5 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes Reviewed (2020)

Women have a different build from men and this reflects in the structure and size of their feet. Although male basketball shoes might fit a woman, the best line of action is to find the best women's basketball shoes. 

This is the only real way to guarantee support and comfort while keeping your feet safe from common basketball injuries.

Best Women's Basketball Shoes

Think about how horrible it is to suffer an ankle sprain during one of your best basketball games just because you wore the wrong basketball shoes. 

Using the wrong performance sneakers can also give you sore feet if the shoes are too small for you. Apart from the size of your feet or support for your ankles, there are different factors to consider before buying women's basketball shoes. 

In the following basketball shoe reviews, you will find a section that tells you about those factors and what to look for in basketball shoes.

Basketball is one of the most competitive sports and is still ideal for family and friends that want to bond together. Just about anybody can play the game and women who want to improve their experience need to find the right shoes. 

Having appropriate gear helps you play better and keeps you feeling comfortable for longer apart from being able to prevent injuries. If you need some of the most recommended products to choose from, this review will help you. You will find five top-rated women's basketball shoes to buy in 2020.

Best Women's Basketball Shoes

The HOVR from Under Armour is one pair of shoes that has everything that a woman will ever need. Its upper material is made from synthetic textile and the shoe guarantees you good ventilation for your feet. 

The ankle collar cushioning gives you great support and comfort. At the midfoot, you will find a mesh panel designed to give you effective breathability to keep your foot from overheating during training or gameplay.

Another feature that makes these basketball shoes likable for women is the molded heels that keep your feet locked in. This feature ensures that your heels stay in place and also protects them from common basketball injuries. 

The EVA sock liner cushions your feet and allows you to wear them for hours. The cushioning is even better, thanks to the EVA Midsoles. The soles are thick to give you more stability and accommodate quick movements. I also like how stylish the shoes look which is something women always fancy. 


  • Best cushioning effect
  • Stylish
  • Zero strain when doing jump shots
  • Thick soles and lightweight


  • Not the most recommended for traction on the market
Under Armour Women's Jet Mid Basketball Shoe, Black (002)/White, 9
  • Synthetic textile upper for breathability & support
  • Enhanced cushioning around ankle collar for superior comfort
  • Ventilated mesh midfoot panel
  • Molded heel for locked in support & fit
  • Die cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support

Next on the list is a product from one of the most talked-about shoe collections from Nike – The Air Force 1. These gymnastics shoes offer you value for your money considering the features packed into it. One of  the most outstanding aspects of its design is the traction pattern that is as solid as other shoes that come from this manufacturer. 

You should have no problem using this product on outdoor courts, thanks to its rubber sole. The patterns have appropriate spacing that help to repel dirt and debris from getting stuck. All you have to do is just jerk it a little and any accumulated dirt falls off. 

Another brilliant aspect of this shoe is the cushioning. During my research, I found this basketball shoe remarkable because of its midsole that ensures you get great comfort during gameplay. T

hese Hi-top trainers come with a polyurethane cushion to give you that comfortable feeling no matter how long you want to stay on the court. But that’s not all as the manufacturer has designed the shoe with the right fitting. 

Buying online shouldn't be a problem as you are guaranteed a shoe that locks in your feet just right. Even with that, you still feel the space created to ensure that your toes and entire feet can breathe.

The enhanced upper mesh on the Mid Gymnastics Shoes give your feet access to air during gameplay on the court. You have nothing to worry about concerning the leather because it is durable. 

You won’t be dumping these shoes anytime soon. To be honest, buying these shoes will prove to be one of the best decisions any female player can make. They are not only breathable but will match any outfit of yours being that they are black.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor courts
  • Not too expensive
  • Very comfortable and breathable


  • You’ll have to break them in
Nike Air Force 1 ´07, Women’s Low-Top Sneakers, Weiß (White/White), 5 UK
  • Low cut at the ankle area for a natural fit
  • Perforations in the instep for added ventilation

In my opinion, this is one superb shoe that doesn't get as much popularity and value. Maybe that’s because most buyers are focused on the more prestigious manufacturers like Adidas and Nike. 

