5 Best Pool Basketball Hoops Reviewed (2020)

Playing water basketball in the swimming pool is one of the most fun ways to spend your springs and summers. It is a light-hearted sport that burns excess calories and gives you a good thrill at the same time. 

And what better way to enjoy this sport than to bring home a pool basketball hoop?

You have thought of a pretty terrific idea for your summer. But do you already know which pool basketball hoop is the best?

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Before delving into the tiring quest for searching out the best pool basketball hoop, wait and think of the features, you want the product to have. Some people like floating hoops, while others would like a stationary one. Some like a versatile product, others like more exclusive basketball hoops.

If you look up online, there would be tons of options with the exact features. To help you out, I have made a list of the top 5 pool basketball hoops that are loved by hundreds of users. I have incorporated a few varieties so that you find what you are looking for.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

If you are looking forward to playing some water sports during your summer vacation, then installing the Dunnrite B600 swimming pool basketball hoop is a good way to go. This hoop is ideal for the entire family and friends to enjoy the water sport as its pole is adjustable. This feature makes it suitable for members of every height.

You can minimize the height when you are in a mood to play basketball with your kids in the swimming pool. The height is increasable up to 56 inches. 

The basketball hoop offers a good deal of stability as the base can store 25 gallons of water, which certainly deters the chances of toppling.

You can expect great durability as its backboard is made of Polyurethane. It has a dimension of 43" x 28.5". The stainless-steel vinyl-coated rim and the all-weather white net ensures that your pool basketball hoop will continue to look new for long. 

It is a weather-resistant basketball hoop model that enhances the curb appeal of your poolside area. Furthermore, you will not need to sweat for long, as the installation is fairly easy. 

If we consider the price point of this product, then it is neither exorbitant nor too easy on the pocket. 

Given its durability, safe and heavy base, this is the best pool basketball hoop available. The package comes with a blue & white basketball included in it so that you can dive into playing water sports right after assembling the unit. 


  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for all ages
  • The stable base can hold 25 gallons of water
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Dissembling the pole from the base will take time
Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop with Stainless Steel Rim (B600)
  • 43 Inch x 28.5 Inch Polyurethane Basketball Backboard
  • Vinyl coated STAINLESS STEEL basketball rim with white all weather net
  • The Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop has a one piece 2 3/8 Inch round heavy duty, Aluminum Powder Coated Pole
  • The telescoping pole adjusts the height of the basketball hoop up to 56 inches above the swimming pool deck in infinite increments
  • The super-tough polyethylene basketball hoop base is 40W x 24L x 10H and holds 25 gallons of water - weighs 200 lbs. when filled with water.

The Lifetime Pool Side Basketball Hoop offers everything a water sports lover can ask for. This portable hoop combines style with stability to deliver the best pool basketball playing experience to you. 

With this product, you get a perfectly stable base that can store 27 gallons of water. The backboard is sturdy enough to take hits one after another for years. There is no need for dissembling when you want to relocate the hoop to another corner of the pool. The base has wheels to make portability a breeze. 

To make the 44'' backboard shatterproof, the company fused together a polycarbonate surface with a polyethylene frame to achieve a snazzy pro glass look.

The graphics on the backboard of the hoop are screen printed with UV-protected ink that gives it an anti-fading property. The all-weather nylon net and the stainless-steel hoop renders the durability quotient a boost. You also get a 5-year limited warranty with it.

Similar to the previous product, this pool basketball hoop has a height adjustment feature. The minimum height of the pole is 4feet and the maximum being 6.5 feet with 6" increments. 

You might be thinking, in spite of having such terrific features, why did I put it second to Dunnrite? Well, the reason is its price. 

Albeit, in terms of features, the Lifetime swimming pool hoop is superior to the Dunnrite, but it costs considerably more than our former entry. This is why I think it to be the second-best pool basketball hoop available in 2020. 


  • Features wheels for easy portability
  • Stylish and shatterproof backboard
  • Height adjustment


  • Inclusion of a basketball would have been better
Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard
  • 44” Shatterproof Fusion Backboard integrates a polycarbonate playing surface with an unbreakable polyethylene frame for a durable, pro glass look
  • The pole is uv-protected and rust-resistant making it durable and strong. White 27 Gallon base provides stability and portability; Can be filled with water or sand
  • Telescoping height adjustment that adjusts from 4 to 6.5 feet in 6 inch increments
  • Graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks for superior color and protection against the elements.
  • 2-piece round steel pole is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish

If easy assembling and durability are your top priorities, then the Poolmaster 72783 should be your go-to choice for the best pool basketball hoop. 

It is so easy to assemble that your teenager can do it without the requirement of any tools. Just place the poles on the board and jam in the screws through the designated perforations. Now tighten the bolts with your hands and secure the base. Done!

