Is It Good To Play Basketball With Double Rim?

If you’ve ever seen a double rim on a basketball hoop then you might have wondered what they’re for and is it better to practice or even play on a double rim. Luckily, this guide is here to answer all your questions and take you through some of the benefits of playing with a double rim.

Play Basketball Double Rim

What Is A Double Rim?

You’re most likely to find a double rim on a basketball hoop at a playground, or another kind of public court, particularly outdoor ones.

This is because double rims are stronger and can stand more abuse and can deal with outdoor weather conditions better than other kinds of rims. They also protect the rim for being bent from players hanging off them or extreme play. 

The thickness of a double rim means that the hoop has much less give in it, and some players feel that this thickness results in shots bouncing out of the basket at certain angles. Players can find that the double rim makes it much harder to make shots that actually go in and many find them quite frustrating for this reason.

Double rims are a great choice for kids and young players, which is why most schools install hoops with double rims in their playgrounds. Double rimmed basketball hoops tend to have lower baskets at around 8-foot, which makes it much easier for kids to dunk on them.

They also mean that kids can hang off the rims as much as they want without having to worry about breaking or bending them, which helps kids begin to get a love for the game and encourage them to get out and exercise which can only be a good thing.

Kids will find that they have to put more of arc on their shots, or that shots that go in will need a much softer touch than they might otherwise have expected.

Some kids find double rims harder to make shots on for this reason. However, this also gets them used to having to adapt their shots which is a great skill for a young player to have.

Why Is it Good To Play Basketball On  A Double Rim

So, what are the benefits of using a double rim on a basketball hoop if it makes it harder to make shots that go in the basket? Some players do find using a double rim demoralizing, and one of the worst things that can happen for a basketball player is for them to lose confidence in their shooting ability.

But while players might find using them frustrating, and feel that good shots are bouncing out of the basket unexpectedly, there are some very good reasons to use a double rim to play with.

Obviously, their strength and ability to deal with the elements are very useful, especially if you’re using them as equipment for young players but using a double rim can also help improve your shooting ability.

Using a double rim can help improve two key aspects of your shooting, namely your shot arc and your shooting touch. 

These are the two main aspects of shooting that double rims effect and while they may not seem like they massively affect your style of play, they can make a major improvement to your shot and your game as a result.

Using a double rim could help step up your game, which is what every player is constantly looking for.

Shot Arc

Using a double rim can help improve your shot arc because of the thickness of the rim. As you might expect a double rim is twice the thickness of a regular one, which means it generally catches the ball on shots with less of an angle than angled shots that try to enter the hoop.

You’ll occasionally see shots that look like they’re going into the hoop, only to catch the inside of the rim and bounce around and out again.

You might have heard announcers call a shot ‘in and out’ and this happens more often with a double rim than a regular one.

At this point you might be asking, why use a double rim if it's more likely to bounce back out of the hoop? The answer is pretty simple. The response of the shooter when seeing ‘in and out’ shots is to put more of an arc on their shot.

A higher arc on their shot will make the ball travel towards the hoop at a steeper angle, which means there’s a far lower chance of it catching the rim and bouncing around and out of the hoop. A great shooter will usually put a higher arc on the ball because it makes it harder to block and has a greater chance of going through the hoop.

This improves your form as a player and helps with shooting touch. Using a double rim gets you used to making higher angled shots and will improve your form as a shooter. There’s more versatility with practicing with a double rim and they can be a really good way to improve your shooting ability for this reason.

Shooting Touch

A double rim can also drastically improve your shooting touch, which all great players have. Shooting touch is where you can very gently and lightly put the ball up, which gives it a greater chance of going through the hoop even if the shot is a bit off.

A shot that only softly touches the rim is far more likely to go through the hoop than if it bounces hard off the inner rim. As a double rim is stiffer than a regular rim, with less give a shooter needs more touch in their shots to make sure most of the shots they make go in the hoop.

A player using a double rim will learn to throw the ball up gently rather than simply tossing it in at full force.

Final Thoughts

While using a double rim can be very frustrating, it also pushes you to perfect your shot. They might make it harder for your shots to go in the hoop, but they also force you to learn to adjust your shots and perfect your form, otherwise, you simply won’t make most of your shots.

By forcing you to put more of an arc and to have a better touch a double rim will make playing with a single rim much easier because you’re used to having to work harder to make your shots.

Training with a double rim is a great way to quickly improve your game, even if it’s frustrating to use at first. Put simply, if you want to make the shots using a double rim you must learn to adjust your game, which is a valuable lesson for any player.

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