and friends because of the arduous task of visiting an outdoor court, indoor basketball hoops can be the solution. You can install them in your garage, room, office, or any space inside your home. That's because of the level of portability that they have.

 They do not take up that much space but still provide a functional experience just like you would get from regular size basketball goals. 

You’d be surprised to find that some of these indoor basketball hoops also offer the dunking experience with spring action breakaway rims. And they also have superior quality and durability, thanks to their shatterproof polycarbonate backboards. 

Getting an indoor hoop can be the key to unlocking your basketball skills as you can play whenever you want. So, check out these 5 recommendations of the best indoor basketball hoop to buy in 2020.

Best Indoor Basketball Hoops


Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop


This indoor basketball hoop has a great design that makes it resemble a real NBA backboard. The Spalding NBA Slam Jam is worth taking notice of, thanks to its reasonable price and fantastic features. 

One of the things that you will find interesting about the product is that it comes with padded door hooks to ensure that there is nothing like scuffing.

You can get it fixed on your doorway without worrying about any form of damage. No matter how often you play your basketball indoors, your doorway will remain intact. Another reason that you will find the Spalding Slam Jam to be very convenient is that it comes with a game ball (an NBA replica). This is a 4-inch diameter basketball of rubber material, so you don't have to worry about resistance. 

This ball also has the Logoman design that you mostly see on an original ball. I won’t forget to mention the breakaway rim design that increases the excitement of using this indoor basketball hoop. The installation process is easy as it comes to a pre-assembled bracket.


  • Comes with an NBA replica game ball
  • Fantastic design and construction
  • Easy to install
  • Has padded door hooks for safety against scuffing


  • Some buyers feel it has a flimsy build
  • The mounting bolts might have a sizing problem
Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop
  • MOUNTS ON DOOR: for indoor play
  • BASKETBALL INCLUDED: 5 inch rubber mini ball and assembly tool included
  • PADDED: padded polycarbonate board
  • BOARD SIZE: 18 inches x 10.5 inches
  • STEEL RIM: 9 inch steel breakaway rim


Franklin Sports Over the Door Indoor Basketball Hoop - Kids Mini Hoop for Bedroom - Steel Rim Mini Hoop - Includes Ball and Pump - Blue


This is another product that you can install or remove at will with no hassle. The Franklin mini basketball hoop is compatible with most doors and is a top recommendation. I suggest trying it out if you want to play with your family indoors. Anyone from 6 years and upward can use this superb indoor basketball hoop. 

The board of the Franklin hoop has an enhanced cushion design to keep your doors free of scuffs or damage during gameplay. It also has an acrylic backboard to improve how much resistance the basketball hoop has to hard impact. You will also enjoy the rebounds that come from this material. 

There is also a dual spring-loaded rim that adds to the fun and excitement while increasing the level of durability of the product. 

You can play non-stop for many hours and the Franklin mini basketball hoop won’t cave just like that. This product also comes with a mini PVC ball of 5 inches to save you the hassle of buying one separately. And it is very affordable when compared to many options on the market. I consider this a bonus for budget buyers.


  • Great for budget buyers
  • Cushioned design to keep your door safe after mounting
  • Durable acrylic backboard


  • Some buyers experienced setup issues
  • Best for kids, not adults
Franklin Sports Over the Door Indoor Basketball Hoop - Kids Mini Hoop for Bedroom - Steel Rim Mini Hoop - Includes Ball and Pump - Blue
  • ALL-IN-ONE SET: This mini hoop comes complete with (1) mini rubber basketball and inflation pump so you have everything you need to get the game started
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The spring-loaded steel rim and shatter resistant backboard ensure premium feel and performance
  • DUAL SPRING RIM: Bring your A-game! We have engineered this set to withstand 3-point shots and slam dunks
  • ENHANCED CUSHION: This backboard is designed with superior cushioning to protect your doors during gameplay
  • DIMENSIONS: This backboard is 17.75" x 12" and is designed to be easily installed on almost all standard width doors


SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, XL (23 x 16 inches)


The Pro XL is such a convenient product to have that allows you to play wherever you are, whether at the office or home. Its superior mobility places it high on the list of indoor basketball hoops to buy. 

You will be mistaken if you feel that its high level of portability means it has a weaker construction. The backboard is made of shatterproof polycarbonate material.

The build and design are solid and the product is great for anyone who wants to play basketball often no matter where they are. Keep in mind that it is also very affordable and won't cost you an arm or a leg. Two vital components help to improve the experience you get from the Pro XL. The backboard and brackets come with protective padding. This helps to reduce impact, as well as squeaks and noise.

