The Height of Expectations

Measuring Vertical Impact There are several physical traits valued in basketball, but none is more unique to the sport than height. You can t get through a televised game these days without hearing how long a particular player is. Indeed, a basketball floor containing 10 Division I players is quite unlike the general population. According …

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Rethinking NBA Aging

Chaos or Order? I’m dreading my next birthday. It’s not a milestone in any traditional sense, but 28 has a very important meaning in professional sports. Going back to the pioneering research done by Bill James in baseball, it’s been accepted by statistical analysts that players generally peak at age 27, meaning starting in April …

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Indiana’s No. 1

Preseason Rankings 1 to 345 Editor’s note: Dan’s preseason rankings will be appearing in both the soon to be released College Basketball Prospectus 2012-13, and in the issue of ESPN The Magazine that hits streets this Friday. Support Dan’s indefatigable analytical efforts by purchasing several copies of both. Earlier this month, I revealed my my new …

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Happy (Belated) Anniversary

It’s a good thing I’m not married, because I completely forgot a very noteworthy anniversary: Basketball Prospectus’ first anniversary, which was last Friday. It’s been a fun year, and I hope year number two has much more in store. I asked BBP Managing Editor Joe Sheehan to look through the archives to find some of …

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