However, always remember to fill the base of the pool basketball hoop with water or sand before you start playing. 

The backboard and the base are made of polyform materials for durability. It measures 34” x 25.5”. The poles and hoop are made of stainless steel, to add years to its lifetime. It also includes a basketball to deliver the entire package to you. 

The only thing that strikes as a con is the length of the poles, which is not too high. It also lacks any height adjustability feature. 

Though it takes a great basketball hoop for both adults and kids, owing to its short height, the sport isn't challenging enough for the pro-level players. 


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Made of durable polyform material


  • Poles are a tad short
Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game
  • Specially designed for poolside basketball action; sits on deck for in-ground or above ground pools
  • Durable all-weather materials; hard-body backboard measures 34-inches wide x 25.5-inches high
  • Polyform game base can be filled with water or sand (preferable) for poolside stability
  • Includes 14-inch hoop, all-weather hand-woven net and game ball with inflation needle
  • Backboard color may vary between grey or blue

Love to play both volleyball and basketball? If so, then nothing can be better than the SwimWays 2-in-1 sports combo. The package includes everything that you would need to play either sport. From posts to nets, it has all. 

The base and backboard of the pool basketball hoop are made of durable quality plastic for rust resistance. They are wide enough to give your basketball hoop sound stability that you can rely upon. 

When you wish to play volleyball, just detach the backboard and use it as a base to fix the spare pole that the set comes included with. You also get a volleyball and a basketball along with the package. If you ask me, it is a pretty cool package for water sports lovers.

Once you have set up the bases and poles on both the side, unentangle the volleyball net and attach it to each side. And Voila, you are ready to play pool volleyball. Both the net of the basketball hoops and the volleyball is super durable as per most of the reviews I have read. 

It is a versatile product that lets you switch between two games. This is why I think it to be one of the best pool basketball hoops. However, detaching the backboard takes a while. 

I would have ranked it higher has it not been for this reason. 


  • Durable plastic material negates the chances of rusting
  • Versatile water sports combo of pool basketball and volleyball


  • Setting up the volleyball posts takes a while
SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set - Outdoor Volleyball & Basketball Net For Swimming Pool
  • DURABLE: Water filled base and plastic material provides strong stability during play
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required for setup.
  • COMBO SET INCLUDES: 24" volleyball net, 1 volleyball, 2 basketball hoops/base, and 1 basketball.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: This product is made of plastic. You will not have to worry about rust!
  • FUN IN ONE: Easily switch between your favorite pool games. The SwimWays basketball hoop easily transform into volleyball posts, and back again.

This inflatable water sports set is perfect for you if you don't want to get into the hassle of filling water/sand in and out of bases of basketball hoops. 

Besides, it is a very cost-effective option and features as the best budget-buy on this list of the best pool basketball hoops. 

Within the package, you get one inflatable volleyball court, an inflatable basketball hoop, a basketball, and a volleyball. You also get two weighing bags to give stability to the floating hoop and court. Inflating and deflating these fun sport set is super easy and hassle-free.

This basketball hoop set is a highly portable and space-efficient option for all those who have a space crunch. The look of this sport set is aesthetically pleasing. The court measures 105"x28"x35" and the pool basketball hoop has a measurement of 27"x23"x 27."

As the court and the hoop are made of raft material, durability will not be an issue. The material is non-toxic and completely safe for children as well. If you have never played water sports, this set is a good one to start with as it does not cost much. So, even if you end up not liking it, there isn’t much at stake. 


  • Portability and setting it up is a hassle-free affair
  • Value for money


  • Quality of the volleyball net needs improvement
Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops; Balls Included for Kids and Adults Swimming Game Toy, Floating, Summer Floaties, Volleyball Court (105”x28”x35”)|Basketball (27”x23”x27”).
  • Inflatable Pool Float Set includes an Inflatable Volleyball Court with 2 Weight Bags, an Inflatable Basketball Hoops, an Inflatable Volleyball and an Inflatable Basketball.
  • The Inflatable Volleyball Court measured Approximately 105” x 28” x 35”. The Inflatable Basketball Hoops measured Approximately 27” x 23” x 27”.
  • Most Valuable and Durable Inflatable Swimming Pool Floating Set. Made of High-Quality Raft Material.
  • Super Value Pack for Adults & Kids. Perfect for Ideal Pool Floats, Swimming Pool Games, Pool Toys, Pool Basketball, Pool Volleyball, Floaties, Party Favors, Summer Themed Party, Activity, Ceremony, Carnival, Birthday Parties, School Classroom and More!
  • CHILD SAFETY: Meet US Safety Standard. Safety Test Approved. Non-Toxic.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops Buying Guide

Before you jump into buying a product because a few reviews say it to be the best, you might want to stop and consider a few points. 