The Overdrive basketball shoe looks great and can compete very well with other big brands you know. The best part is that it isn't that expensive. I love its synthetic and textile exterior in particular which offer you a well-ventilated space and the right kind of support. Its color is also eye-catching and looks great.

Another aspect that I fancy about these basketball shoes for women is the out triggers that you will notice on the outsole's sides. 

Their design makes it possible for the shoes to provide players with adequate support necessary to complete cuts and lateral movement. Controlled pivots require very effective traction and the radial herringbone pattern handles that pretty well. To give you more grip whether you love to play on indoor or outdoor courts, the shoe is fitted with narrowly ribbed treads


  • Great pricing
  • Very eye-catching color with great build
  • Well-ventilated


  • You don’t get that many color choices

This shoe hasn't been around for long and is new on the block when compared to many other shoes out there. It isn’t that expensive but it lives up to our expectations. For this reason, it earns its place on my review list. Keep reading to find out why I nominate this brand product as one of the best women’s basketball shoes. 

When it comes to breathability and support, the upper synthetic leather guarantees both. You'll also find a ventilated mesh in its mid-foot panel to give you great comfort for your feet and an extra airflow layer. 

You also get ankle support, thanks to the extra layer of cushioning. Weighing around 12.3 ounces, the EVA midsole is compression molded to offer you great responsiveness while making the shoe lightweight. The Jet comes with a molded heel footbed to make you feel locked in while giving your heels great support. 

I also like the EVA sock liner that adds to the cushioning you get for your underfoot. 


  • The outsole promises good stability
  • Very beautiful with good airflow
  • Aggressive tread design


  • You may experience some discomfort on the first use
Under Armour Women's Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe, mod Gray (101)/White, 10.5
  • Molded & perforated leather & textile upper for breathability & support
  • Durable TPU overlay is abrasion resistant & helps maintain shape
  • Internal heel counter for locked-in support & fit
  • Internal bootie construction for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Die-cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support

You don't have to look too far to realize that PUMA is one of the best footwear makers in the world. After much research, the PUMA Sky II deserves to be on this list and they are one of my favorite shoes too. I find the style and design to be quite captivating but let me tell you more about the outstanding features that you get with this basketball shoe. 

I like how safe the shoes feel, especially as they come with a tight fit. When playing the game of basketball, one thing that women should be concerned about is safety. 

Having shoes that help you achieve safety improves your performance on the court. No matter how much impact you experience, these shoes prevent you from sustaining some common injuries. The Velcro strap is very durable and ensures that your feet stay safe without being too heavy on them.

Another thing you have to consider is the weight of the shoes. How much traction can you get from your basketball shoes? The PUMA Women’s Sky II guarantees you good movement on the court with little risk of slipping or falling. 

It allows you to make sharp turns or sudden stops which are all common in basketball games. The textile and rubber sole construction are some of the added benefits together with the lace-up system that improves your playing stability. This helps your feet with impact resistance. 


  • Velcro strap to keep your feet secure
  • Stylish


  • The white design tends to pick up dirt too fast

Best Women's Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

A casual search may not tell you what the best shoes are except you put in the necessary time and effort. You need to consider shoes that have the right design and grip patterns. You also need to ensure that they can provide the kind of comfort you want. This shows you how much work goes into finding the right pair of basketball shoes for women.

One mistake I see from many women who buy online is that they spend impulsively. With no real idea about aspects like cushioning and materials, they just take the first beautiful thing that comes into their line of sight. 

What's even worse is when you spend your money based on the pricing of a product. 

You will end up buying the wrong basketball shoes if you decide that only expensive shoes are the best.

The number one rule is never to settle for just any product. We all want the best and I want you to get a pair of basketball shoes that suits your needs. 