After each shot, the rim gets back into place, thanks to its spring system. Installing the product shouldn't be a problem as the tools are provided. This indoor basketball hoop is also built for heavy-duty use as it comes with an 8-loop net. You will also get a rubber ball of 5.5 inches, so no need to buy a separate ball.


  • Made of shatterproof polycarbonate material
  • You get the installation tools needed
  • Spring system for the rim
  • 8-loop net for heavy-duty usage


  • Some buyers feel it has an overly tight spring tension
  • The design might seem rather flimsy
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, XL (23 x 16 inches)
  • 23" x 16" clear polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard
  • 9 1/2" diameter spring-action "break-away" steel rim
  • Foam-padded, slide-on door mounts
  • Pro-style replica graphics
  • Heavy- duty 8- loop, 3- ply nylon net


RAMgoal Durable Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop and Ball


RAMgoal gives you the perfect opportunity to keep yourself in shape as you can relax and carry out shot practice during your free time. This is a basketball hoop that kids and adults alike will come to appreciate. It comes with a breakaway rim design that has a diameter of 9 inches. So, both beginners and kids can make superb dunks. 

The best part is that you get a synthetic leather ball of 5 inches to save you the cost of buying one separately.

All you have to do is mount the indoor basketball hoop once you take it out of the packaging. You will also find that the backboard measures 24 x 16 inches, making it similar to many standard indoor models. This increases your chances of finding a convenient mounting spot. The breakaway 9-inch diameter rim earlier mentioned is also very resistant.

The backboard is manufactured with acrylic material known to be shatter-proof. So, rest assured that this product will serve you for long and you don't have to worry about its ability to handle the impact. 

I also like the wall spacing of 22 inches provided and you can make height adjustments if you want. It has a metal ring with highly durable construction. The company still offers you a lifetime warranty on purchase. 

When most people buy indoor basketball hoops, one of the things they worry about is the level of stability. RAMgoal takes care of that problem and allows you to mount it on your wall. The installation involves working with the double studs with a distance of 16 inches in between. Just pin them to the wall and attach the indoor hoop. Avoid making dunking movements that involve hanging on the rim. You don’t want to rip the studs off the wall.


  • Two studs to make mounting easy
  • 22-inch spacing from the wall
  • Acrylic backboard with shatter-resistant design
  • Pro-grade rims


  • Not the best for aggressive play
  • Peeling may occur over time
RAMgoal Durable Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop and Ball
  • Made by Progressive Play Sports LLC Indiana USA
  • Adjustable height up and down a total of 13 inches
  • 9 inch diameter professional breakaway rim and 24 x 16 inch backboard
  • Mounts to the wall into two studs 16 inches apart
  • Includes 5" RAMgoal Synthetic Leather Mini Basketball


Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop - Slam Dunk Approved - Shatter Resistant - Accessories Included, Standard - 17.75' x 12'


Next on the list is this mini basketball hoop from Franklin that allows you to mount it on your wall or door. It also comes with a basketball, so you don't have to buy another one. Measuring 17.75 inches x 12 inches, the backboard possesses a standard design. 

It is the right fit for a lot of doors you find in many homes. I also like the steel parts built to resist rust.

You will notice that it can absorb impact pretty well and has a shatter-proof over the door backboard. This game set hoop has a metal rim measuring 9.5 inches and the 8-loop netting system looks very professional. 

What better way to increase the fun and excitement of your game and practice than with the Franklin mini hoop? The basketball rim bounces into place after dunking, thanks to the dual spring ring design. This makes it easy to play three-point shots.


  • Better performance with the spring rim
  • Premium build for durability
  • Easy to install
  • Shatter-resistant


  • Thin backboard
Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop - Slam Dunk Approved - Shatter Resistant - Accessories Included, Standard - 17.75" x 12"
  • Shatter resistant backboard: We at franklin play just as hard as you. The backboard on this set has been designed to outperform all other over the door basketball sets in the market
  • Legit setup: This is a solid set. You will be shooting a 5in rubber basketball into a 9.5in metal rim that's equipped with a durable 8 loop net
  • Dual spring rim: Bring your a game; We have engineered this set to withstand 3 point shots and slam dunks
  • Pro basketball setup: Engineered to fit all common sized doors in a home or office. We have engineered this set to have a half inch of protective eva foam to protect the door its installed on
  • Quality steel hardware: We chose to cut no corners, that is why this set comes with all steel hardware and tools

Best Indoor Basketball Hoops Buying Guide

I reviewed 5 of the most recommended indoor basketball hoops on the market. But it is still possible that knowing what products to pick presents a challenge for you. That could be because you are unaware of the factors to consider before picking the best indoor basketball hoop.

