Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

If you love basketball and want to incorporate into your regular workout routine, then you’re probably thinking about joining a gym like Planet Fitness

If you are in the market for a gym than one of the things you should probably check before you join is if they have a basketball court.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court

Whether you like playing pick up games, in a recreational league, or solo, just going to the court to shoot hoops, a court is going to be an important part of your exercise regime if you’re planning to use basketball as your primary way of working out.

A lot of gyms do have basketball courts to try and get a younger crowd to join, but is Planet Fitness one of the gyms that cater to basketball enthusiasts and has a court as part of their facilities?

Does Planet Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

The short answer is no, Planet Fitness Gyms don’t have basketball courts in their included facilities. 

Out of the 15 locations we looked into, none of them have basketball courts. However, Planet Fitness does have a really great range of exercise equipment, membership packages, incredible facilities, amenities, and a wide variety of classes.

Planet Fitness is really aiming to cater to an older demographic than basketball usual attracts. They offer more traditional exercise routines, like spin class, ellipticals, weightlifting, and treadmills. Their clientele tends to be moms looking to stay in shape, the elderly looking to protect their health and fitness, or people of all ages who are trying for the first time to get into the gym fitness bubble and are trying out the range of facilities and health benefits the gym offers for the first time as their first step on the path to a healthier life.

So if you’re looking for a gym with a court or other facilities aimed at a serious exercise regime than Planet Fitness may not be the place for you.

That’s not to say that there is no Planet Fitness location with a basketball court, but they aren’t the usual facility offered by them and a court isn’t a normal inclusion for most of their facilities. This is not to say that Planet Fitness can’t help you with your basketball skills, or general athleticism because they absolutely can!

Planet Fitness

While they may not typically have a court, they can be a helpful part of your training as a basketball player and for your health and fitness level in general. After all, it’s in their name! They offer a wide range of classes and programs for every kind of athlete that could really help get you into shape, build up your fitness and they can even help you target specific areas that you want to work on.

It might be that you’re looking to improve your arm strength to really nail those dunks, or your jumping ability or even your general speed.

Whatever you’re looking for while Planet Fitness doesn’t have the facilities for you to play a game, they definitely have the facilities to help improve your skills, so don’t rule them out straight away.

If you have your heart set on a gym with a basketball court than don’t despair, many gyms do offer them as part of their facilities, and there even some basketball gyms that can really help you focus on your game.

Planet Fitness Alternatives?

If this isn’t an option close to you though, then don’t worry, YMCA’s and recreation centers are a good place to look as courts are often something that they offer. Have a look at what facilities are close to you, and you’re sure to find something

Whether you’re an exercise master or a fitness beginner than exploring basketball as a sport to regularly include in your regime is a really good idea. It’s a great way to burn some calories, get into shape, and improve your fitness. Basketball is a very physical game and a great way to be active.

Just shooting some hoops could mean that you burn 300 calories an hour, while a half-court game is about 558, and a full game could mean you burn 747 calories in an hour! (Check out this calorie calculator.) As you can see, basketball is well worth a look in, plus it has the added benefit of being fun, and a great way to meet a whole bunch of new people!

Final Thoughts

While Planet Fitness gyms generally don’t have a basketball court, why not check out your local branch and see what else they can offer you. There might be something that you think is worth going for and staying fit and healthy is always a good idea.

Plus, you might get lucky and find you live within walking distance of the only branch with a court after all!

Planet Fitness is still a quality gym with some great classes and amenities that can help you stay in shape and build your skills for playing basketball. You might even be able to build a team from the people you meet or introduce a new sport to some people who’ve never even considered it before.

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