You want something that offers you excellent traction and keeps your feet safe without spending too much. So, here are the features to take seriously if you are looking to buy female basketball shoes -

The Material

Some of the best materials to rely on are leather and synthetic, as well as mesh and textile. Each of these materials has a role to play in guaranteeing great performance. Most times, these materials are combined to create basketball shoes. 

Textile and synthetic combinations are good if you are looking to get the best of both worlds. When it comes to internal cushioning, you want a pair of shoes built with a soft material that has high durability. 

One of the best materials for this purpose is synthetic padding. The reason is that not too many materials can compare with synthetic in the aspects of cushioning and strength. Leather is also good for durability and mesh is best for traction.

Midsole Features

You also need to find out how thick or thin the midsoles are. This is because the only way you can keep your feet comfortable during a game of basketball is to ensure that you have breathable midsoles. 

Having a thin midsole means you value ventilation more than your ability to resist impact. But going with a thick midsole will increase the temperature of your legs and make them sweaty. Also try to consider the balance factor because very stiff shoes have next to no bounce. 

You will have reduced flexibility if the midsole is stiff. This is why many players suffer injuries and stiffness to the ankles. Go for a balanced product that doesn’t have too much bounce or too little bounce. You want a product that provides stability and control during moves. 

Ankle Protection

Protecting your ankle is something you should never take for granted. Many basketball shoes you find on the market come with some features to keep your ankles safe. 

Without these features, it would almost be like playing basketball with your bare foot or a pair of slippers. One of the most sensitive areas in your legs is your ankles. Mid-top collar shoes keep you safe from experiencing ankle sprains. 

If you want to protect this part of your body, you can find a shoe with a well-molded collar. But you also want to ensure that you do not sacrifice natural movements for ankle protection. Some shoes might keep your ankle safe but will restrict you from moving freely on the court. 

Avoid buying very tight or very loose shoes because that is an indication that they are not the correct choice. You want something that allows your ankles to rotate freely.


Women are moved by beautiful things. They can’t help it because it is in their nature. But this could also be a pitfall when picking basketball shoes. 

You can go for design when looking to buy casual shoes but there is more to purchasing basketball gear than the looks. You should factor in the more important parameters before looking at how stylish the product is.


Most people don't understand the importance of going with your exact right size when picking performance sneakers. There are basketball shoes on the market that need to be broken in. 

Some of these shoes give you a great fit but others might be narrow at the forefoot. Don’t be like other buyers who pick a product despite the little discomfort that they experience just because they like the shoe. 

Your basketball footwear will loosen up over time but that is possible when you go with something that fits just right from the very start. If you notice pressure at the toes while testing the shoes, keep your money in your pocket.

Best women’s basketball shoes FAQs

What are good basketball shoes for girls?

  • Under Armour HOVR Basketball Shoe
  • AND1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball Shoe
  • Under Armour Women’s Jet
  • Nike Women’s Sneakers Hi-Top Trainers
  • PUMA Women’s Sky II

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s basketball shoes?

On average, a slight difference exists between female and male shoe sizes. But this is really up to the manufacturer. Don’t forget to check the sizes when looking for a new basketball shoe to buy.

What is special about basketball shoes?

The game of basketball requires players to jump, start, and stop. These activities cause shock or even injuries to your feet. But basketball shoes help to provide shock-absorbing solutions while keeping the ankles stable. 

These shoes also allow players to move with as much flexibility as possible.

Can a woman wear men’s Nikes?

The manufacturer made it clear on their website that both women and men can wear any of the shoes meant for either of the genders. But the most important thing is to verify that your choice is the right fit. You should be able to walk and run in them before making a purchase


This buying guide contains all the information you need to make good choices regarding purchasing the best women's basketball shoes. There are many recommendations and products available but I've reviewed 5 of the very best.

Before making a purchase, make sure you read the factors to consider carefully so that you avoid the mistakes that most beginners make. You don't want to lose your money by buying a product that is inferior or that doesn't match your needs. 

You may also drop your comments or questions and we can continue the discussion if you need more guidance.

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