In this information guide, I’ll tell you what those important points of consideration are. And don't forget to check out the FAQ section below. So, let's dive into the things to look for before choosing an indoor hoop.

Height Adjustability

How adjustable is the indoor basketball hoop? This is an important question to consider if your product of choice will also serve grown-ups. You don't have to bother with this if you just want an indoor hoop for your kids.

 But remember that children grow very fast, which is why you should consider whether you can adjust the height of your preferred hoop.

If it becomes easy for your child to score, that means it’s time for a change. You can save yourself the stress by opting for an adjustable height basketball hoop. This isn’t much of a problem because I’ve noticed that many top-rated hoops for kids have the height adjustable feature.


I know you’ve got this factor on your mind. Everyone wants a product that can serve them for long, especially when it comes to basketball hoops. The durability of your indoor basketball goal matters because some kids and players can be aggressive. 

You want to look at the net, as well as the rim and backboard. These are three important components to consider.

Polycarbonate or plexiglass is the material used to make many backboards. But you will be better off with polycarbonate because of its shatter-resistant qualities. Plexiglass doesn't bend and happens to be more rigid. But the disadvantage is that it can shatter under heavy impact.

Heavy-duty steel is the material for making the rim most of the time. Unless you want something that only your kids will play with, don't buy a plastic rimmed hoop. You should also verify that the net is sturdy enough. Check the description before buying and you might also want to look at what customers say about the product before you splash out the cash. 


Of course, one of the things that you are conscious of when buying a product is how much you have to spend. This isn't any different when buying indoor basketball hoops. The best way to go about this is by coming up with a budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend so much to get a premium product from a reputable manufacturer.

All the products in my review are affordable and solid, so picking any one of them won't be a mistake. Most people have a notion that the more expensive a product is, the more the quality. But that is a false idea that you must do away with. You don’t have to break the bank to get a quality indoor basketball goal.  

Many leading manufacturers of basketball hoops know that you want the product to last as long as possible. That's why they use premium materials to equip it to handle impact from aggressive use. So, buying from a reputable manufacturer gives you value for your money.


We all know how annoying it can be to buy a product but struggle with the installation process. This is why you want to consider how easy it is to set up and use your indoor basketball hoop before buying. Ensure that your preferred product has the necessary door mounts and tools to get it installed.

It can be a turn off when you have to experience so much hassle and difficulties buying separate tools. I would suggest that you avoid buying a product that doesn't come with all the tools you need to install it. With the 5 recommended products in my review, installing them shouldn't be a problem.

Go for a product that doesn't take up so much time to install. And getting an extra hand to help you do the job isn't a bad idea. So, find an indoor basketball hoop that fits this criterion. The feedback and reviews from previous buyers should give you a picture of what it is like to set up and use the basketball hoop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best indoor basketball hoop?

  • Spalding NBA Slam Jam
  • Franklin Sports Mini-Basketball Hoop for Kids
  • SKLZ Pro XL
  • RAMgoal
  • Franklin Mini Basketball Hoop

How do you keep a portable basketball hoop from falling?

Wanting to keep your kids and family safe is important, especially when using portable basketball hoops. There are different strategies to ensure that your portable basketball hoop does not fall over.

  1. Always be safety conscious
  2. Upgrade from portable hoops to an in-ground hoop
  3. You sand rather than water
  4. You can create extra weight with the help of sandbags
  5. Ratchet straps, as well as ground anchors, can help

Are portable basketball hoops safe?

In general, you don't have to worry about safety when using portable basketball hoops because there are ways to secure them. But keep in mind that they can topple over with ease. This can happen when there is a sudden gust of wind or an attempted aggressive dunk. Portable basketball hoops may injure or kill the player when and the fall over.

How do you fix a basketball wall hoop?

You have to connect the backboard to the hoop. In the backboard, you will find already existing holes and all you have to do is screw the hoop to the backboard. Then, link the backboard to the wall or mounting bracket.


One reason to love the game of basketball is that we can play it both indoors and outdoors. You don’t need so much space as the best indoor basketball hoop can come in handy. In this review, I provided 5 top products that give you value for your money.

But I suggest taking your time to read the factors to consider before choosing a product. This is important if you are a beginner in the world of basketball hoop purchasing. Don’t make the mistake of concluding that very expensive products offer the best quality. With the information provided in the guide, making a smart decision shouldn't be a problem. Cheers!

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