Pool basketball is a fun sport, but it can only be fun when the basketball hoop has features that are to your liking. 

I have jotted down some of the most crucial points of consideration. It will help you to thoroughly weigh out all the pros and cons of each product when you set out to purchase it. 

Have a look. 

Types of Pool Basketball Hoops

There are four types of pool basketball hoops that you can choose from. They are: -

Floating Pool Basketball Hoops: These hoops are simplistic and one of the most commonly seen ones. Floating pool hoops are cost-effective options. You need to inflate them before you can float them in the pool to let the fun begin. 

Deck Pool Basketball Hoops: These types of hoops are placed in one corner of the pool. Players swim through and shoot to score a basket with this type of hoops. They have a base that is generally filled with either water or sand. 

Mounted Pool Basketball Hoop: This type of hoop is mounted permanently to the side of the pool. In essence, they are the exact opposite of the floating hoops. As these are mounted, you will need to put considerable effort into both mounting and moving it. 

Basketball-cum-Volleyball Hoop: both pool basketball and pool volleyball are good fun sports. It is for this reason that many brands combine accessories of both the sports in a combo. If you love both sports, then you can consider getting such a combo. They are great value for money if you ask me.

Age of the Players

If you are buying a pool basketball hoop for kids or teenagers, then the height of the pole must be below. The pole must not be above 39''. If you are purchasing it for yourself, then a pole that is above the height of 45'' should be good for you. 

Height Adjustability

The best pool basketball hoops generally have a height adjustment feature. It allows you to adjust the height of the basketball pole as per your requirements. This feature is especially sought after by people who have kids and want them to enjoy pool basketball once in a while.

Ease of Assembling

You don't want a pool basketball hoop that takes years, extra man-power, or a few dollar bills to assemble. So, go for simpler models that you can assemble by yourself. Also, do read the customer reviews of each product to know better about the time you will have to keep aside for assembling it.


The best basketball hoops do cost a good amount of money. So, it is natural on your part to want it to last longer. If you are looking for durability, look for the following features: 

  • Polyethylene net
  • Vinyl coated pole
  • Polyurethane Basketball Backboard
  • Stainless steel hoop

If you like floating pool basketball hoops, then a going for one that is made of raft material is a good way to ensure durability. 

Backboard Material

A strong backboard ensures that you don't have to get out of the pool to fetch the ball every time you miss a shot. Hence, buy a pool basketball hoop that has a durable backboard. Acrylic and polyurethane are great materials for backboards. Some customers also prefer shatterproof glass. 


No matter what sport you are playing, there is always a chance of getting hurt. To ensure safety, make sure that the base of your pool basketball hoop is heavy enough. There should be no rust on the rim or on the pole. Also, make sure that there are no protruding edges on the body of the hoop to ensure safety. 

Your Budget

Your budget decides a lot when it comes to purchasing anything. The best way to spend your money is to not step outside of what you have already set aside for the product. 

If you are a bit tight on the budget, we suggest that you get a good quality floating pool basketball hoop. You will get some of the best pool basketball hoops under $50. If you have a slightly higher budget, opting for a deck basketball hoop is a better option. 

Pool Basketball Hoop Buying Question and Answers

What is the Best Pool Basketball Hoop?

There are innumerable choices in the market when it comes to pool basketball hoops. After weighing the value for money factor, durability and ease of assembling, I think that the following five are the best pool basketball hoops: 

  1. Dunnrite Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop (B600)
  2. Lifetime Pool Side Basketball Hoop
  3. Poolmaster 72783 Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop
  4. SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Water Sports Combo Set
  5. Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoop

Which is the best material for the basketball backboard?

When it comes to basketball backboard, there are three popular choices— acrylic, shatterproof glass, and Polyurethane. 

If you prefer stylish backboards, the shatterproof glass is perhaps the best choice. If you are rooting for durability, then an acrylic finish is perhaps the better option. 

Durable plastics are common too but are less durable than all the three options we discussed above.

How much is a pool basketball hoop?

If you want to buy a decent pool basketball hoop, it will cost you anywhere between $100 to $180. If you are fine with shelling out more, you can obtain a better pool basketball hoop with multiple features. 

However, in case you are looking for a floating one, it should come under 50 bucks.  

What size should a basketball backboard be?

 A general rule of thumb is to settle for a basketball backboard that is larger than 34" in width and 24" in height. If you have a larger space, then there is no problem with buying a large backboard of 72". However, I do not recommend you get anything larger than that. 


Pool basketball is one of the best watersports that is loved across the world. I have included stationary, portable, versatile, and floating basketball hoops on this list. Choose what you think will bring the most joy in your life instead of relying on anyone else's views.

I have composed this article after minutely analyzing each product. So, if you choose a product from this list, durability and good quality are two things guaranteed.

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